A Missing East Corner in a Home

A Missing East Corner in a Home

In Feng Shui, East is Yang Wood, the energy of the sun rising, giving birth to the day and the season of spring. Spring embodies the qualities of new life after winter, the seed to the growth of living things, your endeavors and ideas. Like a tall oak tree, East is about longevity  and expansion and providing shelter from the rain or sun, thus making you good with responsibility. Like its roots, it penetrates, researches, delves into details. It affects the eldest son.

Yang Wood is the capacity for competitiveness, turning bad things into good and knows how to make use of every situation and every person, sprouting of ideas. While tolerant, it does not lend itself to forgiveness and is the emotion of anger.

A missing E corner will make it difficult to fulfill the qualities above and to turn ideas into reality, to support others, to sustain growth of your endeavors and ideas. The eldest son may not feel supported in the household and have health issues.

If your BaZi birth chart is also missing Yang Wood, the challenges in these areas are pronounced. Health issues are likely related to the legs, liver, gall bladder and nerve related ailments, a tendency to fevers.

What can be done? The best option is to build out to add a E sector, although costly. Alternatively, you can use the E sector of other rooms to strengthen the Yang Wood element. Place heavy objects, beds and desks there. If Yang Wood is intact in the BaZi, it helps counter-balance a missing E sector. Live in the Eastern part of a city or around trees.

If E is missing in the home and birth chart, you have to decisively put Yang Wood energy into your life with your actions and attitude. Put effort into one idea at a time, see each to fruition. Take classes or get a life coach to help you in areas that make you grow. Take care of your health in areas related to Yang Wood. Eating a healthy diet is key. Yoga and meditation are helpful. Find ways to support the eldest son in his development. We can review your birth chart for additional actions to take.

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