Good Wealth Day January 14, 2014

A good date to activate for stimulating wealth.

A good date to activate for stimulating wealth. Calendar source: Joey Yap

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January 14, 2014

January 14th at 7:30AM, the Dragon or Chen hour is a great day to activate the house to stimulate wealth in your life.

January 14 is a Wood Rooster Day or Yi You
It’s Date Selection Ratings are: Success -Officer Day, Excellent -Dong Gong

You Activate Southeast or East of the home or office.
Put a container of still water in the SE sector 2X3 feet tall and wide.
Clean and move furniture in the East. The larger the better. The more activity, the better.

There are harmonious numerological combinations in both locations: In the East it is 7,2, In the SE it is 8,3. In Chinese Metaphysics, these combinations are excellent for relationships. If your entry door, office or bedroom is in the Southeast or East sector, it is a plus.

Earthly Storage is long term wealth star
Happy Spirit brings happy events
Heavenly & Monthly Virtue Combo stars make it a good day to use for most things, including – financial activities, start a new position or business, begin studying, renovate, marriage, moving, praying, sign agreements, medical procedures, disengage or dissolve arrangements, traveling, etc. However, not for meeting friends and networking.

You can’t use it if you have a Rabbit or Mao is in your BaZi Chart. This can be either in the Year, Month, Day or Hour.

January 14, Wood Rooster (Yi You Day)
If you have the following branches anywhere in your BaZi chart, this day is especially good for you: Fire Rooster (Ding You ), Earth Dog (Wu Xu), Metal Dragon (Geng Chen). These are all are good combination pillars with Wood Rooster.

Wood Rooster is a direct clash on Metal Rabbit (Xin Mao) & Earth Rabbit (Ji Mao). If you have these branches in your BaZi chart anywhere in the hour, day, month or year, pass on using this day.

I wish you great prosperity, success, good health and happiness in 2014 Wood Horse Year!


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