Chinese Calendar December 2012

December 28, 2012

Chinese Calendar December 2012 – A Flood of Water and Emotions 

Watch and observe, December 28, 2012 – an extremely inauspicious day in the Chinese Calendar. Secondarily, TODAY, Dec 17 is another day of overwhelming water.

You may have noticed since December 7, people have been exhibiting more emotions and when extreme, a lack of control. On the plus side, an increase in creativity and intelligence is shining through. The latter two are welcomed. It is the emotions that may bring problems. Water element is associated with emotions and fear. This month it will show more, as well as problems caused by water damage in and around the home.

I have heard a number stories about water damage problems in the home from friends, colleagues and clients. Leaking ceilings, broken water heaters, uncommon water issues and too much moisture or dampness. If you have a lot of water in your BaZi birth chart or have a front door in the North of the home, or your home sits with the backside facing north, you may be experiencing water issues more strongly than others. You may also be experiencing more health issues this month. Wash your hands often and stay away from those who are ill. Get plenty sleep, eat well and exercise.

What is causing this?

The Ren Chen Water Dragon Year of 2012 is already considered an overwhelming body of water. December is a Yang Water Rat month (Rat being yin water), the highest water month of the year. Yin water is the fog, clouds, rain, mist and tears. December 28 is a Yin water Pig Day. The Pig is associated with Yang Water of the Ocean. The hour of 12-1am is the Yang Water Rat hour, a mirror of the month. This is called the butterfly effect, a doubling of what is already there. Hurricane Sandy occurred on a Water Pig day.

What can this mean?

If there is an imbalance of water and metal in your BaZi birth chart or home, you may experience a flood of emotions erupting and water problems in and around the home. Yin water is like the rain, mist or tears. Yang water is the ocean’s tide or in the extreme, like a Tsunami or a wall of water.

Health issues may have risen this year and this month especially. If your chart is in need of water, you will be fine. This is usually if you are born in May, June, July. Or, in a snake, horse or sheep year or, there is a lot of heat in your chart.

What is the best way to prepare for December 28?

In some cases, the emotions may be uncontrollable. Can you picture emotions moving like a tide in a storm? Or, people interpreting events around them through fog, a mist or rain? Clarity can be missing.

For water issues in the home, the damage can be costly. It may produce situations which it will take work to recover in either situation.

Be mindful and either understand when you encounter this, the month is contributing to the situation. Ride it out. Don’t stress over what you do not have control over. Remember to stop and think before you act. Avoid engaging, absorbing or contributing to any drama.

If you see someone getting to this state, watch as if you were seeing the tide of an ocean rise in a storm. Imagine the Sun coming out to bring calm to the waves. We all know when the Sun shines, there is no storm in the sea. This objectivity will help you lead the situation to a state of peace. Everyone will be grateful to you for being the calm in the storm.

Find heat. Seek the Sun where possible. See your counselor or therapist if you have one. Expend the excess of emotions on a long walk, the gym and not on your loved ones and colleagues. Eat well, avoid junk food that can add to bad moods and tears.

Lay LOW and AVOID any important activity or action on December 28.  Especially at the hour from 3-5pm. Don’t travel if you can avoid it. This day has an overwhelming flood of water and is seen as the worst day of the year. The month ends on Jan. If you are mindful, you can escape the whole matter and have a wonderful holiday season! You and your family deserve this.

May the Spirit of Happy Miracles touch your life this holiday season. Cherish the moments that you are blessed to have with your loved ones. Look toward the future and create new moments of joy and blessings for your family. I wish you a joyful holiday season!

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Patricia Lee, Certified Feng Shui Consultant
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  1. Thank You Patricia, I will share this to as you write so eloquently that everyone can understand the concerns we have for this month. Kindest Qi, Samantha

    • Patricia Lee says:

      Thanks Samantha. I hope that we communicate in a way it gives people confidence that there is something they can do amidst the challenges of life. People need to be able to navigate a role in their own destiny.

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