4 Key Feng Shui Principles to Know

4 Important Feng Shui Factors

4 Key Feng Shui Principles to know when doing an assessment.

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External land forms have the greatest impact on Feng Shui

1. Environment
The environment in which a property is constructed and where people inhabit, plays a great role in influencing the types of qi present. Consequently, the inhabitants performance and success in life will be impacted greatly by their environment.

In Feng  Shui we talk about Forms and Formulas. Forms and Formulas are the key components of a Feng Shui Assessment. External Forms are the land forms or topography around a building. It is where and how mountains and water are located around a building in relationship to the main entry door and key rooms.

Internal Forms are the room and door locations and interior construction. It is the placement of key items in the home. For example, the bed, stove, doors, sofa, work desks.

Formulas are the Feng Shui solutions to life problems. The formulas used are based on the problem or objective of the client, the external and internal forms in relationship to the compass directions and rooms in that location. Additionally timing and individual birth information is calculated in the equation.

External landforms around the property are the first stage of analysis. Forms include the undulations in mountains and water locations around a building. Mountains and water that conform to compass directions and shape and size according to Feng Shui principles will greatly enhance the performance, relationships, happiness and health of the occupants inside.

Full Square or Rectangular shaped floor plans are best.

2. Building Design
There are 4 factors that must first be considered, in evaluating the Feng Shui of a home:
* The Sitting and Facing direction of the building
* The Shape of the lot and building
* The Internal floor plan layout of rooms and doors
* The Main door location and direction

Basically, the shape of the building should be balanced, stable and smooth. We prefer a full square or rectangular building. We call this a 4 Point Gold. It means the building is intact with no missing corners. Missing corners will impact the occupants. The corner missing determines what will be missing in the lives of the occupants.

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The BaZi birth chart has a correlation to the Home or Office

3. Residents – BaZi Birth Chart
When we talk about the residents factor, we are concerned about the following:

* There will be different outcomes for different individuals. We look at two things to determine outcomes. One is the Life Star or Gua of a person. Two, is the BaZi birth charts to determine what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for the client. We inform the client of the opportunities and how they can make the best use of them. We give the client a heads up for challenges and pitfalls so they can develop a plan of action.

* There is also the issue of Family dynamics to consider. Based on your Life Star or Gua and BaZi birth chart, you better manage your life.

The purpose for the above is to empower the client to develop a strategy that best suits their needs and objectives and gives them the best opportunities for success.

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4. Time and Date Selection
The time factor is very important in all systems of traditional Feng Shui. Change is the only constant in life, and this is reflected in the passing of time. As such, no property will enjoy good fortune or bad fortune forever.

In Feng Shui, we can analyzed the up and down periods of time in a building and identify where and how positive and negative qi flows. We use this information to be aware of events that will unfold around us and make informed desicions. We use it to determine room usage and placement of stove, bed and work desk.

We analyze the period of time that a client is concerned about and pinpoint opportune moments to take action or solve problems.

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