Qi Men Dun Jia – September 2 – 1-3pm Good Hour

Qi Men Dun Jia  – September 2, 2014 –  1-2:59pm Good Hour

Sept 2, 2014

Ratings: Stable, Excellent, Green Dragon

Stars Include: Prosperity Star,  3Harmony, Fortune Growth

Negative Big Consumer Star – Do no make big purchase on this day as you will over pay for the item.

September 2 is a Bing Zi or Fire Rat Day. Especially good for those with BaZi Pillars of Jia Zi or Wood Rat, Ding Chou or Fire Ox, and Xin Chou or Metal Ox. Those with Wu or have a Horse in the chart should pass on this day as it clashes you. The benefits are limited.

In regular Date Selection, the 9-11am brings wealth and nobleman help. Use this time to pull in help from people of high caliber to you. If the Snake is your personal Nobleman Star, you are doubly blessed. This is true for those who’s BaZi Day Master is Ren/Yang Water or Kui/Yin Water. You may use this hour if you are comfortable with Date Selection.

Click Here to Find your 4 BaZi Pillars and Nobleman Star

8 Immortals in Chinese Calligraphy.  The 8 Immortals is associated with the 8 Guardian Deities in QMDJ

Chinese Calligraphy imaging the 8 Immortals, a popular symbol of good luck in the Chinese culture. 8 Guardian Deities in QMDJ are sometimes compared to the 8 Immortals.

For those interested in using the Qi Men Dun Jia hours of 1-2:59pm, please read on.  This is the hour of the Wood Goat.  

Use West direction. This hour sees Harmony Guardian deity with the Open Door.  Harmony is helpful for matters relating to relationships, networking and connecting with people.  Open Door denotes opportunities, matters relating to one’s career, or a business place of operation.  This hour is especially good for those with West as their destiny palace or current luck palace.

West sees the Green Dragon Turns Bright formation. It denotes help from Noble people….”Your task or goal will become easier with the help of others…….Good for finding opportunities and seeking a promotion and prosperity.”

Put your back to any part of West.  I prefer West 2 direction, between 264°-275° as it taps into the annual Moon Star, bringing the help of female noble people.  It helps turn negative situations into positives.  You can use this hour to conduct a meeting, launch a campaign or initiate a plan that involves bringing opportunities related to connecting with people or involving your career.

You can also use this hour to tap into the spiritual realm or your subconscious mind by using the “Asking Tool.”


The Asking Tool

To use the Asking Tool, first get into Sage Mode, a meditative, calm state of mind. Focus on your objective.  Imagine your goal coming to life.  Who is with you and what you are achieving.  When you reach a calm state, ask for what you want to come to you.  Imagine how it will come, the steps you will take to make it happen and the end product.  When you ask, use ONLY positive words.  Leave out words like – no, don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, etc.  It is helpful to write out what you want ahead of time.  The length of time used is up to you.

Reminder: QMDJ works best when you have done all your basic Feng Shui around the home.  This is placing your bed and work desk in good directions that personally support you.  And, you have taken care of your annual treatments.  Even without this, you can get results.  But why not set it all up to amplify the outcomes?

September 2, 2014 4 Pillars

September 2, 2014 4 Pillars

September 2, 2014 Qi Men Chart, Goat hour 1-2:59pm

September 2, 2014 Qi Men Chart, Goat hour 1-2:59pm. Pg 838 in the QMDJ 540 Yin Structure book #4

You can also use Northeast if it better meets your needs.  NE is with the Chief guardian deity, the strongest of the 8 deities.

Northeast: Good for “hunting” for clients, customers or other related type matters. 

Put your back to Northeast 1, btw 23°-37°.  You can use any part of NE.  I prefer NE1 as it connects to the Annual Dragon Virtue Star, which helps resolves difficult situations and turns them into positives.

Get into Sage Mode and use the Asking Tool.  During these times, you can sit with your back to these directions and conduct important activity related to matters that require you to “hunt” or seek out what you want.

Learn to do this yourself – Qi Men Dun Jia class offerings link:

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An Alternative Hour for You if the above do not match your objectives

5-6:59pm is the hour of the Fire Rooster

Use North. This taps into the Chief Guardian with the Delusion Door and the Wood Fire Brilliance formation.  This direction is good to ask and work towards something as you prepare for taking action.

North is, “…..good for meeting Noble people and receiving support.  Excellent combination for career pursuit or pursing fame.  Also good for promotion and getting support from superiors.”

For business people this is the influence it brings —

Wood Fire Brilliance formation brings

Wood Fire Brilliance formation helps in negotiations. QMDJ Strategic Executions Book

What to do:

Put your back to North 1, btw 338°-353°, get into Sage Mode and Ask for what you want to happen.  Then take some action within 24 hours.  If you have a meeting, an important phone call or need to send out an email, put your back to this direction and conduct your work.

Pg 842, QMDJ 540 Yin Structures Book #4.

For the advanced students.  If none of these hours suits your need, look into the 540 Yin Structures book and review the available charts to find an hour appropriate to your needs.

Patricia & Pamila team up to bring to you Qi Men Dun Jia in November!

Patricia & Pamila team up to bring you Qi Men Dun Jia courses in November!

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Video @ Joey Yap Using Qi Men Dun Jia to Win at the Game of Life

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Information source: 540 Yin Structure Book #4. Link for books: Joey Yap’s QMDJ Books

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