Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

The kitchen is one of the most important Feng Shui factors of a home. Kitchen Feng Shui affects family harmony, health and wealth of the occupants. All homes have positive and negative sectors. A kitchen located in a negative sector is a plus as it presses down negative energy. The negative and positive sectors are determined from a compass reading of the home. A Feng Shui consultant will let you know whether your kitchen is in a good location.

Important element features to consider:
Kitchens are a bastion of the conflicting elements, water and fire. Water includes refrigerators, faucets and dishwashers. Fire includes the stove, oven, microwave, toaster, rice cooker and any heating element.

5 General Feng Shui kitchen tips 

  1. The kitchen and stove should free of crusty food and grease to limit bacteria, insects and mice.
  2. It should be open, bright airy and have adequate lighting.
  3. Round tables signify harmony and togetherness. Place the dining room table so everyone can see one another to encourage social interaction.
  4. This is not the room to place Feng Shui figurines or mirrors. The fire element already too strong. Mirrors magnify fire.
  5. Green (wood element) is a good color. Wood balances the fire and water elements.

3 Factors about kitchen and stove location

  1. Kitchens should be in protected part of the house. Ideally in the rear of the home.
  2. A kitchen located in the center of the home brings too much fire, which radiates out. The center, or the heart of home, should be quiet and calm. Or, health issues may be aggravated in years negative energy come into the center of the home.
  3. An appropriately oriented stove can bring enormous good fortune to a family. When the door mouth of the stove opens to one of the best directions of the patriarch or main breadwinner, the food cooked in it becomes auspicious for the whole family. Good directions are determined from the BaZi birth chart

8 Don’ts about stove and rice cooker placement

  1. The kitchen stove and other heating elements should not be in the northwest sector of the home. NW is the Qian Gua or Heaven Sector. It is the location affecting the patriarch or main breadwinner. A NW kitchen is called, ‘Fire at Heaven’s Gate.’  NW affects long-term wealth, heaven luck, benefactors and mentors. It is associated with the metal element. Fire consumes the metal element. This will affect the career, money and benefactors for the family, especially the head of the household. Minimally, make sure heating elements are not in the NW sector of this room.
  2. A toilet should not be over the stove on the floor above. The stove should not directly face a toilet door or be on a wall directly opposite a toilet. These features bring health issues.
  3. You should not see a stove from the front door, a bedroom door or be on a wall opposite a bed. The fire element consumes the Qi before its benefits the occupants. This brings health problems and arguments.
  4. Avoid placing the stove directly opposite the sink or refrigerator. The water and fire element conflict.
  5. It is best to see the kitchen door while cooking.
  6. A window above the stove is not good.
  7. It is best if the stove and sink are two feet apart to reduce the fire/water conflict.
  8. Do not place the stove under an exposed overhead beam.
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5 Responses to Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

  1. Ces says:

    Can i put may ref on the nw facing se? Or if not can i put it in the west but i have a mirror on the east.. please help. The current location of my ref is opposite of the stove and the stove is beside the sink. I dont know what to do since i have only a small kitchen.. i worry to much about this. Pls answer.. thank you!!!

    • Patricia says:

      Ces, Pls stop worrying. Worry won’t change things, right? Do what you can. 70% of your feng shui is how you home is located on the land and where mountains and water are in relationship to you home. Generally, if things are going well without major problems, things are ok. You can use internal feng shui to do the other 30%. Following the annual qi, you can tap into the positive of each year by using the positive sectors and doors and avoid the negatives. Have you ever attended one of Joey Yap’s annual talks?

      You can move the ref to the NW yes.

    • Patricia says:

      Res, The biggest fengshui concern is always the front door, bedroom and stove. If the external landforms match the compass sectors of these items, you will be fine. Internal FS has 30% impact on you. Mirrors are of little consequence so I would not worry about that.

  2. If my kitchen stove is located in north west, what can I do? Can I change the table top and kitchen cabinet color,etc? Please advise.

    • Patricia says:

      Is the stove in the NW corner of the NW room? If not, that is better. Color will have little impact. It depends a lot on what is outside of the NW part of the home. If land there is higher there, you are in better shape. NW fire will affect your wealth and for the male of the home.

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