A Missing Northwest Corner in a Home

Multiple Missing Corners, Complex Problems

A Missing Northwest Corner in a Home

In Feng Shui, Northwest is Yang Metal, the energy of iron ore, a ship and the qualities of an Emperor or Ruler. The Northwest affects the patriarch or main bread-winner of the home.

Yang metal gives the capacity for leadership, the ability to organize people to get things done, to delegate and be organized. It helps in jobs or positions of power, your reputation and matters of finance and investments.

Yang metal makes you loyal, patriotic, rules oriented, law-abiding and trusting. It is Autumn, nearing the end of a harvest, when you have matured in wisdom and success.

A missing NW corner will make you uninterested or unable to exercise leadership and be decisive. Maintaining the reputation you want will not be easy. It can be either, hard to find a spouse, to keep him or, he is always away. The patriarch may not be able to exert authority in the home and can have health issues.

If your BaZi birth chart is also missing the Yang Metal element, the challenges in these areas are pronounced. Health issues are likely related to brain/mind, mood/worrying, colon/intestines, muscles, bones/joints and lungs.

What can be done? The best option is to build out to add a NW sector, although costly. Alternatively, you can use the NW sector of other rooms to strengthen the Yang Metal element. Place heavy objects, beds and desks there. If Yang Metal is intact in the BaZi, it helps counter-balance a missing NW sector.

If NW is missing in the home and birth chart, you have to decisively put Metal energy into your life with your actions and attitude. Learn to be decisive and take leadership, even in small matters. Take care of your health in areas related to metal. Do strength training or any muscle-building exercise to protect the bones. Find ways to support the patriarch. Get financial advisors to help with finances. We can review your birth chart for additional actions to take.

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In Feng Shui, we prefer no missing corners in a home floor plan.
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