A Missing South Corner in a Home

A Missing South Corner in a Home

Two Missing Sectors is Not Good

In Feng Shui, life is smoother when your house floor plan is a full square or rectangle. If a sector of the floor plan is missing, you will experience a challenge in your life that is associated with the missing area. Some missing corners are more problematic than others. We do not like to see a missing South and North. Why?

The South is Fire Energy. Fire is the Sun, candlelight, heat, warmth, passion and happiness. It gives you the vision, drive and adrenaline to strive in your achievements. It helps you assume responsibility for others. It is summer and the middle daughter. A missing south corner will mean difficulty finding happiness or being passionate about the things in your life and achieve life aspects listed above. What you contribute cannot be seen.

A middle daughter will have difficulties in her achievements and finding support. If your BaZi birth chart is also missing the Fire element, the challenges in these areas of life are pronounced. Health issues can be related to the eyes, heart, cholesterol and blood pressure problems.

What can be done? The best option is to build out to add a south sector, although costly. Alternatively, you can use the South sector of other rooms to strengthen the Fire element into your life. Place beds and work desks there. If the Fire Element is intact in your BaZi, it helps counter-balance a missing sector.

If Fire is missing in the home and birth chart, you must decisively put Fire into your life with your actions and attitude. Proactively engage in activities that bring happiness, i.e. go to social events, celebrations, engage in hobbies. Look at the Bright side of things. Live in warmer climate or the south part of a city, a home full of sunlight. Heat up your body with regular exercise. Find work and activities that you are passionate about. Create opportunities for your daughter with the help of mentors and educators in areas related to Fire. We can look at your birth chart for additional actions to take.

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Floor Plan with NO Missing Sectors





In Feng Shui, we prefer no missing corners in a home floor plan.
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  1. sandy says:

    Our house is a reverse plan, with the living room and dining on the southern exposure. it’s got sun all day long, great passive solar, and an expansive view. make the home feel open. nice to know that our southern sector is working for us.

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