What is a Bright Hall in Feng Shui?

Bright Hall or Ming Tang

A Bright Hall in Feng Shui is called a “Ming Tang” in Chinese. We want to see open space in front of every home or building. This applies to main doors also. This is an essential factor for good Feng Shui.

The purpose is to capture Qi (Chi) and make it available to the occupants of a home or building. Qi is harnessed in open spaces. So much so, that we like to see a Bright Hall on BOTH sides of a door.

Lack of open space equates to blockages and obstacles. We like to see a good-sized Bright Hall, not an easy task in apartment buildings and condos. The minimum size is a 5×5 space.

The front door is the Mouth of the Qi. The quality of Qi at the front door influences the Qi that enters.

5 Feng Shui Tip you can immediately do to create your Bright Hall

  • Remove any overgrowth of plants or trees at the main door.
  • Clear out clutter around your doors. No garbage cans, recycling or composting bins!
  • Don’t let this be your dumping ground for shoes, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Put in bright lights. Replace burnt out bulbs.
  • Have cheerful and happy images.
  • Have a Feng Shui consultant evaluate if water is good at your front door.

Enjoy the Qi that the Bright Hall you create for the Feng Shui of your home or office.


White Lotus Feng Shui
Patricia Lee, Certified Feng Shui Consultant
San Francisco Bay Area, California, Washington DC Metro Area, Maryland, Virginia, United States
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