The Power of Clutter

Clutter of your space reflects clutter of your mind. Your environment is a creation and reflection of your internal self. It makes a statement about you and what you represent. Qi (Chi) cannot flow when clutter takes over. In contemporary times, clutter is a Feng Shui home nightmare.

Clutter equates to dark corners, dust gathering, stagnation, blockages, and obstacles. As clutter expands, you shrink into smaller spaces to live and work. It is as if you have one lung. You must work harder at breathing. Precious time is lost for experiencing the vastness of life’s wonders. Clutter-Free is like having both lungs in the home, operating at full capacity.

The goal of de-cluttering is to create a functional living and work space and bring order. Organized space instills mental clarity, productivity and vision. As you toss out the junk, you will be amazed at how you feel and the opportunities that will magically appear. Being Clutter-Free will expand your thinking, give clarity of purpose and the ability to see and capture opportunities. It’s guaranteed!

5 Things you can do immediately to De-Clutter:
  • Toss what is not working, broken or chipped. They create mental images of poverty.
  • Toss anything you haven’t used in a year. Hold onto the past, stay in the past.
  • Clothes that no longer fit or you haven’t worn in a year. Is it the old you or new you?
  • Old magazines, newspapers, books you haven’t read in years. It’s holding onto old energy.
  • Items in dark corners. It’s very likely you haven’t and won’t use what’s there.

Have your internal environment mirror good exterior Feng Shui. Create Pathways for Qi to flow and your mind will follow, as well as your opportunities for success.


White Lotus Feng Shui
Patricia Lee, Certified Feng Shui Consultant
San Francisco Bay Area, California, Washington DC Metro Area, Maryland, Virginia, United States
© All Rights Reserved 2012

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2 Responses to The Power of Clutter

  1. Oh, I need some major help in this area. I like my clutter though. It makes me happy. 😀

    • Patricia says:

      Hey Rhonda,
      You may love your clutter, but you will love your opportunities more. When you clear out clutter, something will definitely come to fill that open space. You can maneuver what fills the space. Set your intention and you will be surprised what shows up.

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