QiMenDunJia Class| New York City

#QiMenDunJia New York City  | JUNE 19-22, 2015


QiMenDunJia Class  |  New York City

QiMenDunJia translates to Mysterious Door Hiding the Jia. #QMDJ lets you maneuver through life, knowing and making the best use of the opportunities that will present themselves.  It will give an edge to your goals for better outcomes. It is the foundation of Sun Tzu’s classic, The Art of War.

“Sun Tzu said one would need to take advantage of prevailing circumstances and golden moments to drive one’s plans forward so they cannot fail.”  Qi Men Dun Jia works when you can shift the pattern of you mind’s thinking.  QMDJ, also known as the “Art of War” sets the stage for the Magic of Miracles.

Unlocking Unlimited Potential  | Instructors Patricia Lee & Pamila Caparelli  | Host: Beth Grace

Date |  June 19-22, 2015

Time |  9:30-4:40pm daily

Venue |  Ripley-Grier Studios  |  520 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Agenda | 4 Days 4 Subjects

  • Qi Men Dun Jia Fundamentals
  • Destiny & Qi Men Dun Jia
  • Spirituality & Qi Men Dun Jia
  • Forecasting Life Questions

QiMenDunJia Course Fee |  $1200

Super Early Bird Special through May 8th | $1050

Early Bird Special through May 26th |  $1100

After May 26 |  $1200

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NOTE:  10% Rebate for each friend you bring to the class.

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#QMDJ uses 6 methods.  Three will be taught in New York

You will learn:

QiMenDunJia | Fundamentals

  • How to analyze a #QiMenDunJia chart and use it to your advantage

QiMenDunJia | Forecasting Life Questions            

Get answers to Questions like:

  • How to forecast answers to questions & outcomes of your actions
  • Is this a good financial investment for my future?
  • Is starting this business going to be lucrative & when?
  • Is taking this job a good career move for me professionally & financially?
  • What will be the outcome of this surgery?
  • Is this a good relationship or partnership to pursue?
  • Where is my lost jewelry?
  • What is the value of attending this important meeting?
  • Will I pass this exam with high marks?
  • How to find solutions to forecast outcomes you do not like

QiMenDunJia | Destiny Analysis 

  • Different from BaZi, QM is easier to learn & tends toward practical information.
  • Learn about advantages & challenges in major areas of your life & how to use them.
  • How to take advantage of what each year & month brings to you.
  • Learn about your: Opportunities & Career, Wealth Generation, Overall Well Being, Wisdom & Knowledge, Capacity for Risk Taking, General Outlook & Perspective on Life, Property & Asset Accumulation, Family Matters/Retirement/Health Recovery, Karmic “Debt,” Academic Capabilities, Propensities to Health Issues
  • How your QM chart reveals the dominate spiritual influences in your life

QiMenDunJia |  Spiritual Dimension 

There are 8 spiritual influences reflecting different qualities that play in one’s life.  They include: Chief, 9Heavens, 6Harmony, 9 Earth, Moon, Tortoise/Red Phonix, Tiger/Hook, Snake.  Chief governs the 8.

You will learn:

  • How to use each spiritual influence in your life
  • How to access the power of the subconscious mind
  • How to tap into universal spiritual forces that play heavily in your life
  • How to use the spiritual realm on demand and to your advantage


What is QiMenDunJia?


Student Reviews 


25 Students joined us in London in Nov 2014

25 Students joined us in #QiMenDunJia London class |   Nov 2014


Learning QMDJ with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia | Nov 2013, March/June 2014 & April 2015

Learning #QMDJ with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia | Nov 2013, March/June 2014 & April 2015


The “Art of War” in the Modern World

QiMenDunJia’s advantage is it understands life at times when it feels like a “battleground.”  No matter how it slices, our modern world will at one time or other, play like a “battlefield.”  It requires a mind shift and skills to navigate choppy waters and sail to calmer seas when we find ourselves in stormy waters.

The pace and pressures of our contemporary world can pile on stress and we find ourselves feeling lost and confused.  From the seemingly infinite choices and decisions with periodic eruptions of chaos, daily life can feel like an uphill struggle.  When you are left feeling lost or alone, the search for answers and options can be a grueling one.  We have all been there.

QiMenDunJia addresses this energetic grid to help balance the scales.  When we are caught up in life’s struggle, we can forget there are always options.  A Qi Men chart offers 8 options to redirect your focus.  Using alpha state, you can develop an objective view of what is happening so you can re-group.  Stepping back, you can make better informed decisions to turn things around to your advantage and benefit.

#QMDJ is a problem solving tool that uses strategy and tactics to push you through the top of your game.   It illuminates paths that are clear, ones you may not have seen or considered but make complete sense.  #QMDJ is a strategically based method using the exact timing of Qi to assist in solving life challenges.  And from this point, it is possible to experience miraculous shifts.

20 students joined our San Francisco #QiMenDunJia Class Nov 2015

20 students joined our San Francisco #QiMenDunJia Class |  Nov 2014

The Magic of Miracles

When do you know you have experienced a miracle?  A miracle is not necessarily a dream come true, but it can be.  And many have experienced those realities.  A miracle can be when outcomes are unexpected and surprise you or, as it is a simple coincidence that is too uncanny and unbelievable, but is the exact illumination that you needed to guide you forward.  And…..you know it.

A miracle can be you asked for an unambiguous sign to a difficult question and the answer comes to you, clear as the ring of a bell.  In Mastery Academy’s #QMDJ, this is something called evidential occurrences.  This is when you get evidence that what you are pursuing or doing is right on the mark.  This is the moment when you have tapped into the spiritual realm of Qi Men.  And you know, from somewhere, the universe is guiding you or speaking to you.

Spiritual aspects of Qi Men teaches you how to tap into the unconscious mind and the spiritual influences that exist around us universally and always.  Some know it as God, Angels, Buddha, or Allah…..whatever their faith.  Some experience it as Ancestors who have passed on but seem to be there to help.  In the western world, some compare this to the Law of Attraction.

This realm of QiMenDunJia allows you to find the answers, the options, the resources to move forward to seek and obtain the objective you have in mind.  Whatever it is to you, QMDJ has this aspect in it’s teaching.

Pamila and I teaching in London 2014

Pamila and Patricia teaching #QiMenDunJia in London 2014


This program is the product of Patricia Lee and Pamila Caparelli.  It is not the same and does not represent the contents nor syllabus of Joey Yap’s propriety trademarked and copyrighted program – Qi Men Destiny Analysis™ Qi Men Forecasting™ Spiritual Qi Men™Qi Men Feng Shui™ & Qi Men Strategic Execution™


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