2013 Water Snake Year – A Must Do

December 13, 2012 – A BIG Day to Take Proactive Steps for:

2013 Water Snake Year

A Must Do to prepare for 2013 Water Snake Year

The Water Snake year officially beings Feb 4, 2013.

Every year, there are positive and negative energies that move around in our environment. One of the main objectives each year is to mitigate or nullify the negative energy to prevent problems, obstacles, loss and in a worst case scenario, catastrophe. Feng Shui puts a high premium on controlling this negative energy.

The most negative Qi (chi), is commonly known in Feng Shui terms as the 5 Yellow. This negative Qi can bring significant problems and loss of health and wealth, especially if there are negative external features in the environment in the location of the 5 Yellow. Each year the 5 Yellow travels from one location to another. If you have ever been hit by a seemingly endless string of bad luck or, your problems become insurmountable or reaches the catastrophic level, it is likely the 5 Yellow is affecting you in some way.

You can take action to control the situation. This year, the 5 Yellow is located in the center of every home and place of business. This means its energy can spread, especially if the center of the building is a wide open space. You can significantly reduce, mitigate or nullify the impact of this negative influence by using positives to delete the negatives.

How to mitigate and nullify negative energy of 2013 Water Snake Year?

We use Date Activation to trigger positive Qi to override the negative. On December 13, 2012 at 7:30am, you can bring into your home or business, positive Qi from the external environment to safeguard against the 5 Yellow. Mid December is a transition point when 2013’s energy starts to descend into our environment.

What You Need to Do on December 13 beginning 7:30am

The most northern sector of your home is the North 2 direction, at Zero degrees on the compass (measure from the center of your home). If there is a window or door there, open it. Do a deep and thorough cleaning of the North 2 area of the home, including vacuuming, moving furniture around, dusting, fixing or moving out broken items. Continue this work all the way into the center of the home. The bigger your effort, the stronger the outcome in deleting the negative energy. For example, if you have a bed or sofa there, move it out, clean underneath and replace. Make noise with a bell, singing bowl or music. Pound a nail into the wall and hang a picture. Put a lamp on for 24hours.

This is most effective for people who have a Rat, Dragon or Snake in their BaZi birth chart. Especially if these animals are located in your year or day of birth. How do you know if you have one? Click here to find out. It is the least effective if you have Tiger in your year or day of birth, but you should do it anyway. If have a tiger in your chart, ask another family member or friend who does not have a Tiger in their chart do it for you. Pay a cleaning person if you have to. It will be worth its weight in gold.

This Date Activation will be a cushion for 5 yellow in the event you accidentally trigger the 5 Yellow throughout the year. This is usually done by high traffic in the area, renovations, hammering or making extreme noise in the center of the home. If you plan to renovate the center of your home, this is critical that you do this date activation.

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