Reading Barak Obama’s Face

Reading Barak Obama’s Face

Reading Barak Obama’s Face

By Jean Haner

I read President Obama’s face during the 2008 campaign and saw many qualities that I’ve since seen demonstrated during his presidency. But I also noticed a few characteristics that could cause people to have misperceptions about what to expect from him, and I’ve seen these come true as well.

I’ll discuss these below, as well as two other important things: 1) A change to his face that I’ve noticed since he became president; and 2) What he needs in order to get elected.

Before I get into the details, I need to make sure you understand my approach: The evaluations I’m doing of each candidate are objective, simply based on what face reading says about their personal characteristics. There is no veiled effort here to push any agenda or make negative or positive judgments.

Chinese face reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, and is thousands of years old. Basically, it’s a science about recognizing patterns. There are patterns in your face – for example, the size and shape of your features, and any wrinkles or markings that develop; complex details that can be read to reveal the deeper pattern of who you are inside.

With President Obama’s face, one of the first things many people notice is that his ears stick out! In face reading, this indicates a highly independent spirit, someone who thinks for himself, and is less likely than most people to respond to pressure to conform.

His hairline goes across in a straight line, as opposed to being irregular or curved, for example. This is the mark of someone who may challenge the status quo; and who’s especially concerned with fixing what’s wrong with a system. If the existing rules don’t seem to be doing any good, he’ll feel driven to change them.

His indented temples show a tendency toward compulsiveness, which is usually seen in people as workaholism or compulsive exercising. However, it can also reveal the potential for addictive tendencies, which is probably why he used to be a smoker. But this same feature provides positive message as well: It means he can be very disciplined, and it’s through concentrated discipline that he can overcome any addiction.

President Obama’s eyebrows grow in straight, horizontal lines, rather than curved or peaked, for instance. One of the many important messages our eyebrows give is how we make decisions. His straight eyebrows show that he values logic and reason, and that he feels it’s essential to take time to evaluate a problem before coming to a conclusion and taking action.

When the general public heard his 2008 campaign message about “change,” many of them thought that meant change would be nearly immediate after his election! But Mr. Obama is the opposite of impulsive; he wanted to be sure he had all the information and took time to think things through so that his decision would be the best one. For Obama, effective change has to be deliberate and well thought out.

His jaw is well defined but not exaggerated in size. The strength of the jaw indicates the strength of someone’s convictions. Too strong a jaw means that someone is too judgmental and rigid in their beliefs, kind of a “my way or the highway” attitude. Instead, President Obama’s jaw reveals a man who has strong values and beliefs but is willing to listen to others’ opinions.

This is another reason why “change” wasn’t immediate after his election. He wanted to consider information from different viewpoints and to bring people together; which slowed things down.

Subtle Messages
As I said above, face reading is about understanding patterns, and there are subtle patterns here that would require you to come to a workshop in order to understand where I see them! This is the reason I have such respect for face reading – It’s not a cookie cutter approach. There are nuanced meanings that can be read in each of our faces.

In President Obama’s case, what I see is that communication can be an issue for him. For example, he was likely to neglect staying in communication with the voters, to explain what was going on. We saw this happen with the health care initiative – In all the work to create it, he didn’t pay enough attention to clearly communicating the benefits of the plan, so everyone understood how it could help them.

As he attacked the massive problems with the economy over the past 4 years, he didn’t take enough time to help voters understand what was going on. To his mind, the priority was to get the work done, not invest his energy in what he viewed more as public relations to polish his image.

Change to Obama’s Face since 2008
Most presidents get gray (or grayer) hair once they get elected, so it’s not a concern that it’s happened with this president too. But there is one change to his face that does concern me. You can even see signs of this in the photo posted here: a wrinkle that starts near his lower mouth and cuts across his chin.

This wrinkle has formed because of a specific facial expression he’s been making consistently. (This is how many of our wrinkles grow, by the way, due to repeated facial expressions – which are a result of repeated patterns of thoughts and emotions. Change those, and you lose the wrinkles.)

Basically, this wrinkle has formed due to repeated expressions of disappointment and dissatisfaction, a motion he makes with his mouth when he feels let down by someone, disappointed that a person has not helped as they promised, or even disappointed in himself for not completing what he’d hoped.

For instance, I’ve seen him make the expression that forms this wrinkle when Vice President Biden makes a gaffe in a speech, when he feels he’s been blocked by Congress from fulfilling his promises, and when staff members he’s depended on haven’t come through the way they should have.

The Key to Getting Elected
The wrinkle I described above has a theme to it that’s bigger than just a current pattern of dissatisfaction and disappointment. It also reflects that one of Barack Obama’s strong values is the spirit of community and cooperation.

However, the most important aspect of this theme has to do with women. I won’t make you sit through a long explanation about the complex patterns that indicate this, but the strong message here is that women are the key if Barack Obama is to be re-elected. If women join together as a community and speak up to lend their strong support, then it’s likely that we’ll have him as president for a second term.

Timing is Everything?
Lastly, when I look at where President Obama is in the cycles of time, I see that the full 4 years since he was elected was a difficult phase, one that wasn’t supportive of his having as much success as he’d have hoped for. However, beginning this winter, he moves into a long cycle (5 years) where it will be far easier for him to achieve all his goals. Whether that will be as president or in some other capacity is yet to be seen!

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