Feng Shui October

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Feng Shui October

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Month of the Yang Metal Dog Oct 8- Nov 6, 2012
The month of the Yang Metal Dog will be challenging. October is the strongest month of conflict with the Water Dragon in 2012.
Communication can be slower and people who are unethical will try to take control. Its important to use integrity and honor this month and follow you highest good
If you have a Dog or Dragon in your BaZi birth chart or Luck Cycle, this month could have you in a frustrated dilemma. Stay calm and be patient in sorting things out by talking things through with close advisors. To find out if you have a dragon or dog in your chart, click here.
For those with a Dragon in your birth chart, brace yourself for a rough month  as the energies are fierce and unforgiving. Stressing about it will only add to the frustration. Consider a note of caution and postpone major projects and activities until the month passes. Otherwise your endeavors will suffer from difficulties and even failure.
For Dogs, this is a month to make your health a priority. Avoid any high risk sports or activities as the accident rate is prominent this month. It is an extremely dangerous month to be taking extreme risks.
Stay out of the Southeast and the Northwest if you can. If you have an entry door in these locations, use another door if it is available to you. 
I will be in London, Brussels and Budapest Oct. 11th – 26th, attending seminars hosted by Joey Yap from Mastery Academy of Malaysia to further my knowledge and application. We will be reviewing the Feng Shui implications for the year of the Water Snake, 2013.
I will be deepening my studies in advanced Yi Jing (I Ching) 1 & 2. Feng Shui, Date Selection and BaZi birth charts all have their roots in the Yin and Yang and the 64 Hexagrams of Yi Jing. Click here for more info on Yi Jing.


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