Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

It is optimum when the condition of your bedroom Feng Shui is primarily receptive Yin vs active Yang. The bedroom is the most important room of the home as 1/3 of your life is spent there. The bedroom supports health, longevity, daily recuperation and rejuvenation. It’s purpose is to build strong, nurturing marital relationships.

A Yin (quiet/receptive) bedroom requires less windows and doors. Too many of either means more movement and traveling. Yang should dominate most of the other rooms in the home.

The bedroom’s exterior view is important. Mountains and hills are natural Yin features that lend stability to the residents, although not easily available. Trees, a fence or another house are acceptable alternatives. You do not want features creating merciless Qi like highways, busy streets, moving water, pylons, power towers or dead trees.

The bed location and head pointing direction has a big impact on the sleeper, a subject to be covered in another blog.

8 Dos in the Bedroom

  • Bed placement is best the furthest spot from the door and you can see the door while lying down
  • Have a solid wall behind the headboard for support
  • Use a solid headboard vs one with open slates.
  • Most energy should be on your left Yang side while lying down. This is the side with the most energy.
  • For couples, when lying down, have the male on the active Yang left side, female on the receptive Yin right side.
  • Furniture with soft round edges vs. sharp
  • Use pairs of things, nightstands, lamps, pillows, love symbols to connote coupling.
  • Use soft linen and warm colors. To stimulate romance, use hot colors from the red and pink family.

10  Bedroom Tips to Avoid:
 Bed Placement and Sleeping Positions – Avoid:

  • A bedroom where, if laying on a bed, the feet are pointed at a bathroom or bedroom door.
  • Placing the bed on the same wall as the entrance door.
  • A bed should not be placed on a wall opposite a toilet or at the bottom of a stairway. You will see health issues.
  • The bed sitting under, or on top of a stove, on a floor below or above. Too much fire element and can cause tension, arguing and illness.
  • Computers, desks, work, TVs in bedrooms. All too Yang. These are distractions to building a relationship and some emit EMFs (electro magnetic fields) and are unhealthy. Watching violent or sad TV stories and news are not conducive to good sleep and relationship building. If you insist on having a TV in your bedroom, cover it while sleeping.
  • The bed under a window. If you must, then use a solid headboard. Close the curtains at night.
  • Placing your bed between a mirror and a window or between two windows. This brings restless sleep. Use window coverings such as blinds or draperies.
  • Over hanging shelves above a bed or any other sharp or heavy object.
  • Too many plants are too yang. Bedrooms need to be yin, quiet and calming.
  • Clutter
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4 Responses to Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

  1. Rakesh says:

    What kind of pictures are good for bedroom? Is it ok to have moving water or ocean in a picture on the wall?

    • Patricia Lee says:

      Hi Rakesh,
      Since the bedroom is a Yin room and its purpose is to support health and relationships, we like to see artwork depicting stability, solidity and foundation. This would be mountains, earth themes, homes and calm scenes. Images of coupling is also good to symbolize marriage or partnership. This would be romantic themes or pairs of things, i.e. two love birds, photos of the couple. We do not like to see water as water is considered Yang. Those are best left for the Yang active rooms, i.e. living room, dining room, office.

  2. Anna says:


    I am moving to an apartment with a small bedroom; I want a queen size bed but this would leave only a few centimetres at most between the wall and the foot of the bed, and definitely not enough space to walk. Even with a smaller bed there would only be about 20cm. I couldn’t find anything about this in feng shui articles, so maybe it’s ok. Does this matter, if I do everything else right like nightstands, solid headboard, no mirrors facing the bed?

    Thank you.

    • Patricia Lee says:

      Hi Anna,
      First, tell me how many people will be sleeping on the bed?

      We do like space on all sides except the headboard side as Qi must flow. If you cannot walk thru easily, then the the Qi itself is squished. Think about yourself walking through the space. Having said that, all homes have their problems! Your thinking is correct, control what you can. If you can manage a majority of factors laid out in the article on Bed Placement and Bedrooms, you have done the best job you can!

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