The Southwest for 2012

If your entry door, office or bedroom is located in the southwest, you may be seeing increased disgreements and arguing around you as the arguing star visits the southwest in 2012. Mothers or female bosses may experience this most with the eldest son and/or male employees. You may see your self entangled in a legal issue.

The plus side, you may also be seeing an influx of unexpected wealth or income. If you have a water feature in this area, you will likely see this wealth. You can also make use of the southwest to make some big change in your life. If you are trying to stop a self defeating behavior, lose weight, think out of the box, move or change your life, make a go of it. The southwest will support this change.

As for the tension, you can reduce this by just not engaging when it starts to erupt. Look instead to the plus of the year and make use of the opportunities.

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4 Responses to The Southwest for 2012

  1. AVL says:

    Hi Pat,

    I just moved to a new place on June 6 here in a new city and with a new job (with the same organization), and immediately within the next day got a warning about how I was not doing a good job transitioning out of my previous projects and progressing on the new job after one month of being here. Found that the main entry to my building is on the Southwest. Any cure you can advise?

    Thanks so much – my best.

    – AVL

    • Patricia says:

      Hi AVL,
      From your description, I am certain there is more than one cause for the problem. A main entryway in the Southwest for 2012 can aggravate tensions, arguing and legal entanglements. The arguing will likely come from a woman older than yourself in some position of authority.

      Check the compass sector of the following:
      Where your office is in the building or organization’s space.
      The door to your office or cubicle.
      The location of your desk in your space.
      If any of these are in the SW, the arguing/tension effect will be pronounced.

      Do the same check at home for your front door, bedroom and bed locations.

      Use another door where possible.
      Move to another office or bedroom if you have the option.
      If not, move your desk and bed out of the SW.
      Southwest has 45 degrees. If you cannot move out of SW, attempt to place yourself in the first 15 degrees (233-247)of southwest.

      Try to place yourself in the west, east, south or northeast if possible. Avoid SE and NW at all costs.

      The next factor to consider is your BaZi birth chart.
      From the sound of it, you are likely to a Dog, Dragon or Ox in your birth chart?
      If yes, let me know if it is the hour, day, month or year pillar.

      The final factor is date you started work.
      June 6 was a very good day, so no problem here unless you have a dragon in your chart.

      • AVL says:

        Pat, thanks so much. I started work actually on May 16. June 6 was when I moved to my current residence.

        I don’t have my birth chart handy, but if I recall correctly, the ox is my month pillar.

        Thanks again Pat.

        • Patricia says:

          Hi AVL,
          After looking at the information you provided, here is the alignment that I found. The energies of any given day influences the outcome of the activity taken. It is preferable to try to start a new job on a good day, although not always possible. The day you started your new job, May 16, was a “dire” day. It contained the Red Phoenix and Grappling Hook Stars. The description for this day is, “disputes arising, interference of petty minded people, acts of sabotage by malicious people.” In regards to your home, the building and front door faces southwest and the front door is located in the SW. These factors give a pronounced effect to the energy of the SW for the year. As you can see from my blog, the SW has arguing and dispute energy for 2012. Your BaZi birth chart shows that in the area of output or what you produce, it contains energy for the year that brings, “troubled interpersonal relationships with colleagues and back stabbing colleagues who will resort to petty actions.”

          These factors create an alignment. The plan I devised for you is intended to break the alignment and interject positive energy into the situation. We are using a good day and hour that combines with your BaZi birth chart to trigger positive Qi in the locations I identified for you.

          It is also important for you to readjust your mental attitude as we discussed to conquer the situation. This is the human luck level. Click here.

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