Feb 4 – Activate for 2014 Wood Horse Year

Feb 4 – Activate for your Advantage in 2014 Wood Horse Year

Activate the 4 Nobles for protection in 2014 Wood Horse Year

Activate the 4 Nobles for protection in 2014 Wood Horse Year. Joey Yap’s Pro Tong Shu 2014

February 4 is the key transition date into the Wood Horse Year. It is a fabulous day to kick off the new year by activating the “4 Nobles,” or 4 Kings in the home. The 4 Nobles are the main stars in the year that, if triggered in the home, can bring in Nobleman help, assist in solving problems and bringing immunity from negative Qi that may permeate the weak points in the home for 2014 Wood Horse Year.

Each year, we use 4 locations identified as the 4 Nobles which are called the Sun Star, Moon Star, Dragon Virtue Star and Fortune Virtue Star. The locations of the 4 Nobles change yearly as the Earth orbits around the Sun. Each can enlist the help of Nobleman, increase prosperity, happiness, good health, bring the ability to maneuver through choppy waters and turn negatives into positives.

On Feb 4 at 9am, I encourage you to activate all 4 locations in the home to herald in 2014 Wood Horse Year on a good strong footing. It will not prevent the ups and downs of life as that IS LIFE. However, it can greatly increase your ability to grasp opportunities, make better informed decisions and choices, and give you an edge to maneuver the year’s challenges. A healthy mental attitude and good physical health is always central to leverage your odds and level the playing field.

The locations of the 4 Nobles in the Wood Horse Year are noted on this diagram. Southwest 1 is the Goat's location. Northeast 1 is the Ox's location. West 2 is the Rooster's location. East 2 is the Rabbit's location.

Source Chart: Joey Yap, Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia

On Feb 4th the main purpose of activating the 4 Nobles is to bring immunity to the year’s most challenging energies which are in the Northwest and East sectors of the home or office. Throughout the year, these locations can be repeatedly activated to help solve problems as needed (just like acupuncture). Leave your contact number below if you need help.

Below identifies the locations of the 4 Nobles in the home or work place for 2014.

What does it mean to Activate?

The Activation purpose is to stimulate positive Qi in the right place at the right time with movement: Use still water in Southwest 1. In the other locations, move furniture in and out after cleaning in the areas, pound a nail into the wall, play music for 24 hours in the locations. Water should be in a container approximately 3 feet tall. Minimally 8-10″ wide and 2-3 feet wide if the home is more that 2,000 square feet. Water collects Qi so it should be still water.

It is optimum if a main door or bedroom is at the location. A window is also helpful but not as effective. Leave them open for as long as you can. You can also activate outside by planting something and stirring up the Qi in the location. These actions trigger the energies of that star. This can be compared to acupuncture. Specific acupuncture points are stimulated to bring the body in balance. Date Selection at the right activation points are used to stimulate the qi in the home, bringing benefits to the occupants.


To add SUPERIOR advantage to your Activation, go to the Southwest 1 sector, put your back to the SW and face Northeast. Either Pray or Ask for what you want in 2014 from your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, the Chief Deity or whatever divine help that you connect with. Be specific and ONLY use positive words.

For those of you who follow Qi Men Dun Jia, the Chief Deity is at maximum frequency at 9am on Feb 4th. A secondary hour is 1-3pm although not a potent. Anyone can use this Pray and Ask tool regardless of what is in your birth chart. It works best if in your Qi Men Dun Jia chart, your personal Destiny Palace or current luck palace is the Southwest.


Each 45 degrees of the 8 compass sectors are subdivided into 15 degree segments. The number next to the compass direction tells you which 15 degrees of the sector to activate. The most accurate way to identify the locations is to have a floor plan and over lay the compass directions onto the floor plan. Stand in the center of the home and measure with a compass where each sector is. For accuracy, get professional help if you can.

The house activation is not usable if you have a rat in any of your 4 pillars, either hour, day, month or year. This day is most effective for people with a Tiger, Dog or Goat in your day pillar and other pillars secondarily. It is most effective for people with Wood Horse, Fire Sheep or Metal Sheep in any of your four pillars, especially the day. It is not usable for people with a Rat in any of your 4 pillars.

2014 Wood Horse Year 4 NOBLES

Southwest 1 Goat (203° – 218°) has the SUN STAR

For Oops Problems
Sun Star’s strength is mitigating, dissolving and reducing the effects of problems and negative issues. Helps with execution of plans, ideas. Male noblemen come into your life. Especially useful for males, as it is a yang star. Opportunity to travel abroad and make profits from it. You stand on the path to righteousness. Use when a negative sector is accidentally activated (i.e. renovations or by neighbor). Best if you have a Pig, Rabbit or Horse in your chart. DO NOT ACTIVATE IF YOU HAVE AN OX IN YOUR BIRTH CHART.

West 2 Rooster (263°-277°) has the MOON STAR

For Communication Problems
Moon Star helps improve and solve communication issues, removes barriers or negative situations caused by communication problems. Helps brings opportunities to increase wealth, generate income, helps with strategy. Is money making behind the scenes. Indicates wealth luck, can make a serious investment or extend your portfolio. Property buying is good. Good Peach Blossom luck for males, but be careful if you are in a relationship. It is the mastermind of emotions and can affect moods. Female noble people come in your life. Especially effective for females, as it is a yin star. Pay attention to female superiors or subordinates. Use to remove blockages caused by break down in communications.

Best if you have a Snake, Ox or Dragon in your chart. DO NOT ACTIVATE IF YOU HAVE A RABBIT IN YOUR CHART.

Northeast 1 Ox (23° – 38°) has the DRAGON VIRTUE or Emperor Star

For Obstacles
Dragon Virtue rectifies wrongs, dissolves negative events, situations and legal problems, turns them into positives. Activate location to handle problems or you need help to enhance wealth luck, need a career boost or promotion. It is good for new contracts, friends, promotions, celebrations and happy events. One is in a good position to reap profits, see opportunities and make money. Those in high status stand to benefit more. Use when obstacles are insurmountable or difficult to remove and you are unable to reap rewards for your labor (especially monetary). It can be used to help get a loan from a bank (classic e.g. of money obstruction).

Best if you have a Snake, Rooster or Rat in your chart. DO NOT ACTIVATE IF YOU HAVE A GOAT IN YOUR CHART.

East 2 Rabbit (83°-97°) has the FORTUNE VIRTUE STAR

For Happiness and Happy Events
Fortune Virtue helps brings happy events, good relationships, removes obstacles with helpful people supporting you. All endings are positive! You must commit to overcome the issue with this star. When the Chinese talk about prosperity and good fortune, they are talking about the quality of life – happiness, contentment and satisfaction and not necessarily money. This is for limiting worries, good health and ability to self-cultivate. It improves the quality of life. Use for happy events and good tidings. Note: For 2014, this sector has problems. Use only with my help.

Best if you have a Pig, Goat, or Dog in your chart. DO NOT ACTIVATE IF YOU HAVE A ROOSTER IN YOUR CHART.

Click here to find your 4 animals in your BaZi chart. http://www.masteryacademy.com/baziv4/registerBaZi.asp

Direction is one aspect of solving the problem. We must also do the right thing at the right time. We use ZeRi or Date Selection for timing. The date and time selection aspect is utilized to maximize positive outcomes of the date. If during the year you need help, feel free to contact me for auspicious dates to trigger the Qi you need.

May all the dreams you have, the goals you set, the peace you seek, the happiness you desire all come to you in the Wood Horse Year!

May all the dreams you have, the goals you set, the peace you seek, the happiness you desire come to you in the Wood Horse Year!

The source of the information is this blog is from my teacher, Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia.

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