Yin Metal Pig – Pearl From the Sea

Image of Yin Metal Pig – Pearl From The Sea

Yin Metal Pig

Pearl From the Sea

This is the image of the pillar, Xin Hai or the Yin Metal Pig in BaZi, the Chinese Astrology birth charts. The Pig in BaZi is the element of Yang Water or the Ocean.

A person with a Pig in their chart will exhibit the qualities of strong water: Emotional, adaptive, creative, intelligent and articulate. When the Sun is shining and the sea calm, people are attracted to the healing qualities of the environment. The ocean has endless resources and more value, the deeper you go. People come to you.

Yin Metal is associated with a diamond. A Yin Metal person will have the qualities of a diamond. They have a need to sparkle, to attract and be the center of attention. They have the gift of gab and are quite persuasive in speech. Hence Yin Metal is called a Vanity Star. Many celebrities have Yin Metal in their charts.

The Yin Metal Pig person is described as the Pearl From The Sea. This is the Diamond in the Sea, or a Luminescent Pearl. This person is usually very pretty or quite handsome. They usually work in a creative field, are free-lancers or work on their own.

The Yin Metal Pig person is adept at blending their gift of persuasion, creativity and intelligence and charm the audience. Who wouldn’t want to admire and be in the presence of a Luminescent Pearl? Or, even own it if they could?

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