Two Qi Men Dun Jia Classes| The 6 Methods

TWO QI MEN DUN JIA CLASSES  | The 6 Methods of Application

#QiMenDunJia  |  New York City |  Jun 19-22, 2015  &  London  | September 3-7, 2015


QiMenDunJia New York City | June 19-22, 2015

#QiMenDunJia | NEW YORK CITY |  Forecasting Destiny Spiritual | June 19-22, 2015

Qi Men Dun Jia Strategic Solutions to Life Issues & Feng Shui Forecasting

#QiMenDunJia | LONDON | Strategic Solutions to Life Issues & Feng Shui Forecasting | Sep 3-7, 2015

Qi Men Dun Jia Class | NEW YORK CITY | Jun 19-22, 2015

Unlocking Unlimited Potential | Forecasting Life Questions, Destiny Analysis, Spiritual

Qi Men Dun Jia Class | LONDON | Sept 3-7, 2015

Strategic Solutions & Feng Shui



The use of Qi Men Dun Jia is to put yourself in the right place, at the right moment to absorb beneficial Qi.  #QMDJ helps you capture the opportunities that introduce themselves and place you in a commanding position over the events that unfold in your life.  Qi Men Dun Jia taps into the frequency of unseen universal energy on a spirit level.

It is becoming aware of and using all the tools available operate from a zone of peak performance and increase your ability to succeed at your objectives.  #QMDJ levels up one’s position on a playing field to enhance the potential for success to achieve happiness and well-being.

It is not totally random as it includes the ability to identify and capture opportune moments in time.  It is knowing when to take what action at a precise moment, in the right place so we may reap the rewards.  There may be things that we wish for and might not expect.  We can see them, but they are not quite within reach.

We may call these miracles as we can’t understand how circumstances could have happened in this way.  Many of us have experienced these “miracles”.  Qi Men Dun Jia helps you design the situations you want to bring you in reach of your dreams.


Learning Qi Men Dun Jia Mastery with Colleagues | Kuala Lumpur

Learning Qi Men Dun Jia Mastery with Colleagues | Kuala Lumpur

What are the 6 Methods Qi Men Dun Jia?

1. #QiMenDunJia | Forcasting use of the Qi Men chart is meant to reveal information about the potential outcome of events.  This lets you be tactical and strategic when making and planning decisions.  Good for business deals and financial investments, career moves and job interviews, marriage and partnership decisions, when and what medical help to pursue.  Can also use to find lost people or items.

2. #QiMenDunJia | Strategic Solutions is date, time and activity selection to conduct important activity.  It uses precise calculations to find hours connected to specific directions that match your objectives.  This information gives the ability to seize the ideal golden moment to take action for a better outcome of any important endeavor.  Good for initiating strategic & tactical plans, launching successful ventures or important events, solving complicated and difficult problems, dominating negotiations, navigating complex situations, defeating competitors, winning sports competitions.

3. #QiMenDunJia | Destiny & Annual Analysis is for understanding 8 major areas of one’s practical life, one’s  “soul” destiny and the spiritual influences that plays into life.  Understand what the universe gives you in terms of potential and what you have to learn to manage.  In includes inherent spiritual gifts, presence of guardian angels or spiritual guides.  Good for learning to blend the conscious and the power of the subconscious mind.  It enables one to make life decisions that integrate the intelligence of spiritual influences.  Used to understand the practical aspects of life regarding wealth, health, relationships, retirement, risk tolerance, wisdom/knowledge, asset capacity, outlook and karmic issues.  Can be used to see what is happening around you in all span of time, year, month, days and hours.

4. #QiMenDunJia | Feng Shui Forecasting can be used remotely to assess property.  It’s used to align property to receive positive Qi to enhance outcomes of actions and endeavors.  Good for helping identify the source of incoming Qi, to determine the value of property investments and fixing Feng Shui problems.

5.  #QiMenDunJia | Spiritual Dimension is the analysis of mind, body soul.  It lets you understand the influence of the mind on thoughts, that lead to action, and ultimately enables you to create the reality you want.  In #QMDJ the mind, body and spirit are forms of energy or Qi.  Decoding a QM chart helps plan desired changes in life.  This application is a guide to master one’s mind and unleash its full potential with the purpose of manifesting objectives.  It gives the ability to master the subconscious mind and the powers of universal forces.

6. #QiMenDunJia | War Craft merges the “Art of War” tactics & strategies of the past to modern “battlefields.”  Using precise calculations, it enables major players to become masters at their game and at the top of their field.  War Craft is specific method devised by Joey Yap, including the term.  This class will be taught in Malaysia this Nov.


The pathway toward any property determines the quality of Qi entering the property.  How a door is set up greatly impacts how the occupants can fare while living or working there.

A Qi Men Dun Jia chart allows remote viewing of a property ahead of time to forecast the positive & negative aspects of land or property. It also tells you whether your investment will be a profitable one.

How Does Qi Men Dun Jia Work?

Qi Men Dun Jia uses complex calculations to know where the best Qi (chi) is in any given year, month, day and hour.  The 64 Hexagrams of the Yi Qing (IChing) is the foundation of #QMDJ & XKDG.  The 64 hexagrams, Yin/Yang, Heaven Earth Man concepts are the basis of #ChineseTraditional Medicine, #Qi Gong, #Tai Chi and Martial Arts.  There are meridian lines formed within specific groups of hexagrams that connect to one another.  Each group affects different areas of your life.  When they are in sync, you feel better, you succeed, you win.

In acupuncture, the practitioner identifies the trigger point that is out of sync & stimulates it with a needle to realign the energies.  When meridian lines are vibrating within their own harmonic frequency, you have a healthy body & organs.  In martial arts, using a sequence of movements that follow the meridian lines, you can overpower your opponent and with minimum effort.  In #QiGong, the movements alter the frequencies in the human body for good health.

Some compare Qi Men Dun Jia to the western view of the Secret, or Law of Attraction.  I use these terms, because they are familiar concepts to westerners.  But actually, Qi Men Dun Jia is a highly precise method of an ancient art that focuses on tapping on environmental energies that connect to the movement of the 9 Stars of the Big Dipper.  This interaction between Heaven and Earth is used to help the user achieve ideal results in every area of life.



Qi Men Dun Jia courses by Patricia Lee and Pamila Caparelli  |  While our material is derived from our learning from Mastery Academy courses and students do purchase books from Joey Yap, this program is not the same and does not represent the contents nor syllabus of Joey Yap’s propriety trademarked and copyrighted program – Qi Men Destiny Analysis™ Qi Men Forecasting™ Spiritual Qi Men™Qi Men Feng Shui™ and Qi Men Strategic Execution™

We recommend students purchase Joey Yap’s QMDJ books as a part of the course.

Get your copy of Joey Yap’s Warcraft – Sun Tzu’s Art of War

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Qi Men Dun Jia - the Art of War offers numerous solutions to competitive situations. QMDJ class in Malaysia, March 2105

Qi Men Dun Jia – the Art of War offers numerous solutions to competitive situations.  QMDJ class in Malaysia, March 2103

Learning QMDJ with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia | 2013 - 2015

Learning #QMDJ with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia | 2013 – 2015


This program is the product of Patricia Lee and Pamila Caparelli.  It is not the same and does not represent the contents nor syllabus of Joey Yap’s propriety trademarked and copyrighted program – Qi Men Forecasting™ Qi Men Destiny™ Spiritual Qi Men™ Qi Men Strategic Execution & Qi Men Feng Shui™ 


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Duchess of Cambridge | #QiMenDunJia Destiny

#DuchessOfCambridge | Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Analysis

Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
DOB May 2, 2015 @ 8:34am

I guess its easy to sit back and give your opinion of a life not yet lived.  Hope I do justice to the Duchess.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, was born on May 2, 2015, an especially auspicious day in the Chinese Almanac with Pure Gua Hexagrams, indicating a good life.

Duchess of Cambridge

Her Royal Highness, Duchess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge










My Observations

#FanYin Chart (All Stars and Doors are in a reversed pattern) |  Shows life’s events that unfold with lots of ups and downs and the flipping of one thing to another with unexpected outcomes and controversy.  Every aspect of her life will live though this screen.  Princess Charlotte will have to pass through hurdles and turmoil to reach the finish line.  However, everything in the end falls into place with positive outcomes.  Success will prevail but not without undo stress.

Regardless of chart, we know royalty benefits from position in society with lots of nobleman help.  At the same time, living in a fishbowl within the constriction of royal rules where all of life’s “mistakes” are publicly judged, makes life complex and painful at moments when one is learning to fly with wings.  This too she shall inherit.  With Yin Earth and Yang Metal, which are inauspicious stems in the South palace, any harsh judgements or besmirching of her reputation, will be magnified in her mind and therefore overly devastating to her as shown by Death/Emptiness in the South.

Princess Charlotte’s reputation will be expanded beyond reality.   Imagine trying to live up to a reputation partially constructed by media and public eye.  When she is unable to live up to the inflated persona and then critiqued based on public expectations, he reaction can be equally magnified and deal her a “crushing” blow, if you will.  This we saw from her grandmother, Princess Diana.  It will drive her to over compensate in achieving success, working harder than the average person.

Duchess of Cambridge welcomed by Prince Williams & Prince George

Duchess of Cambridge born May 2, 2015 @ 8:34am

Duchess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge introduced to the world

DESTINY #QMDJ |  She will be a person following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Princess Diana, establishing her reputation in charitable work and the caring of others as seen with Earth deity.  Princess Charlotte will exhibit great compassion toward others as seen in the SW palace.  As her chart is in a reversed pattern and Earth deity is at Level 0 ranking; her accomplishments may not shine in the way they did for Princess Diana, a very hard act to follow.  While she will travel a circuitous route, she will arrive at her destination.  It is this aspect of her personality that will generate her own “wealth.”

Her parents will be of a great resource to her as they reside in the fire South palace, which produces her earth SW destiny palace.  She will be a person of honor, leadership by following conventional wisdom with the Ambassador Star in her SW #DestinyPalace.  As the star is in fan yin, it will come after the falls.

Duchess of Cambridge introduced to the world

GREEN DRAGON RETURNING  formation in her Knowledge Palace with Chief & Assistant Star, is an unusually high commanding caliber of intelligence as seen in the NW palace w/ Chief and the Assistant Star, a sign of victory. It will be one she will earn in addition to being born with advantage.

However, accompanied by the MOON, God of Wisdom at the highest, Level 7 ranking in her NE palace, she will possess wisdom, the ability to discern and draw valuable lessons from life that will serve her well.  Moon in the NE palace, which is the same element of earth as her #DestinyPalace, is one with her. #QMDJ

FLYING BIRD FALL INTO THE CAVE  formation is one of the best in QMDJ. It brings an never ending flow of wealth, opportunities and doors opening throughout life, easily falling into her lap in her (SE Career & Opportunities palace) like a bird flying home to his mother’s nest…..many rooted in the history of her ancestry (Hook Deity).  However, this very positive aspect will bring her great stress.  The SE palace displays the ability for self inflicted wounds, but recoverable without much damage.  Being the Duchess, we can be assured she will have access to royal training and assistance that will prepare her well.  #QMDJ

Duchess of Cambridge1

Duchess of Cambridge QiMenDunJia Destiny Chart

Duchess Charlotte of Cambridge #QiMenDunJia Destiny Chart

OBSTACLES in the area of Reputation and Family will be her challenge.  Taking risks will not be her strong suit with Destructor star and Harm Door in Fan Yin.  Destructor is the bold, daring risk taker.  The Risk Palace is one that gauges how bold and far one can depart from the conventional or safe path and succeed at an alternative route.

Risk taking will not be her strong suit.  She will do better to follow the safer route.  However, with star and door in fan yin, she may divert from this path, and take the risks at a sacrifice.  As her parents play a large role in her life, it would be prudent to provide her the means to build a foundation for taking calculated risk early on.

HEALTH  She will have health issues that are hidden from the obvious with Moon and Grain Star (Health Palace) in the NE which will surface at 60-75.  Likely, stomach, heart, blood and bone related.  These will be internal and not visible to the eye as the NE is in the internal plate shielded by darkness of the Moon.  However, health issues will be surmountable with positive stems (Yin Fire and Yang Earth).

Princess Charlotte  is one who will use and benefit from both conventional medicine (Heart in the SE) and non-conventional medicine (Yi in the East) of the highest caliber…….but of course!   Both are positioned strongly in her chart, in countering palaces to her health palace (East Wood conquers NE Earth).  Countering is interpreted as the ability to conquer and cure whatever ails her.  Both Heart and Yi have positive structures in the palaces (red notations in the center) indicating highly skilled and educated medical personnel.  Not surprise the chart confirms her position in society.

LOVE  Princess Charlotte will enjoy the institution of marriage (Yi with Harmony in E) and be a good resource and supportive of her husband who is in the South palace (wood in the E palace producing the fire in S palace).  She will be drawn to independent, strong men who are leaders in a nonconventional sense, men who chart their own path.  In the vein of the Steve Jobs vs the Warren Buffets of the world.

By the same virtue, this area of life will carry anxiety as shown by the fear door.  Family life will not be smooth with plenty arguing (Phoenix) and pitfalls as seen in the family palace of South.  Water Hexagram here indicates hidden danger.

PURE HEXAGRAMS   All in all, Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Cambridge will fare well, protected by the Flying Bird and the Green Dragon Returns and the numerous positive formations in this chart.  These 2 formations are the most coveted of the 100 possible.  Princess Diana also had these two formations, which served as a guide to.   Both charts benefit from numerous positive structures in the chart, not always so readily available.  The Duchess derives value from the pure hexagrams in the chart, bringing an overall good life.  Lots of advantages from the chart to add to her built in benefits as a member of the Royal Family.  However, she will establish her own force in society.


To learn #QiMenDunJia destiny analysis, join our New York City class, June 19-22.  Or London Sep 3-7 2015

Click the links for details

#QiMenDunJia Class | June 19-22, 2015 | New York City

#QiMenDunJia Class | Sep 3-7, 2015 | LONDON

New York Agenda | You will learn 4 subjects which include:

#QiMenDunJia | Destiny Analysis 

  • Different from BaZi, QM is easier to learn & tends toward practical information.
  • Learn about advantages & challenges in major areas of your life & how to use them.
  • How to take advantage of what each year & month brings to you.
  • Learn about your: Opportunities & Career, Wealth Generation, Overall Well Being, Wisdom & Knowledge, Capacity for Risk Taking, General Outlook & Perspective on Life, Property & Asset Accumulation, Family Matters/Retirement/Health Recovery, Karmic “Debt,” Academic Capabilities, Propensities to Health Issues
  • How your QM chart reveals the dominate spiritual influences in your life

#QiMenDunJia | Forecasting Life Questions            

Get answers to Questions like:

  • How to forecast answers to questions & outcomes of your actions
  • Is this a good financial investment for my future?
  • Is starting this business going to be lucrative & when?
  • Is taking this job a good career move for me professionally & financially?
  • What will be the outcome of this surgery?
  • Is this a good relationship or partnership to pursue?
  • Where is my lost jewelry?
  • What is the value of attending this important meeting?
  • Will I pass this exam with high marks?
  • How to find solutions to forecast outcomes you do not like

#QiMenDunJia |  Spiritual Dimension 

There are 8 spiritual influences reflecting different qualities that play in one’s life.  They include: Chief, 9Heavens, 6Harmony, 9 Earth, Moon, Tortoise/Red Phonix, Tiger/Hook, Snake.  Chief governs the 8.

You will learn:

  • How to use each spiritual influence in your life
  • How to access the power of the subconscious mind
  • How to tap into universal spiritual forces that play heavily in your life
  • How to use the spiritual realm on demand and to your advantage

#QiMenDunJia | Fundamentals

  • How to analyze a #QiMenDunJia chart and use it to your advantage



This program is the product of Patricia Lee and Pamila Caparelli.  It is not the same and does not represent the contents nor syllabus of Joey Yap’s propriety trademarked and copyrighted program – Qi Men Strategic Execution and Qi Men Feng Shui™ 


What is #QiMenDunJia?

Student Reviews on #QMDJ class


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