Chinese Astrology Signs and Elements

Chinese Astrology Signs and Elements

The Bravery and Courage of the 7 Killings Star in BaZi Birth Charts or 4 Pillars of Destiny

Surfer Garrett McNamara catches what could be the largest wave ever surfed, off the coast of Nazare, Portugal, on Jan. 29. Photo: To Mane / EPA. Posted on Facebook by the Idealist

Think Ambition, Courage, Aggressive, Fearless, Risk-Taker, Leader. The general attributes of the 7 Killing Star can be seen in the image of surfer, Garrett McNamara riding a monstrous 100 foot wave in Portugal on Jan 29, 2013.

In Chinese Astrology or BaZi birth charts, the 7 Killings Star shows the mentality of a person with a Never-Say-Die attitude, the Go-Getter who lives by their own rules. This person has a powerful commanding presence. Heads will turn when they walk into a room. It is because of they exude charisma, authority and ability to be convincing.

The 7 Killings Star loves the challenge as much as they love to win and conquer. They have a  natural ability to gauge risks and a glaringly, apparent ambition that thrives on power.

The 7 Killings Star can thrive living on the Edge.

They are decisive and unemotional in making decisions and are able to make decisions others cannot stomach. Hence, you have the Emperor, the Military Commander, the President, and the CEO. It is the “Axe Man” brought in to implement hard corporate decisions that involve changing people’s lives forever. They are decisions others would easily criticize as they are seen as cruel or heartless. It is the Machiavellian who believes the ends justifies the means.

The quality or strength of the 7 Killings Star is greatly determine by balance of elements in the entire BaZi birth chart. The 7 Killings Star is the one star we like to see “weak” in the chart because of its potential power and destructive qualities. It can make a person intimidating. When we see this Star, we want to see the element that controls it in the chart which helps modulate the behavior. If it is there, the quality of the 7 Killings Star will show its positive qualities. Too strong and without control, it will exhibit its negative qualities.

When a good quality 7 Killings star shows up in a year or luck cycle, people will want to reinvent themselves. They have the courage to tear down whatever no longer serves them and rebuild from scratch. It may be their home, their job, their personality, or even their relationships.

Some may see it as reckless and senseless. Others may see it as adventurous and thrilling.

The presence of the 7 Killings star will make one adverse to hypocrisy. Do not tempt to lie to them or fail to keep a promise. You will hear and feel the judgement of your “errors”. A strong 7 Killings star in a chart tends to attract petty people, gossip and drama.

When the 7 Killings star is imbalanced, you will find a hasty, impulsive person who can display a ballistic temper or explosive emotional behavior. It is difficult to curb their ambition and hence you may see an abuse of power or an out-of-control maverick. One can be a bully and coward at heart. They can be thoughtless and seek to win at all costs regardless of the damage it can cause.

A 7 Killings star can be the cause of health problems if a chart lacks the Resource element. Resource is the health element in a chart. A strong 7 Killings Star coupled with weak Resource element, can make a person subject to health issues as the there is no buffer. Without a buffer, the 7 Killings Star will “attack” one’s health.

There is usually always a solution to imbalances in a chart as the birth chart represents only 1/3 of a person’s life. Feng Shui and personal decision making play a large role in the other 2/3s of person’s life.

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