Reading Joe Biden’s Face

Reading Joe Biden’s Face

Reading Barak Obama’s Face

Reading Joe Biden’s Face

By Jean Haner

One thing you might easily notice in this picture of Vice President Biden is that his left eye is held more widely open than his right eye. This isn’t just a matter of the camera catching him in the moment of making an awkward expression. In looking at many photos of him, I notice that his left eye is often held more open. So what could this mean?

Let’s start out by looking at what the eyes reveal:

In face reading, your eyes give many messages, but some of the most important are how you feel about communication. First, they show how open you are in communicating what you’re feeling deep inside. Second, they indicate how open you are to taking in what someone else is communicating to you.

If someone’s eyes are narrowed in general, it means they’re not so comfortable talking about their inner feelings. And when it comes to being open to hearing about your feelings, that’s also not an experience they naturally seek!

If someone’s eyes are held wide open in general, they really value expressing themselves. They think everyone should be communicating what they’re thinking and feeling and can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to have open conversations about what’s going on inside.

A classic example of this is a couple where the man has naturally narrowed eyes and the woman has naturally widely held eyes. She wants to talk about their relationship and he just wants to watch the game: “We talked about our relationship last year!”

However, one of Mr. Biden’s eyes is held wide and the other held narrowed. So we need to look at what messages the right eye gives compared to the left eye:

Left and Right Sides of the Face
Basically, the right half of someone’s face is said to be the “public” side – the information that person is willing to share with the outside world. The left half of the face is the “private” side – where you can read their inner feelings, what they’re really going through inside.

But face reading is not a cookie cutter system. It’s about seeing how all aspects of someone’s life experience is reflected in their face. If you’re evaluating the meaning of someone’s eyes, you can’t make conclusions until you also look at the rest of the face to discover details that might be affecting what the eyes signify.

Grief Lines
With Mr. Biden’s face, there are lines on his face that show he carries a deep and old grief. This could very well have to do with the death of his wife and daughter and the severe injuries to his sons in a terrible car accident back in the 1970s.

So his narrow right eye actually means that he’s keeping that grief private and not burdening the rest of the world with it.

His wider left eye is something I often see in people who are public figures or who work with other people on a deep level, such as doing therapy or healing work. This kind of eye means he’s taking in a lot of information about you while he’s talking with you, but he’s doing this privately, so you’re not made uncomfortable.

It actually comes from a genuine place of wanting to “read” you so that he can establish rapport and understand where you’re coming from, to take in what you’re communicating to him.

So the stories about Biden riding the train to work back and forth each day and talking to constituents makes sense. He really does want to hear from people and he’s also not going to make them listen to him go on and on about himself.

What some people don’t know about Vice President Biden is that he was balding but got hair plugs to restore his hairline.

In Chinese face reading, when someone balds from the front hairline backwards, it actually is associated with a certain personality type, called the “Fire” personality.

The Fire person is warm and affectionate, and tends to love connecting with people. They have a positive, optimistic nature and spread good feelings wherever they go. They often have a good sense of humor, love to have fun with people, and most of all, they love to talk!

A Fire person is also fast. That means they learn quickly, they think fast, and they’re often high-speed talkers. And this is where the problem can come in. They don’t always take the time to think before they speak. They go so fast, they can say things they wouldn’t have if they’d just paused to consider the impact of their words.

And we’ve certainly seen examples of this in Mr. Biden’s behavior!

Not all Fire people have this problem. If a Fire person’s system is in balance, they’ll still think and speak quickly but usually will be able to discern the impact of their words before they leave their lips.

But because Mr. Biden changed his natural baldness, he set his system off balance slightly, resulting in more frequent communication gaffes. If he hadn’t interfered with his hairline receding, this wouldn’t be happening.

It’s not a major problem in terms of his suitability as a leader; but it does help us understand why President Obama has been inconvenienced at times by the words that have tumbled out of Biden’s mouth!

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