Good Feng Shui?

Good Feng Shui?

Good Feng Shui or Not?

Original Concept

Sentimental water has been always known as a source of capturing Qi (Chi) for good Feng Shui, provided it’s in its best location for promoting well-being and prosperity. This building is out of the edge concept, but it’s not ”Feng Shui” based. The Qi will not be able to collect properly , not to mention that it’s a bit ”tricky” as matter of safety. The hole at the bottom center takes it of a solid foundation. The hole in the center of the building’s “heart palace” is the concern. We prefer the heart palace or center to be intact and “protected” as if it was indeed the heart. Nevertheless, if you are wealthy and want to spend your holiday here – it is fine!

This would not pass the smell test for good Feng Shui. Still, whatever the landforms (mountains, undulations and water) are around the structure will matter in terms of the where they are located in relationship to the front door for the ultimate test.

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