January 22, 2014 – Good Feng Shui Day for Noblemen

January 22, 2014
A Good Feng Shui Day For Noblemen
Jan 22 – Date Activation to Bring Helpful People Into Your Life

January 22, 2014 - A good Feng Shui day to bring Noblemen into your life.

January 22, 2014 – Date Activation to Bring Noblemen and Helpful People. Calendar source Joey Yap

It is hard to always go it alone. We all need helpful people in our lives from time to time. Chinese people refer to helpful people as Noblemen. You are considered blessed when Noblemen appear.

January 22 is a good Feng Shui day for Noblemen to come into your life so trigger this to happen between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. The astrological ratings for the day are Stable, Auspicious, Jade Hall and Carriage – all positive features. The Day Stars include Heaven Noble and Yang Noble Stars, which stimulate the presence of Noblemen. The Duke Virtue Combo Star helps neutralize any negative Qi that is causing problems.

How to bring Nobleman into your life?
You activate the Southwest sector of the home between 3-5pm. Stand in the exact center of the home, point a compass to the front of the home. Locate Southwest. It will be between 203°-248°. Use of a floor plan is more accurate. iPhone and iPad have compasses apps. Or, download Joey Yap’s San Yuan iLouPanPro.

Put a tall column of STILL water, 3ft tall by 10″ wide in SW. It is ok if the size is not exact, but somewhere in this range. If your house is larger (2500 Sq Ft) then make it 2x3Ft tall and wide. It does not matter the material. You should also move furniture out, clean the area and move it back. If there is a door there, this is optimum. A window is also good. Put the water either inside or outside in SW1 sector. Outside has a stronger effect. If possible, leave the door and window open for 24 hours. You can remove the water after 2 weeks.

Water Activation Container

You can find a container like the one in the picture above at Home Goods, Marshalls or Ross Dress for Less.

This date is especially good if you have an Ox, Rooster or Monkey in your Chinese BaZi birth chart. It can be in either the hour, month, day or year. It is most effective for those who have a Wood Horse, Water Dragon, or Earth Monkey anywhere in the chart, especially the day pillar. If you have a Pig anywhere in your birth chart, this day will NOT work for you.

To find out what your four pillars are, click here: http://www.masteryacademy.com/baziv4/registerBaZi.asp

After you have cleaned and placed your water, go to the NE sector of the home and face SW. Pray, meditate or pray for what you want in your life and the kind of help that you need. Use only positive words. Do not disturb anything in the NE sector.

It is a good Feng Shui day for debt collection, meeting friends, networking, renovations, signing contract or agreements. On this day do NOT make any purchases of great value as you will pay more for it than necessary. It is not good to end or dissolve relationships, get married or see medical treatment or travel long distances.

The below chart shows details.

This chart show the pillars that are in good frequency with the day or the two on the right, clash the day.

This chart show the pillars that are in good frequency with the day or the two on the right, clash the day.

For more about the use of Date Selection, click here: http://patricialee.me/services/ze-ri-auspicious-date-selection/

For more about BaZi, 4 Pillars of destiny, click here:

If you need to select a good Feng Shui day for a special event, leave a message below. Comments and questions can also left.

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