Qi Men Dun Jia Course Offering

Qi Men Dun Jia

Qi Men Dun Jia

Mystical Door Hiding Technique 

An ancient warcraft is modernized to apply to contemporary conditions. The beauty of Qi Men Dun Jia is it is a stand alone system that can be learned without know BaZi and Feng Shui. However, knowing the latter two always makes for a richer understanding.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Qi Men Techniques to help better meet your life goals
  • How to use the strengths in your Qi Men chart to overcome the challenges
  • How to improve your relationships
  • Instill passion in yourself and others and master your environment
  • Improve your business and investment decisions & outcomes
  • Anticipate the future so you can better seize the opportunities and maneuver the challenges that come your way
  • How to use Qi Men to level up your goals in today’s environment and modern demands



London – Nov 22-25, 2014

Qi Men – Forecasting Outcomes of Life Questions

Spiritual Qi Men & Qi Men Destiny Analysis

Time: 10-5pm daily

Venue: 20 Dawes Rd, Fulham, London SW6 7EN  @ Dawes Road Hub, Fulham London 

Host: Tram Nguyen from An Qi Feng Shui  @ www.anqifengshui.com

Instructors: Patricia Lee from White Lotus Feng Shui and Pamila Caparelli from Feng Shui Resolution 

See events calendar for details Qi Men Dun Jia Course Offering – Forecasting, Spiritual, Destiny Analysis


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Qi Men Dun Jia, The timeless knowledge of an ancient wartime Strategy, revamped to foster winning edge for modern times.
Qi Men Dun Jia, “The timeless knowledge of an ancient wartime Strategy, revamped to foster winning edge”….. for modern times. You may purchase Joey Yap’s Qi Men Dun Jia books from Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.



What is Qi Men DunJia? (Mystical Door Hiding the Jia)

How QMDJ applies to contemporary times
Why are we hiding the Jia?
Fundamentals & Foundation – Understanding Qi Men Dun Jia
The Spiritual Realm – Residing over Heaven Earth Man
The 5 Application Methods of QMDJ – Destiny Analysis, Forecasting, Time & Activity Selection, Feng Shui and Spiritual Qi Men. (We will focus on the 3)
Understanding the Structure of the Qi Men Dun Jia Chart: 10 Heaven & Earth Stems, The 9 Stars, The 8 Doors, The 10 Deities, Horse Star, Death & Emptiness, The Structures
The Grand Marshall, 3 Nobles and 6 Crescents
QMDJ Analysis Concepts – The Useful God, The Host vs Guest
The Center Piece of QMDJ – Palace Interactions

How to read a QM Destiny Chart
What is your Destiny & Luck Palace and how they affect you
How 2014 Wood Horse Year will influence you
The 10 Deities – How the Spiritual Realm influences you
The 8 Doors – Your actions, what you are driven to do
The 9 Stars – Your personality characteristics, how they play out in your life
The 10 Stems – Your virtues, perceptions and outcomes in major areas of your life
The interactions of the Deities, Doors, Stem & Stars and how to use it to your advantage.

The areas of Control, Ease, Struggle, Obstructions, Needs, Obsessions and Karmic issues in your life.

The Palaces and how they affect your life: Career & Opportunities, Family/Nobility & Status, Wealth/Business/Entrepreneurial tendencies, Adventures & Risks, Knowledge, Outlook & Branding, Property & Assets, Wellbeing, Health and Karmic.

Day 3 – Spiritual Qi Men Dun Jia
Usages of the Year, Month, Day and Hour Charts
San Yuan & 5 Charm Methods
Using the Asking Tool to help manifest goals
Using Month Deities & Doors for objectives 3 days to a month out – the easier method.
Using Day & Hour charts – Complex but quicker & faster results – for objectives within 2 hours or 1-3 days.
How to use dates to support the outcomes you want for your goals.

Forecasting Important Life Events
How to determine the potential outcome of events, challenges, obstacles. Will they be long term or short term outcomes?
Insight to questions about Family, Wealth, Investments & Assets, Career Decisions, Major Life Events, Marriage, Legal Matters, Academic Pursuits, Health, Traveling, Lost & Found items.
Format Analysis

Below is a Qi Men Dun Jia chart used as a good date to trigger Qi, March 17, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 8.30.51 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 8.31.00 AM

The 9 palaces of the QMDJ can be used to answer questions or, to do a Destiny Analysis of your life. Each item in each palace will affect how you function in that specific area of your life.

Qi Men Dun Jia charts are used for Destiny Analysis, Forecasting, Feng Shui Analysis, Event & Action Planning, Strategic Execution, Spiritual Healing and Prayers. This class will focus on destiny analysis and forecasting.


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Click here: Joey Yap describes the difference between QMDJ and Feng Shui

Joey Yap’s reaction to Patricia Lee and Pamila Caparelli teaching Qi Men Dun Jia in the States………“Thanks for sharing your progress with me and thanks for spreading the good of Qi Men Dun Jia to others and touching and transforming more lives…..”

For calendar details: Qi Men Dun Jia Course Offering in London


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