Yang Earth Day Master

Wu Earth or Yang Earth Day Master in the BaZi birth chart.

A great image of Wu Earth is The Wall of El Capitan, in Yosemite Valley, California. Yang Earth is the most steady and trustworthy Day Master. Defined as a majestic rocky mountain, it makes them mysterious and enigmatic. Wu Earth people are rock solid and stable, realistic and reliable. They are the foundation of the family or organization. They make good confidantes as they can hold secrets and are loyal.

Unless, disturbed by an external force. It would take a big earthquake to disturb it. This makes Wu Earth reliable and mercurial. There is a sense of safety with Wu Earth individuals because you know a mountain will always be there. For this reason, people turn to Wu Earth people because they can be counted on.

The stillness can make them immovable, so in the matters of life, this stubbornness can create challenges in their relationships. They may procrastinate. Learning lessons can take a few more times before they, “get it.” Wu Earth can get too comfortable and complacent. Sometimes they will only discover their true talent by being shocked into taking action (an earthquake).

In the BaZi birth charts, I am Yang Earth Day Master. I imagine this is why Yosemite Valley speaks to me and I have deep abiding admiration and respect for the Valley. No wonder I have ALWAYS loved the Valley and hiking up its mountains, walking it’s meadows and skiing its snow.

Thanks to Project Yosemite for their spectacular images of Yosemite.

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  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks Patricia for this great post on Wu Earth people. My daughter is very strong Wu Earth and I enjoyed your musings… and sharing.

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