Feng Shui Christmas

Feng Shui Christmas?

Here is my take on Feng Shui & Christmas:

Thanks to my friend and Feng Shui colleague, Teresa Hwang who posted her article on Facebook.

According to Chinese metaphysical studies, everything is connected within the whole universe…….between Heaven, Man/Human and Earth. The study of Feng Shui is the environmental examination of Chi/Qi between Heaven and Earth – Time and Space, and by incorporating the principles of Balance and Harmony.

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The Christmas celebration happens a few days after the Winter Solstice, when the Water energy is strongest – most Yin time of the year, which is reflected by the cold temperature outside, and the shortest daylight hours during the day. In order to maintain a balance, we would need to activate the Yang energy in the form of:

• Lighting – both for the exterior and interior of the house.
• Activities – good time to have family gatherings around the fireplace, in the kitchen, enjoying the warmth, good nourishing food and festivities.

The Water element represents communication in terms of human activities, so this is the best time to convey the love and affection between family members, lovers and friends. Beware of intoxication due to too much alcohol consumption, as the negative side of the human activity will come out as being verbally abusive, argumentative and depressive.

The Water element also represents love; this is a wonderful time for sharing with others. In our present world with the big gap between the rich and poor, the haves and have-nots, pressing environmental issues as a result of global warming, instead of catering to consumerism and commercialization, acts of compassion and kindness towards others in the form of kind deeds, volunteerism, donations in kind to charities in lieu of gifts, and a helping hand to those in need will exemplify the true spirit of Christmas.

A creative Food Snowman for Christmas at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=399444230130470&set=a.195276147213947.46472.195225700552325&type=1&theater

The Earth element controls the Water element, which can also bring in the balance as stability during the Christmas season; a stable home environment will provide the sense of belonging in everyone.

As for creating Feng Shui harmony within a space during the holiday season, the most important points are still according to the basic recommendations:

1. Maintain a free flow of Chi/Qi:

• The Christmas tree is not too big for the space.
• The Christmas tree is not obstructing the Wealth Chi/Qi in front of a window.
• No cluttering due to too many decorations.
• No obstructions in front of the doorways and within pathways.

2. Pay attention to Colors & Shapes:

As Chi/Qi is also manifested by different colors and shapes, we have to pay particular attention to the ornaments and decorations used in different part of the building according to the flow between the Five Elements:

• Wood – Green in color; stripes, columns and cylindrical in shape.
• Fire – Red in color; triangular in shape.
• Earth – Brown in color; square and cubic in shape.
• Metal – White/metallic in color; round and ball shape.
• Water – Black/navy in color; wavy in shape.

3. Negative energy for 2012

Since every individual space has its own pattern of Chi/Qi according to the time the building was constructed, as well as the orientation of the building, without knowing the exact unique pattern of the Chi/Qi, the sensible recommendation in creating harmony during the Christmas season is by using a balance between all the different colors and shapes. The exceptions are as below:

• During the present Yang Water Dragon year, the most negative Earth Chi/Qi is located within the Southeast sector, too much Wood and Fire energy are not recommended here – do avoid placing the Christmas tree here, especially not with dark blue and series of circular shaped ornaments.

• The other area to avoid is the North sector, which has the undesirable Sickness Chi/Qi, too much Wood and Fire energy are also not recommended here – do avoid placing the Christmas tree here also.

• Beware of the possibility of real Fire hazards if a tree is placed within these sectors – replace lights with faulty wiring; avoid unattended candles and cigarette smoking.

Watch how much liquor you consume!

Authorized by Teresa Min Yee Hwang
Feng Shui Master & Lecturer, FSRC

Articles are of the copyright of Teresa Hwang solely, any reproduction, duplication and transmission of the articles are to have prior written approval by the author.

Yang Earth Day Master

Wu Earth or Yang Earth Day Master in the BaZi birth chart.

A great image of Wu Earth is The Wall of El Capitan, in Yosemite Valley, California. Yang Earth is the most steady and trustworthy Day Master. Defined as a majestic rocky mountain, it makes them mysterious and enigmatic. Wu Earth people are rock solid and stable, realistic and reliable. They are the foundation of the family or organization. They make good confidantes as they can hold secrets and are loyal.

Unless, disturbed by an external force. It would take a big earthquake to disturb it. This makes Wu Earth reliable and mercurial. There is a sense of safety with Wu Earth individuals because you know a mountain will always be there. For this reason, people turn to Wu Earth people because they can be counted on.

The stillness can make them immovable, so in the matters of life, this stubbornness can create challenges in their relationships. They may procrastinate. Learning lessons can take a few more times before they, “get it.” Wu Earth can get too comfortable and complacent. Sometimes they will only discover their true talent by being shocked into taking action (an earthquake).

In the BaZi birth charts, I am Yang Earth Day Master. I imagine this is why Yosemite Valley speaks to me and I have deep abiding admiration and respect for the Valley. No wonder I have ALWAYS loved the Valley and hiking up its mountains, walking it’s meadows and skiing its snow.

Thanks to Project Yosemite for their spectacular images of Yosemite.

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5 Elements in Health

The 5 Elements in Health – Chinese Metaphysics

5 Elements in Feng Shui and Emotions

The 5 Elements or 5 Energy Phases in Chinese Metaphysics  are, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

In Chinese Metaphyiscs we always strive for BALANCE. What happens when our world is imbalanced?

In Feng Shui or BaZi birth chart analysis, we look for the balance and imbalance of the 5 Elements. When there is an imbalance of the elements in your environment, home, workplace or birth chart, emotions and health issues can show as the following: (not all body functions and ailments are included below):

Wood Element is associated with Anger. An imbalance of the Wood element will cause problems with metabolism, Liver, GallBladder, nerves, mental status ligaments and hormones. Health issues may show as depression, anger, anxiety, high or low blood pressure, energy levels, insomnia, migraines, neck issues, arthritis, teeth and bones, heart complications, tuberculosis, thyroid issues,

Metal Element is associated with Grief. An imbalance of the Metal element will cause problems with the immune and respiratory system, brain, lungs, colon, nose, throat, nerves, colorectal ailments, skin and muscles. Health issues may show in the lungs, skin allergies, rheumatism, blood related issues, breast cancer.

Earth Element is associated with Worry. An imbalance of the Earth element will cause problems with the lymphatic, circulatory and excretory systems, the pancreas, spleen, stomach and digestion. We may see problems with weight, constipation, nutrition absorption, muscles, gastrointestinal issues and cancer related to those organs.

Water Element is associated with Fear. An imbalance of the Water element will cause problems with the immune, reproductive and hormonal systems, kidneys, ears, metabolism, spinal cord, teeth and nerves. We may see hormonal or sexual issues, diabetes, stroke, blindness, leg diseases, urinary tract issues, prostrate cancer.

Fire Element is associated with Stress. An imbalance of the Fire element will cause problems with circulatory and excretory systems, psychological status, pulse, heart and eyes. We may see issues with the heart, blood, sepsis, beriberi, eye disease, scarlet fever, and anemia.

The imbalance of the elements is affected by your environment, how you take care of yourself and what your BaZi Birth chart shows in any given period of time, i.e. day, week, month, year, or 10 year luck cycle. While you may not have control over what is in your birth chart, you DO have control over what you eat, your health habits and your attitude towards the events in your life.

Your mental attitude, how you speak and what you say and do, contributes greatly to your quality of health. These factors create cellular and body frequencies that are healthy or unhealthy. By taking care of you health and mental well-being, your body will love you for it. Longevity and good health can be yours. Click here for some tips I share on my Pinterest Board. View the boards on Health (near the bottom) and Feng Shui.

Thanks to Dr John K. Char for sharing this chart on Facebook.

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Chinese Calendar December 2012

December 28, 2012

Chinese Calendar December 2012 – A Flood of Water and Emotions 

Watch and observe, December 28, 2012 – an extremely inauspicious day in the Chinese Calendar. Secondarily, TODAY, Dec 17 is another day of overwhelming water.

You may have noticed since December 7, people have been exhibiting more emotions and when extreme, a lack of control. On the plus side, an increase in creativity and intelligence is shining through. The latter two are welcomed. It is the emotions that may bring problems. Water element is associated with emotions and fear. This month it will show more, as well as problems caused by water damage in and around the home.

I have heard a number stories about water damage problems in the home from friends, colleagues and clients. Leaking ceilings, broken water heaters, uncommon water issues and too much moisture or dampness. If you have a lot of water in your BaZi birth chart or have a front door in the North of the home, or your home sits with the backside facing north, you may be experiencing water issues more strongly than others. You may also be experiencing more health issues this month. Wash your hands often and stay away from those who are ill. Get plenty sleep, eat well and exercise.

What is causing this?

The Ren Chen Water Dragon Year of 2012 is already considered an overwhelming body of water. December is a Yang Water Rat month (Rat being yin water), the highest water month of the year. Yin water is the fog, clouds, rain, mist and tears. December 28 is a Yin water Pig Day. The Pig is associated with Yang Water of the Ocean. The hour of 12-1am is the Yang Water Rat hour, a mirror of the month. This is called the butterfly effect, a doubling of what is already there. Hurricane Sandy occurred on a Water Pig day.

What can this mean?

If there is an imbalance of water and metal in your BaZi birth chart or home, you may experience a flood of emotions erupting and water problems in and around the home. Yin water is like the rain, mist or tears. Yang water is the ocean’s tide or in the extreme, like a Tsunami or a wall of water.

Health issues may have risen this year and this month especially. If your chart is in need of water, you will be fine. This is usually if you are born in May, June, July. Or, in a snake, horse or sheep year or, there is a lot of heat in your chart.

What is the best way to prepare for December 28?

In some cases, the emotions may be uncontrollable. Can you picture emotions moving like a tide in a storm? Or, people interpreting events around them through fog, a mist or rain? Clarity can be missing.

For water issues in the home, the damage can be costly. It may produce situations which it will take work to recover in either situation.

Be mindful and either understand when you encounter this, the month is contributing to the situation. Ride it out. Don’t stress over what you do not have control over. Remember to stop and think before you act. Avoid engaging, absorbing or contributing to any drama.

If you see someone getting to this state, watch as if you were seeing the tide of an ocean rise in a storm. Imagine the Sun coming out to bring calm to the waves. We all know when the Sun shines, there is no storm in the sea. This objectivity will help you lead the situation to a state of peace. Everyone will be grateful to you for being the calm in the storm.

Find heat. Seek the Sun where possible. See your counselor or therapist if you have one. Expend the excess of emotions on a long walk, the gym and not on your loved ones and colleagues. Eat well, avoid junk food that can add to bad moods and tears.

Lay LOW and AVOID any important activity or action on December 28.  Especially at the hour from 3-5pm. Don’t travel if you can avoid it. This day has an overwhelming flood of water and is seen as the worst day of the year. The month ends on Jan. If you are mindful, you can escape the whole matter and have a wonderful holiday season! You and your family deserve this.

May the Spirit of Happy Miracles touch your life this holiday season. Cherish the moments that you are blessed to have with your loved ones. Look toward the future and create new moments of joy and blessings for your family. I wish you a joyful holiday season!

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2013 Water Snake Year – A Must Do

December 13, 2012 – A BIG Day to Take Proactive Steps for:

2013 Water Snake Year

A Must Do to prepare for 2013 Water Snake Year

The Water Snake year officially beings Feb 4, 2013.

Every year, there are positive and negative energies that move around in our environment. One of the main objectives each year is to mitigate or nullify the negative energy to prevent problems, obstacles, loss and in a worst case scenario, catastrophe. Feng Shui puts a high premium on controlling this negative energy.

The most negative Qi (chi), is commonly known in Feng Shui terms as the 5 Yellow. This negative Qi can bring significant problems and loss of health and wealth, especially if there are negative external features in the environment in the location of the 5 Yellow. Each year the 5 Yellow travels from one location to another. If you have ever been hit by a seemingly endless string of bad luck or, your problems become insurmountable or reaches the catastrophic level, it is likely the 5 Yellow is affecting you in some way.

You can take action to control the situation. This year, the 5 Yellow is located in the center of every home and place of business. This means its energy can spread, especially if the center of the building is a wide open space. You can significantly reduce, mitigate or nullify the impact of this negative influence by using positives to delete the negatives.

How to mitigate and nullify negative energy of 2013 Water Snake Year?

We use Date Activation to trigger positive Qi to override the negative. On December 13, 2012 at 7:30am, you can bring into your home or business, positive Qi from the external environment to safeguard against the 5 Yellow. Mid December is a transition point when 2013’s energy starts to descend into our environment.

What You Need to Do on December 13 beginning 7:30am

The most northern sector of your home is the North 2 direction, at Zero degrees on the compass (measure from the center of your home). If there is a window or door there, open it. Do a deep and thorough cleaning of the North 2 area of the home, including vacuuming, moving furniture around, dusting, fixing or moving out broken items. Continue this work all the way into the center of the home. The bigger your effort, the stronger the outcome in deleting the negative energy. For example, if you have a bed or sofa there, move it out, clean underneath and replace. Make noise with a bell, singing bowl or music. Pound a nail into the wall and hang a picture. Put a lamp on for 24hours.

This is most effective for people who have a Rat, Dragon or Snake in their BaZi birth chart. Especially if these animals are located in your year or day of birth. How do you know if you have one? Click here to find out. It is the least effective if you have Tiger in your year or day of birth, but you should do it anyway. If have a tiger in your chart, ask another family member or friend who does not have a Tiger in their chart do it for you. Pay a cleaning person if you have to. It will be worth its weight in gold.

This Date Activation will be a cushion for 5 yellow in the event you accidentally trigger the 5 Yellow throughout the year. This is usually done by high traffic in the area, renovations, hammering or making extreme noise in the center of the home. If you plan to renovate the center of your home, this is critical that you do this date activation.

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