Water Dragon Year – Affliction for 2012

The southeast of the home is the most afflicted sector for 2012. If the back or front of your home is southeast facing, or your entry door or bedroom is in the southeast, you are likely to face obstacles and difficulties this year. This can include – illness, accidents, loss of wealth, problems in your job or business.

If you have a southeast door, try using an alternative entry point. If your bedroom is here, move to another room is the best alternative. If this is not possible, make sure your bed is NOT located in the southeast of that room. East, West, South and Northeast are best.

If your house sits or faces southeast, the best thing is try to keep those areas as quiet as possible. Minimize use and activity in the southeast for 2012. DO NOT renovate here or you will be confronted with mishaps and hazards.

From April 4-May 4, occupants of the home or bedroom may fall ill. Contact me if your problems seem to be endless or compounding since Feb 4th.

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