Feng Shui Clinic To Improve Your Workplace Aug 8

Free Feng Shui Clinic To Improve Your Workplace

Desk Placement is Key

Create a workplace that works for you!

Join my colleague Eileen Kennedy for a value added webinar, “A Design & Feng Shui Clinic To Improve Your Workplace”– via a free online webinar. Register here.

Feng Shui can be used to effectively better your experience anywhere. The places we spend the greatest amount of time in are those that affect us most significantly.

I’m doing a no cost clinic Wednesday August 8th where you can learn how to leverage your workplace, to work more effectively, with better focus and increased comfort. I take a strategic approach to designing an environment, considering the uses of the space and your goals for it.

Organization of your office reflects the organization of your mind

Here’s what you’ll get:
1) How to set up your workspace for improved focus and creativity
2) Lists and templates to use for all of your environments
3) Tools to fine-tune your unique experience in that place
4) Fundamentals of ancient Feng Shui strategy
5) A new layout for your personal workplace
For a pictorial gallery of Feng Shui Office Tips, click here.
Warmest Regards,
Eileen Kennedy of eileenkennedydesign.com

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