Feng Shui Bathroom Tips

Feng Shui Bathroom Tips – The Most Common Questions

What is a good location for a bathroom?

Do bathrooms really emit negative Qi?

This is one of the most common questions in Feng Shui. The idea that the bathroom emits negative Qi (chi) does not apply in modern times. Remember, when Feng Shui was first developed, there were no flushing toilets and sewage systems and the cleansing agents of today. As long as you keep the bathroom clean and hygienic, the bathroom does not emit negative Qi. Lucky you!

The concept of relationships and wealth being flushed away because the bathroom is located in the “wealth” or “relationship” sectors of the home is a westernized adaptation to Feng Shui that is really unnecessary. If your relationships and wealth are suffering, it is likely something else is going on and your BaZi 4 Pillars of Destiny birth chart is going through a tough period.

The main issue with bathrooms is the amount of water and drains operating and therefore, where they are best located. The other is that people do not spend much time in bathrooms, so having them in the positive sectors of the home becomes wasted.

In contemporary times and with en-suite bathrooms, bathroom have three functions; romance (yes that is correct) and rejuvenation in the case of spa like bathrooms, and cleansing/elimination for everyone else. Under the Eight Mansions and Flying Star formulas, certain sectors of the home are negative. The bathroom located in one of these sectors is a good thing and presses down bad luck caused by bad flying star numbers or negative locations. A property audit will identify the negative locations of the home which is dependent on which compass direction the home sits.

Feng Shui Bathrooms Tips to Avoid:

Issues with bathrooms are more about what to avoid, versus what are positive things to do.

The Problems with Toilet Bowls

  • The toilet bowl directly above the Main Door is a big No No. In fact it is one of the deal breakers to passing up buying a home with this feature. If the bowl is to the side, this is not a problem.

The bowl above the door is called a Lin Tou Shui or Wetting the Head Water Sha (negative qi). It means there is excess water qi creating negative qi around the main door area. Wealth and health will be affected and the person who is associated with what compass location in question. Leave me an email below if you have such a feature.

Solutions: move the main door in or outwards. Move the toilet. Use an alternative door, or toilet. If the ceiling is 15 feet or higher, there is no problem.

  • A toilet bowl directly above the stove. This is the same as above the main door. Solution: move the toilet or stove out of alignment. Use a different toilet.
  • A toilet bowl directly above the bed. This is the same as above two issues. Solution: move the bed.
  • Bathroom in the center of home. The center of the home is the “heart” and thus should be kept quiet and calm. A bathroom at the “heart” of the home is in constant disturbance and movement. This will cause turbulence in family relationships and health problems, especially if the BaZI 4 Pillars of Destiny birth charts show weaknesses in these areas. Avoid if possible or try not to use this bathroom.
  • A bedroom door is aligned with a bathroom door. It means the qi that enters a bedroom is immediately directed to the bathroom vs. circulating in the bedroom. Solution: put a piece of furniture or some object between the doors.
  • The headboard against the toilet, tub or sink drain. This is not a Feng Shui problem. It is a noise disturbance and an energy field problem around drains. Which, in my opinion is reason enough not align the bed to them.
  • A bathroom directly opposite the main door or at the bottom of a staircase. In either case, Qi goes directly into the bathroom and gets trapped there, rather than circulated through the home. This is not favorable as we do not like Qi trapped and stagnate in a room that is used for a limited time.

What you can do in Bathrooms:

Except for the first point, the suggestions below are not related to Classical Feng Shui, but issues of hygiene, energy, or westernized, “feng shui”.

Identify where drains are located

  • Keep bathroom doors closed when sleeping, especially if they are directly in alignment with your feet or body vertically.
  • Close the lid while flushing is a hygiene issue. This is not a “luck flushing away” issue.
  • Keep the bathroom clean and free of bad odors. Open the windows often to emit and bring in fresh qi.
  • For Qi of the body, use your bathroom for spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation. Take baths with rose or other special oils. Pour the rose oil over you seven times and stand to air dry.
  • To sooth the body, soak in bath salts to remove the toxins. Remember to shower off the salt.
  • You can build your relationship by taking a shower or bath together with your partner. Use fragrant bath oils, herbs or bubble bath. Dry each other off with soft plush towels.

Romance in tub of bubbles!


  • Light candles, burn incense or fragrant oils to stimulate an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • Color is a small factor in Feng Shui. Each compass direction does favor certain colors. We will cover this in a future blog. The color of towels and decor are small enough that you can choose any color you wish.
Click here for a pictorial gallery on bathroom tips.
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8 Responses to Feng Shui Bathroom Tips

  1. Ellen says:

    I sleep in a loft above the main bathroom. Any tips?

  2. Tintin says:

    Hi, my second floor bathroom is on top of the backyard door. Is this OK?

    • Patricia says:

      Tintin, it is only an issue if the toilet is directly on top of the main door. If the backyard door is directly center, this is too much yang energy at this area. We generally like the center middle in the back to be kept quiet.

  3. prince says:

    how about a toilet at the bottom of the staircase? any other tips?

  4. Tony says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for your article, it is very useful. I have a question about the location of my bathroom.

    Directly above the main entrance of my house, there is a bathtub. Is it a problem?

    Thank you,



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