5 Elements in Health

The 5 Elements in Health – Chinese Metaphysics

5 Elements in Feng Shui and Emotions

The 5 Elements or 5 Energy Phases in Chinese Metaphysics  are, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

In Chinese Metaphyiscs we always strive for BALANCE. What happens when our world is imbalanced?

In Feng Shui or BaZi birth chart analysis, we look for the balance and imbalance of the 5 Elements. When there is an imbalance of the elements in your environment, home, workplace or birth chart, emotions and health issues can show as the following: (not all body functions and ailments are included below):

Wood Element is associated with Anger. An imbalance of the Wood element will cause problems with metabolism, Liver, GallBladder, nerves, mental status ligaments and hormones. Health issues may show as depression, anger, anxiety, high or low blood pressure, energy levels, insomnia, migraines, neck issues, arthritis, teeth and bones, heart complications, tuberculosis, thyroid issues,

Metal Element is associated with Grief. An imbalance of the Metal element will cause problems with the immune and respiratory system, brain, lungs, colon, nose, throat, nerves, colorectal ailments, skin and muscles. Health issues may show in the lungs, skin allergies, rheumatism, blood related issues, breast cancer.

Earth Element is associated with Worry. An imbalance of the Earth element will cause problems with the lymphatic, circulatory and excretory systems, the pancreas, spleen, stomach and digestion. We may see problems with weight, constipation, nutrition absorption, muscles, gastrointestinal issues and cancer related to those organs.

Water Element is associated with Fear. An imbalance of the Water element will cause problems with the immune, reproductive and hormonal systems, kidneys, ears, metabolism, spinal cord, teeth and nerves. We may see hormonal or sexual issues, diabetes, stroke, blindness, leg diseases, urinary tract issues, prostrate cancer.

Fire Element is associated with Stress. An imbalance of the Fire element will cause problems with circulatory and excretory systems, psychological status, pulse, heart and eyes. We may see issues with the heart, blood, sepsis, beriberi, eye disease, scarlet fever, and anemia.

The imbalance of the elements is affected by your environment, how you take care of yourself and what your BaZi Birth chart shows in any given period of time, i.e. day, week, month, year, or 10 year luck cycle. While you may not have control over what is in your birth chart, you DO have control over what you eat, your health habits and your attitude towards the events in your life.

Your mental attitude, how you speak and what you say and do, contributes greatly to your quality of health. These factors create cellular and body frequencies that are healthy or unhealthy. By taking care of you health and mental well-being, your body will love you for it. Longevity and good health can be yours. Click here for some tips I share on my Pinterest Board. View the boards on Health (near the bottom) and Feng Shui.

Thanks to Dr John K. Char for sharing this chart on Facebook.

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