Welcome Water Snake Year 2013

Welcome Water Snake Year 2013

February 4, 2013 –  Sherwin Ng’s Analysis of the Water Snake Year (at bottom)

The Arrival of Spring. February 4, 2013

Arrival of Spring (立春)

4th Feb 2013 @ 0015 hours marks the brand new year of the Water Snake following the Chinese Solar Calendar
Take today easy as the new energies of the year settles in nicely for You to start afresh with new hopes and high expectations.

A Happy ‘Day of Spring’ (立春) to One and All.

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2013 is “A better and less volatile year” than last year of the Water Dragon.

I liked this analysis of the Water Snake Year 2013 by Sherwin Ng’s on Facebook that I want to share it with you. Sherwin Ng is a senior consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group. I have made minor edits for brevity and for readers not be familiar with the information.

Welcome Water Snake Year 2013

“Welcome Water Snake – and for myself personally, welcome Earth Monkey. I have waited 9 years for you. It will be the year where the world will start to balance itself out. After all, we see Gui (Yin) Water and Bing (Yang) Fire, the keepers of Life and Death, overlooking the year. So 2013 will be a year of KARMA.

Whatever challenges you may have been going through, like for myself, I see it as a re-balancing of my previous karmic actions playing out. I let it be. Whatever injustice you feel may be imposed on you now, let it be – I trust Gui Si (Water Snake) will do the balancing for you pretty soon.

Whatever good you have been doing, trust me when I say, the miracles are coming your way very soon! And when you do find these joyous abundance – know that you truly deserve it, and use it without guilt. But use it wisely, for it will be gone soon after. Nothing lasts forever.

For those who spent their Dragon year bullying and cheating others, then Gui Si (Water Snake) is a flaming tornado sweeping towards you – now would be a good time to start praying.

2012, especially the second half, has been a great challenge to my wisdom and patience. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all my friends, brothers and sisters, who continue to stand by me, whether the wind is a breeze or a typhoon – you are there for me. Thank you and I love you too.

I never ever thought that one day, whatever little integrity I have would speak for itself, and I don’t need to say anything else at all when the time comes. Ren Chen, thank you for the lessons – and that one amazing gift which I had not expected.

Blessed be and may your manifestations come true in the year of Water and Fire’s eternal harmony.”

An interview with Sherwin Ng’s in New Straits Times is a good read.

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