Avoid Negative Energy to Prevent Harm

Avoid Negative Energy to Prevent Harm

Today, we will discuss a more advanced subject.

Personal Grand Duke & Clash Locations

Are you having a variety of unexpected problems that don’t seem to go away? One possibility is, you may be inadvertently over-using locations in the house that are personally negative for you. Identify the locations in the home that are your personal “Grand Duke” and “Clash” locations. These are derived from the year of birth in your BaZi, 4 Pillars of Destiny, astrological chart.



Chinese Astrological Animals and Years. Click to find your Year Animal.

How to Find the Grand Duke and Clash Locations

The, “Grand Duke” or Tai Tsui, is the animal sign of your year of birth. The “Clash” animal is the one directly opposite the year sign. Every animal in Chinese Astrology has a “clash” animal. Each animal sign has a compass location and can be found in the home. Find your year sign and “clash” animal on the diagram to the left. For accuracy, click here to find your year animal.

A client who lived in the house above, experienced major pitfalls in his career and relationship. Upon doing a Feng Shui audit, it was quickly realized that his main door was in his “Grand Duke” or, “Tai Tsui” location. Across the road to his main entrance was a dead tree, causing a form of “Sha Qi” (negative energy) at his Grand Duke location. If nothing is negative out side the location of your year animal, there is no problem. You then, only have to watch the years when negative Qi enters that area.

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The client was also sleeping in a bedroom that “clashed” his year of birth. This meant the location was against his year sign, a serious problem in Feng Shui. The client’s bedroom was in his, “clash” location. This brought up major issues. An annual audit will let you know when you know when your animal sign is harmed or “clashed”.

For example, if you born in the year of the Rat as the man above, the Rat (North 2) sector is your Personal Grand Duke location. Ensure there are no external negative forms (sha qi) affecting this area. The opposite sector is your Personal Clash location. Try not to spend too much time in your clash location. If you have a door in this location, use a different door. If you have no choice, leave me a message below.

How to Find the Personal Grand Duke and Clash Locations

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Use the compass and take a reading from the center of your house to identify the location of your year animal for the Grand Duke. The clash animal is directly opposite. It is more accurate if you have a floor plan.

Solution: The consultant suggested removing the dead tree and to move the owner to another bedroom. Shortly thereafter, It was reported that things were picking up for him.
The best thing you can do is move out of the location in question. If you cannot do this, minimally move your bed to another sector of the room.

Have a quick check to avoid unnecessary problems to your life.

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6 Responses to Avoid Negative Energy to Prevent Harm

  1. eileen says:

    Hi Patricia:
    What to prioritize… what if one’s personal Grand Duke is in one of the best sectors of the house? Like a persons Grand Duke is located in Tian Yi (8 Mansions) and has also flying stars that are positive for the person…
    What would you give priority too?

  2. eileen says:

    oops! I mis-spoke… what if it’s the CLASH that’s in the Tian Yi with good flying stars… what would you prioritize…. thanks

  3. Patricia Lee says:

    A clash always takes precedent over the 8 mansions. But, it is only a problem in years there is negative energy is in the good sector. i.e if the Tian Yi is in the SE for the year, the situation is aggravated or pronounced.

    • eileen says:

      Thanks Patricia, HUGE! I wasn’t clear on this and this really takes the Bazi and melds it interactively with Feng Shui– in a very visual way that I can use in teaching my students. Thank You!

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