A Missing Southwest Corner in a Home

Avoid Odd Shaped Floor Plans

A Missing Southwest Corner in a Home

In Feng Shui, the Southwest is Yin Earth, the energy of soil, paddies, small pebbles. It embodies the qualities of Mother Earth, fertility, ability to give life to others, the instinct for nurturing and deep caring. Earth is necessary for growth. It affects the matriarch or main caregiver.

Yin Earth is the capacity to yield, store information, be multi-talented/tasking, shrewd with money and an ease toward success and prosperity. It brings resiliency, tolerance, self-sufficiency and confidence. It is the transition point between summer and autumn.

A missing SW corner will make it difficult to reach for the qualities listed above. It can be either, hard to find a wife, to keep her or, or she is always away. The matriarch may not be able to exert authority in the house and have health issues.

If your BaZi birth chart is also missing the Yin Earth element, the challenges in these areas are pronounced. Health issues are likely related to the abdomen, childbearing, digestion, flesh and pancreas.

What can be done? The best option is to build out to add a SW sector, although costly. Alternatively, you can use the SW sector of other rooms to strengthen the Yin Earth element. Place heavy objects, beds and desks there. If Yin Earth is intact in the BaZi, it helps counter-balance a missing SW sector.

If SW is missing in the home and birth chart, you have to decisively put Yin Earth energy into your life with your actions and attitude. Put effort into caring, nurturing others, being tolerant, patient. Take classes or get a life coach to help you in areas related to the above list that need developing. Take care of your health in areas related to Yin Earth. Yoga and meditation are helpful. Find ways to support the matriarch. We can review your birth chart for additional actions to take.

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In Feng Shui, we prefer no missing corners in a home floor plan.
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