Feng Shui Home on East West Axis, 2012


In Feng Shui, if your home sits on an East West axis and there is an open floor plan from the front to back of the property, you will have a better year and things will flow to you. success is easier to achieve.

The east is fabulous for academic or scholarly pursuits. Travelling and romance are prominent. The west helps career advancement, wealth prospects and good financial returns. These outcomes are strengthened if your bedroom, front or back door is in one of these locations.

On a micro-scale, you can tap into some of this energy by moving your bed into one of these locations in your bedroom.

NOTE: If you are familiar with the personal Gua Formula, placing your bed in a favorable location of the home is best. If that location also allows you to point your head a good direction according to your Gua, you will find fulfilling your goals much easier.


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