Celebrity Birth Charts

Celebrity Birth Charts

BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) DESTINY Analysis on Steve Jobs’ AND WHITNEY HOUSTON’S Birth ChartS


STEVE JOBS – Date of Birth – 24 of February, 1955 at 19:15

Steve Job’s Four Pillars: Wu Earth Dog Hour, Bing Fire Dragon Day, Wu Earth Tiger Month, Yin Wood Sheep Year

Passed away 10/5/11

Taking a pictorial method of reading Steve Jobs’ birth chart.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I see Steve Jobs’ Day Master of the Yang Fire Dragon as a picture of the Sun setting in early spring, in a lush green valley. It is a scene of vibrant trees, plants and flowers coming to life after winter has passed. As spring begins to emerge, the earth is bursting with new growth, only to meet the coming of autumn when life begins winds down for winter. This is the Earth Tiger Month Pillar moving into Fire Dragon Day.

There are rocky mountain ranges on either side of this valley (two Wus/Yang Earths on either side of the Day Master). There is hidden water which cannot be seen (Chen pulls in Shen of the water frame). The earth is rich with vegetation, minerals and gems, buried in the mountain (two Wus) and created from the Dragon in his day, pulling in Rooster to make gems or wealth into this chart. The combination equals gems buried beneath the rich soil. Buried in the graveyard of the Dog is hidden illness which is a potential cancer aspect of a Dog/Xu branch.

A big question is why Jobs made so much money and was a CEO when his chart does not have the wealth gods showing strong in the chart. Description of Bing Chen is – “Makes money through the Dragon attracting the Rooster. When it attracts the Rooster, it becomes wealthy.” It pulls in Shen (Monkey) – forming Shen Zi Chen and makes the water frame which is the power or influence element. Influence or Power element is one of the key factors that enables wealth generation. Bing Chen pulls wealth in through children. In Job’s case, his wealth attraction was from the younger generation to Apple products. This chart does not make money through direct contracts. It makes money through subcontracting.

This told me the hidden metal in the chart is from pulling in the Rooster/You and the Monkey/Rat, forming a hidden water frame.  A water frame makes the same polarity as the Day Master.  Ren to Bing is the 7Killings star. This gave him the officer element needed to become a big CEO. Jobs definitely exhibited the qualities of 7Killings Star. The 7 Killings Star was of good quality due to the Eating God (EG) in the chart as it modulated the negatives of 7K star and brought out the positives. The pulling in of elements that are not obviously there, has to be considered. The metal and water is then activated in the luck cycles and years. As stated, his wealth came from his big following of young people. As the Tiger/Yin in the month represents the oldest son and is a growth star, this indicates the attraction of young people to him.

Job’s was Executive Producer for the 3 Toy Story movies which one received the Best Animated Oscar. It is was because of Toy Story, this award was created. This was when Dog/Xy showed up in 1995. He was Executive Producer for 15 years, producing: A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Incredibles, Ratatouile, Cars, etc. These are all creative endeavors targeted at children.

The Dog/Dragon (Xu/Chen) Clash brought him money and power also because when there is a clash, if the clash kicks out a favorable or element that helps out the chart, you will see the positives of it and vice versa if the element is a negative god. In the Dog/Dragon clash, Xin/Yin Metal and Kui/Yin water get kicked out because Ding/Yin Fire and Yi/ Yin Wood are stronger in the chart so they kick out water and metal. Clashes are only bad if they clash out a negative God. Still, there would have been side effects from the clash. This is one chart that benefits from clashes along with side effects. When wealth is hidden in a graveyard branch, it is commonly called a “wealth pot.” See below about clashes and years big things came to Jobs.

The Dog/Xu is the spear and a fighting spirit. They fight to get what they want. They love challenges, like to climb mountains. Life to them is about conquering obstacles/challenges. they love it. As Xu is in hour, it is reflected in what he creates, his thoughts and ideas. Lots of bloodshed, bc they have illness inside, have uranium inside, illness. Relationships are not so good because they tend to be lonelier (as the Dog/Xu is a graveyard branch). As this is a mineral mountain, people come to the mountain to get the minerals.

The Earth Tiger (Wu Yin) month pillar is described as huge tall mountains that gathers and grows without limit. Trees and vegetation are abundant.  Tiger is the growth of earth. Wu Yin is the tallest mountain and to mountain, is number one.  The will retire at the top. Then they are always number one.

The Tiger/Yin finds younger people more attractive because Yin is youth, the Gen Gua. Rob Wealth, the competing star is in a graveyard of the Dog. It can’t hurt a person because it is buried and can’t come out. It is only possible when the branch is clashed on by a year. Then Rob Wealth star can take from the person. It is easy to lose wealth at that time. In any case, Jobs figured out how to make fans out of his Rob Wealth, so instead, he gained from his slew of fans.

BING WITH REN BECOME MILLIONAIRES. This is the image of the Sun shining brilliantly over the ocean. The Ocean/Ren came from pulling in Shen Zi Chen water frame. This would mean, he or his estate can become richer now that he is in Ren Luck Cycle.  This is a result of the young people, his “fans” – the REN in the water frame turns him into an iconic legacy.

For Sun/Bing to be born in the Tiger/Yin month – where Earth is in abundance, this Day Master shall belong to an intelligent and wealthy person, one who is exceptionally talented. Earth is the output and Eating God is talent and the Tiger/Yin makes things grow. Eating God is the strategist, the long-term thinker/creator, the one who can also implement plans. Gods inside Growth stars (Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig) are critical. It means the gods inside the will grow as a person ages. And, Tiger/Yin is in the career palace! The same gods in graveyards will act entirely different.

Fire is not very strong in Tiger/Yin because it is transition between winter and spring. Sun is beginning to exert strength. Ocean/Ren does not control the Sun/Bing. The ocean allows Sun to shine and simmer on the surface of Water. Here is an example where the Day Master is not afraid of the 7Killings star. 7Killings can be dangerous for a Day master – (i.e. Whitney Houston) especially if it is too strong and of bad quality.  When it is too strong and no there is no Eating God to modulate and calm it down, it can become dangerous and very negative. If there is no Eating God, you want Hurting Officer (although not optimum as they are same polarity) or Direct Resource. Yin wood (in the year stem) makes this Day Master a learned and knowledgable person. Earth lets wood grow. There is a aspect in BaZi called Direct Officer and 7Killings in confusion. This is when 7Killings and Direct Officer are mixed into the same pillar or are next to each other in the branches and stems. This is a situation you do not want to see, EXCEPT when it is a Geng DM born in the Rooster/You. Then you want to see both Bing/Yang and Ding/Yin fire.  It’s worse if the branches show harms or destructions, punishments.

The thing about Yin (Jia), this is Steve Job’s Indirect Resource.  Indirect Resource are unconventional thinkers. They can solve problems when others give up. No wonder Apple’s products were of a different quality, a level way beyond the average, a Blue Ocean if you will.

Jia/Yang Wood is also intelligence, artistic and wisdom. And as a growth star, the quality of it grows, unlike if Indirect Resource was Metal – Indirect Resource in metal would make it a thinker who is different – in organization, rules oriented, very structured, more linear in thought, but still non conventional. You have to interpret the god against the element.  i.e a Yi/Yin Wood Hurting Officer is different that Geng/Yang Metal Hurting Officer. Yi Hurting Officer is not harsh, with a much kinder approach. It will still go around the problem like a plant and will avoid confrontation. A Hurting Offier which is Geng – will come off like an axe – harsh and chopping, not merciful, like a policeman or military person which metal represents.

Additionally Yin Earth/Ji inside branch of the Sheep/Wei makes this DM belong to a skillful, knowledgeable person. Yin Earth enables him to achieve a high level of success, authority and status in life. This is because Yin Earth harbors 10 talents. Bing (Sun) make plants grow because earth needs heat to warm the earth to make things grow. Jobs had Yin Wood/Yi on top of this Sheep/Wei. While dry, it works when kui shows (in Dragon/Chen) and the Dragon/Chen and Tiger/Yin spring seasonal frame. Imagine the Sun who has 10K talents – how omnipotent will they believe themselves to be?

The reason for Yang Water/Ren and Yang Metal/Geng to be Useful Gods is, “Ren can never be separated from Bing and Geng can never be separated from Ren.” This is because the Sun/Bing is happiest when shining over the Ocean/Ren.  Yang Metal/Geng makes more water.

As Fire’s strength is determined by the hour and not the season (it’s the only Day Master this is true), the Sun/Bing wants to see the Ocean/Ren in any season. With Bing, its strength depends on the day time hours as that is only when it can show itself. Yin Fire/Ding wants to be born in night hours as that is only when it can give light. The Sun/Bing is afraid of no one except the Rooster/You. Bing and Xin combines Bing away to make water. The Bing person is lost.

Bing is not afraid of autumn or winter. It can survive both. The Sun/Bing is afraid of no one except the sunset (rooster hour, Xin is the sunset). When you see the sunset, the sun is gone. Once Bing sees Xin, it is destroyed. It is equal to Bing seeing the beautiful girl (Dui/Xin). When Bing sees Xin, it merges to water. This is especially true of men. They can lose everything because of scandals. Bing has to be careful about being too greedy for money as the whole career can collapse overnight because of scandals and dark secrets can destroy them. They have to watch their back.

The Sun is omnipotent and rules the universe. This influence with 5 Eating Gods and one Hurting Officer in the year pillar, made Jobs very strong in self belief. He was described as a demanding perfectionist (Eating God characteristic), aggressive, demanding personality and leading egomaniac. He was listed by Fortune 500 as one of America’s toughest bosses. These attributes could easily be understood when you see the combination of Sun, Hurting Officer and hidden 7Killings and the fighting spear of the Dog/Xu. A combination of these qualities are characteristics of strong leaders of this stature.

Jobs was in Rooster/You year when he died and in Yang Water Monkey or Ren Shen Luck Cycle. You might ask, why did he die when he hit the Luck Cycle where he gets a full complement of his Useful Gods? It can be compared to Michael Jackson, John Lennon and Bruce Lee, who became more famous and wealthy in death. Death is not necessarily bad luck when viewed from this perspective. It is like Jobs becoming more famous in death and his estate was quite wealthy at the time of death.

Here are some years with important events in Jobs’ life. You draw the conclusions:

1971 – Jobs meets his partner Wozniak – Rat/Zi year.

1/24/84 – Apple is launched. Steve Jobs is Chairman of Board at 20 – Ox/Chou month, Dog/Xu Year.

4/24/84 Apple IIC is launched but doesn’t make it big. Dragon/Chen month, Dog/Xu year.10/2003. Jobs got cancer in Oct. Sheep/Wei year, Dog/Xu month.

1985 – Pig/Hai year. He loses battle with his board. He is removed and quits Apple in Oct (Dog/Xu). You would have thought though Hai would be good year because of Yang Water/Ren.

3/18/1991 – Jobs marries Laurene Powell

1997 Rat/Zi year, he became interim CEO of Apple when it was facing bankruptcy (Monkey/Rat/Dragon or Shen/Zi/Chen frame). It returned to profitability in 1998.

1998 Ox/Chou clashes Sheep/Wei and water and metal are kicked out again. Ox/Dog/Sheep form bullying punishment. The lash works for him in both cases. Just not for his health. Interesting, he gets all three. Money, power and bad health.

1/24/06 – Dog/Xu year, Ox/Chou month – Disney buys Pixar (Jobs’ Company) for 7.4 Billion.  Jobs becomes biggest share hold in Disney. Again we see the Ox/Sheep or chou/wei and the Dragon/Dog or chen/xu clash – both kicking out metal and water.

2001 he had legal problems with his stocks. Sheep/Wei year.

2005 – RoKR 81released – Rooster/You year

1/9/09 – Ox/Chou mo. Pig/Hai year  – new IPhone comes out

6/29/07 – version 7.3 Itunes released

1/15/08 – Ox/Chou month, into a Rat/ Zi Year (metal money again). Mac Book Air is launched. Also class action suit for securities fraud against the Board Of Directors.

2008 – IPhone 3G released.

6/7/2010 Tiger/Yin year brings in young people – new Iphone is launched

2012 – Jobs is worth 8.3 Bill, 42nd wealthiest American


Are clashes good or bad? When a clash kicks out a Use or Favorable God for a person, it is a good thing and bad if it kicks out a negative god. Every god we evaluate has to analyzed in relationship to the Useful God. We have to look at season of birth as it is the strongest element and that inform us what the Useful God is, along with what each DM likes.

Whatever the Useful God, you measure all the combinationss, clashes, destructions, harms and punishments against it. If the Useful God is harmed, it is bad. if the Useful God is helped, you get the positive. You can get the good and bad of any of these combinations. i.e. a third party comes in and ends up causing a divorce. If the spouse element is negative for you, the harm becomes a good thing, although painful to go through.  Have you ever heard people who get divorced say, “I should have done that a long time ago?” This can be true of a job that does not serve you. You have a bad ending, but the departure is better for you.

As for great wealth vs just wealth, infinite wealth from a combination allows one to become super rich vs just do ok.

Note: Many things in Jobs’ life were “secret.” See link to 60 min. posthumous interview.  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504803_162-20124357-10391709/steve-jobs-family-photo-album/.

The “secrecy.” was because he had 3 graveyard branches. Jobs was given up for adoption by his mother and father who was Syrian and the mother’s parents objected to the relationship in 1955 (Sheep/wei year given up and adopted = bully punishment). Mother is Direct Resource, buried in the Sheep/Wei graveyard. Father is Indirect Wealth is not in the chart at all. If you take Direct Wealth as Father, that is buried in Dog/Xu. His half sister is Yin Fire/Ding buried in the same branches. Did anyone ever hear about his wife and children? Children are buried in Dragon/Chen, wife in Dog/Xu. This gives some indication what happens when gods are buried in the grave yard branches.

Want to see your own BaZi birth chart? See this link:




Songbird Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston: 9 August 1963, 20:55 of Whitney Houston’s BAZI – for Practitioners

Date of Birth: 9 August 1963, 20:55


This is a special chart. All metal, water and wood. Although there is some Earth in the Dog/Xu, Dog/Monkey or Xu/Shen is the season of metal. The little fire in Dog/Xu cannot combine with Mao because of the two Monkeys/Shens in between. There is no root in the Heaven Stems throughout her life to give support to the fire. All her luck cycles are metal, water, wood.

Whitney had the chart of a 7Killings Structure with a host of the most extreme gods in a BaZi that we do not like see as it will give you a hard life. Very few of the gods are of the benevolent breed, i.e. Eating God, Direct Wealth, Direct Resource and Direct Officer, the gods that make a chart find equilibrium. Houston is a good live example of too strong of 7Killings with Indirect Resource, Hurting Officer and why that can kill you. You prefer to not see see more than one 7Killings star in a chart. When you see a 7K, you immediately want to see an Eating God star because that is what controls the extremes of the 7Killings characteristics. It calms the destructiveness of the 7Killings star. Houston’s chart had no Eating God, hence the protection from the 7Killings star “attacking” the self.

If we take the pictorial method, what do you see?

Houston was a Yang Wood/Jia Day Master. Jia is associated with the great oak tree. A tree’s purpose in life is all about growth and expansion. It’s spirit is to provide cover for people, to give shade from the heat of the sun, to grow and provide nourishment in the form of edible fruit, to provide a gathering place. The image of a tree is one with roots penetrating deep into the ground, with a strong trunk and vibrant leaves flourishing. And, on some occasions, blossoms with fruit. Rooted, a tree can live a long life, for thousands of years like a redwood.

The Yang Wood Monkey or Jia Shen is powerful because it sits on a 7Killings star. Their favorite hobby is using the mouth, either talking or singing. ( eg, Elvis Presley and Britney Spears are Jia Shen).

Jia Shen is described as extinct wood, the image of a tree that is being chopped down and falls into the water, should there be water to moisten the wood. Otherwise, it is solid as metal and stone. Withered wood meeting with flowing water is auspicious. Look at her Yang Water/Ren and Pig/Hai in her 2 Luck Cycles, 19- 28, 29-38 years. This is when she reach star status. The wood will fully wither when meeting with a cold and hot object at the same time.

Yang Wood Monkeys are more talented. They can really sing and dance because Yang Wood has no roots, so the legs move ( eg Elvis, Britney Spears). The Monkey/Shen represents movement of legs and because it is seen as cutting feet of the tree, not allowing the roots to sink down. They are always moving. Yang Wood Monkey is without roots so breaks down suddenly and it can be serious and dangerous. The tree is very fragile in nature – a breakdown will be serious. (eg Elvis and Spear).

Yang Wood Monkeys live shorter lives because they have no roots. Wood is extinct in monkey stage. It is metal that counters the wood. This person will see at least one accident in their lifetime, car accident likely. Because Yang Wood (tiger) clashes with the monkey. Yang Wood Monkeys/Jia Shen is not good with relationships because 7Killings nature and always moving, very fragile with no roots. 7Killings is explosive in relationships, because metal makes the earth empty.  Earth is trustworthiness. Then there are the aggressive attributes of the 7Killings star.

My thoughts:

The tree of this chart is without roots and branches, standing alone with a companion, but neither can help the other. This is nature of autumn wood born in a dead season. Wood does not grow in autumn. The leaves begin to fall and prepare for dormancy as it begins to see winter. The Yin Metal/Xin in Dog/Xu and Yang Metal/Geng in the two Monkeys/Shen and stem, cut the legs and arms of the tree, not allowing the tree to find its purpose in life, which is to root into the ground and to grow branches.

This tree had a companion, but both her and the companion are surrounded by axes and yin metal. The two elements a tree needs for lasting growth is water and sun. The water that is desperately needed is far away and prevented from reaching the tree. If this is a special structure, fire would be bad. However, what happens to a chart absent of fire? Fire brings happiness, joy. Normally wood needs sun to to encourage growth.  But in this case, it would make this wood brittle and break. Heat to dry wood. So Water is better.

However, we were taught a chart without sun struggles to find joy and happiness. If you look into the luck cycles you see Houston survived by the water showing up, which the Jia Shen pillar likes. However, even when the Useful God was there, there was always the extreme gods, so an extreme life. The sun never shined for Whitney in her entire life. But it might have killed her earlier anyway. So she lived and achieved fame but, happiness was elusive.

Her final luck cycle of Yin Wood Ox or Yi Chou is seen as snow on the ground and roots withering from the metal inside. The person starts but something but doesn’t finish. Houston was trying to make a come back. The first year of a LC is always stressful. She was one year into her new Luck Cycle (based on her Aug birthday). In the Ox/Chou the earth is frozen, no more water flowing.

2012, the Yang Water Dragon or Ren Chen is a flood of water. The Monkey/Dragon or Shen/Chen is a semi trio of the water frame. What happened? The water came but it is frozen solid water. So no more movement for this Jia Shen lady. Additionally the Dragon/Dog or Chen/Xu clash results in the loss of something. Dragon/Chen and Rabbit/Mao are a destruction, when you are forced to make a decision due to circumstances.

I loved Whitney’s spectacular voice as we all did. You wonder how a chart like this makes a voice so melodious. Is it because the pillar is a talker and without roots, so the voice roars into the heavens?

In closing, I had the image of a singing bowl with a dry wood instrument. Have you ever hear the harmonic vibration of a singing bowl?


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