Yang Wood People in the 4 Pillars of Destiny

Yang Wood in the 4 Pillars of Destiny

Yesterday we described Wood people in Feng Shui terms. Today, we will describe qualities of Yang Wood people in the 4 Pillars of Destiny.

Yang Wood or Jia, is compared to the oak tree. Jia expresses the living aspect of continuous growth, upward and outward. It indicates a hard worker and industrious effort. Jia people are highly motivated, always “growing” ideas.

Jia Wood is a person of principle. With strong roots, Jia has a strong foundation that results in stability. Their roots make them literally, down-to-earth with a strong character. Jia people usually like to stay rooted. Moving makes them feel ungrounded.

The tree’s canopy of leaves provides shade from sweltering heat and cover from the rain. This translates into the qualities of benevolence and compassion as they provide cover. Jia is patient and kind, always ready to lend a helping hand.

The oak tree is upright, sturdy, forthright, stern, tough and hard to bend. If the self element is strong in the birth chart, the person is inflexible and rigid to the point of being difficult. They are susceptible to mental problems caused by heavy pressure or depression. This is because it is harder for Yang Wood people to minimize the blow from compromising and adjusting themselves to the environment. They are good number two people as they like to work behind the scenes.

Wood people have the exceptional skill to use all other elements, so they are adept at making good use of other people to grow their ideas.

Jia people have the need to be the tallest tree. What happens to the tallest tree? It gets cut down first! This makes them susceptible to destructive people. Wood provides many resources; i.e. to make fire, furniture, paper and food. Everyone sees the tree as a resource and want to turn Wood into profit. Some Jia people make others rich!

To get the full understanding of each Wood person, we must factor in the hour, day, month and year of birth as each one is complex. More on wood, click here.

Yang Wood people include Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Mr. John Nash – depicted in the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and Britney Spears.

The Way of Wood People


“If you’re moving through dark times, dig deep and take heart…you will undoubtedly come out the other side knowing more about yourself, and having grown. Trees with the deepest roots have the greatest chance not only of continually growing and moving toward the light but also of reflecting it in all directions.” Dolly Parton

“Suffering is the mud in which the lotus grows.
Tich Nhat Hanh


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4 Responses to Yang Wood People in the 4 Pillars of Destiny

  1. eileen says:

    Wood is resource to Ding… how would you direct a client who is fire without any wood to cultivate wood? Build self through education and learning? Work on inner world–? Do what you love and what stokes your inner fire?

    • Patricia Lee says:

      Hi Eileen,
      For a Ding (Yin Fire) person, their survival depends on wood as fire lives off wood. Resource to any element affects a person’s physical and mental health, but more so with Yin Fire people.

      If the client has absolutely 0 wood in their chart, it is an indication the client would not have affinity with it, even if it showed up, or if they cultivated it.


      1. Is there is hidden wood in the chart? Look at the Na Yin in the Mastery Academy Ming Pan – just below the pillars. It identifies elements.
      2. Find the Fertilization Month, using the month pillar. The FM is constructed by taking the element that immediately follows the heaven stem of the month and add the 3rd branch following the month branch to form a new pillar. Any wood there?
      3. Do the luck cycles have wood?
      4. Is there is water in the chart? Wood depends on water. But too much is harmful to a Ding person.

      If wood is in any of the above, the person is much better off. In Dr. Paul Yan’s class in Sept you will learn what happens when your resource element is missing and what part of the body it will affect.

      How to Cultivate Wood?

      Look for the strength of the chart and try to move it toward wood qualities. Your recommendations have to take in consideration the affinity issue or they may not work as the client just won’t be able implement them. Having said that, here are my suggestions for cultivation:

      1. Your suggestions need to consider the energy of wood, not just the element. Wood is about growth, expansion, learning, health, kindness.

      2. Health is wood based. A good diet matters more to this person, than others. Wood is the liver and gall bladder. Health issues will be related. The diet should address issues relating to these organs and or illnesses that come as a result. Wood includes plant foods, herbs.

      2. Find a job that is Wood based. Think of the wood energy vs. actual wood. Jobs in the area of health, teaching or education field, working with plants, fabrics or books, furniture, beauty, hair, the limbs. Think broadly by looking at any industry that has the quality of “growing” something. Like education is growing the minds of students, yoga makes the body grow healthy, developing research on some subject as you are educating people. Here you can figure out the strength of the chart and use it.

      For example, I know someone who needs wood and has too much metal and water in the chart. Metal needs to lead, be organized and make decisions. Water is intelligence, talking and feeds wood. The person found jobs that let them do be a leader, use their intelligence, talk, lis, but in an education field working with professors and students. The person mentors and conducts workshops and teaches leadership and organizational skills. Hence using the strength to cultivate wood in their life. Go with the flow of the chart.

      3. Yes, to studying, research, educating oneself, the inner work as you say. Your resource element is what makes you feel comfortable in your body and like yourself.

      4. Mom is resource, so this person needs mother’s love or a good substitute. Live near mom, in her house. However, if they are lacking wood, it can mean mom is absent, either passed away, lives elsewhere or is emotionally unavailable.

      5. Surround themselves by people with lots of wood in their chart.

      6. Live in the East or east part of the city, near trees.

      7. Put plants around the home. However, someone else may have to take care of them if the client has no affinity to plants. They either won’t or can’t attend to them.

      You get the gist, so now you can go for it!

      • eileen says:

        wow, Patricia, you take it deep and make it so very broad and tangible. Thanks I have a lot to work with now– a lot to recommend and build from Thank you.

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