Happy Chinese New Year 2015 | Year of the Wood Goat

Happy Chinese New Year 2015 | Year of the Wood Goat 

FEBRUARY 23 – Good Date to use after Chinese New Year

#AUSPICIOUS DATE – February 23, 2015 

Feb 23, 2015 Auspicious Date.  Good for using to work and for activating the home or office.










Chinese New Year ‪#AUSPICIOUSDATE TO USE- FEB 23, 2015

Geng Wu (Metal Horse Day). Not usable if you have rat in chart.

Click link to get your BaZi chart from Mastery Academy
This is using conventional Date Selection.

Monday, Feb 23 is a great date, one Joey Yap recommended in Singapore.
You can activate any or all of the 3 Annual Noble locations listed below based on your needs. This is using the annual nobleman and problem solving stars in their 2015 locations.

The locations in the home or office include: Sun Star in Southwest 3, Moon Star in Northwest 1, Dragon Virtue Star in Northeast 3, Fortune Virtue Star in Southeast 1

Day’s Ratings: Stable, Auspicious

Positive Stars: Monthly Wealth, 3 Harmony

TIME: 6:30am or between 7-9am.

LOOK AT YOUR BAZI (Chinese birth chart)

This day is especially good if your BaZi day pillar is Wu Wu (Earth Horse), Ren Wu (Water Horse), Yi Mao (Wood Rabbit). Or, if your day pillar contains these animals Yin, Wu or Wei or in English Tiger, Horse or Goat.

The day clashes the Rat, so do not use if you have a Rat in your chart.

Click link to get your BaZi chart from Mastery Academy

How to activate you home using the Annual Noble Stars. You measure from the center of the home. The best option is to have an accurate floorpan and overlay a 24 Mountain Loupan transparency onto it to find the locations outlined below.

You can enlarge this loupan, make a transparency and overlay it onto your floorplan. If your floorpan has cut outs or missing corners, square off the boundaries first.

You will need to know how to read the facing degrees of your home.

You need an accurate floorpan to scale, a transparency of the 24 Mountain Compass to over lay it onto your floorpan. And know how to take the compass degree at the facing of your home.


Below is an example how to overlay a transparency (this one in Chinese) onto a floor plan. This home’s entry door is at the bottom of the diagram and faces Southwest, Goat or Wei direction, 211°. The homeowner has marked the locations listed above to activate and use on Feb 23, 2015.

An example how to overlay the 24 Mountain Compass onto your floor plan.


Using Water & Fire:

A 3' x 10" container to use in SW3 and SE1 on Feb 23, 20151. Put a tall column of water in Sun Star location at SW3 sector of the home for 2 weeks.

2. Put a tall column of water in Fortune Virtue Star location at SE1 sector of the home for 2 weeks.

3. Put a candle in the Dragon Virtue Star location at NE3 for one day or two. Be VERY safe. Do not do if you will not be home, have small children or pets. You can use a lava lamp instead.

You can use these locations to work for the day, hold meetings in these locations. Or sit in them while in a meeting. You can also send emails or have meeting during the times listed.

DESCRIPTIONS OF 3 of the ANNUAL NOBLE ACTIVATION SECTORS. Sectors are demarcated from the center of the home.

SW3 Monkey (232-247°) The SUN STAR helps dissolve negative issues that occur. Helps with execution of plans and ideas. A yang star, especially helpful for men. Helpful males come support you. Opportunity to travel abroad and make profits from it. You stand on the path to righteousness. Use when a negative sector is accidentally activated (i.e. renovations or by neighbor). Great if you have a Snake, Rat or Dragon in your chart. Not for people with a TIGER in the BZ chart.

NE3 Tiger (52-67°) The DRAGON VIRTUE star helps rectify wrongs, legal problems, dissolve negatives into positives. Use to secure bank loans, for happy events, career boost, wealth luck or celebrations. Good for new contracts, friends, promotions. Those in high status benefit more. Use for insurmountable obstacles & when you can’t reap monetary benefits. Best if you have a Pig, Horse or Dog in your chart. Not for people with a MONKEY in the BZ chart.

SE1 Dragon (112-127°) The FORTUNE VIRTUE STAR brings happy events, good relationships/health, ability to self-cultivate and remove obstacles with helpful people. Improves quality of life. Use for happy events and good tidings. All endings are positive! Best if you have a Rooster, Monkey or Rat in your chart. Not for people with a DOG in the BZ Chart.

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