Feng Shui Bed Placement Tips

Solid Wall Behind


Many people ask about Feng Shui bed placement. As the sleeper is in the most vulnerable state at night, it is important that you are supported or embraced. It is your time for rejuvenation and recuperation. Better rest means better success, better outcomes. Click here for general tips on bedrooms.


Place the bed in the “Command Position.” This is the power spot of the room. This means placing the bed:

1. In the spot furthest from the door is the most protected. Give the grandest view of the space.

2. You should see the door when lying down. But not have feet pointing directly into any door.

3.  Against a solid wall for head support. At least a solid headboard.

4. Best if the male sleeps on the Yang side. (Left while lying down). The female on the Yin or right side.

Bed Positions to Avoid (where possible)

1. Away from any corner or sharp edge that points into the body.

2. Under beams. Beams act as, “blades,” slicing the body if going sideways. It will affect those weaker in health. If the beams are going lengthwise, it serves to divide the couple, especially if there are already issues of tension.

3. Directly under fans. This is considered, “slicing” Qi and sends cutting Qi onto the body. It is too Yang or active for a good night sleep. It is all about REM sleep!

Under a Fan


4. Under a slope. Slopes press down on the sleeper, especially if directly over the head. It depends on how depressed the ceiling is. Move to the higher part of the ceiling.

For more on bed placement, click here.

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  1. sandy says:

    I always wondered why we decided he would be on the left and me on the right. I guess it just felt right. Glad to know we got good feng shui at night.

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