A Missing North Corner in a Home

A Missing North Corner in a Home 

Significant Missing  Sector is Not Good

In Feng Shui, a missing north corner in a home means the Yin and Yang balance of the home is off. We also do not like to see the south corner missing. South is Fire Energy, North is Water Energy. The imbalance will affect the residents. Both are necessary for the first level of balance.

The North Water Energy is about creativity, intelligence and movement. Water brings the capacity for communications, ability to absorb information, flexibility, adaptability and travel. Imagine the movement in the Ocean, rain, rivers, clouds and mist. It is the cold of winter, the middle son.

A missing North corner will mean difficulty listening and finding your voice, absorbing knowledge, and interest in your love life.  You are less flexible, find it hard to adapt and travel may not play strongly in your life. A middle son, will have difficulties in life achievements and finding support.

If your BaZi birth chart is also missing the Water element, the challenges in these areas are pronounced. Health issues are likely related to your kidneys, circulatory system, bladder, urinary, ears, body fluids, your love life and fear issues.

What can be done? The best option is to build out to add a north sector, although costly. Alternatively, you can use the north sector of other rooms to strengthen the Water element. Place beds and desks there. If the Water Element is intact in your BaZi, it helps counter-balance a missing sector.

If north is missing in the home and birth chart, you have to decisively put Water energy into your life with your actions and attitude. Proactively engage in activities or take a job that requires you to communicate, think or act. Find work and activities that bring out your creativity, learning.

Live in milder climate or the north part of a city. Take care of your health in areas related to water. Swimming, running and cardio are Water based exercise. Create opportunities for your middle son with the help of mentors and educators in the areas related to water.

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In Feng Shui, we prefer no missing corners in a home floor plan.
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