8 Good Luck Symbols

Good Luck Symbols in Chinese Culture

The use of Good Luck symbols in Chinese culture is prolific. However, do not confuse symbols with Classical Feng Shui, which does not profess the use of symbols or objects as the path to good fortune.  Instead, use them to mentally attract the goals you set out for yourself.  This is using the, “Law of Attraction,” or nuero-linguistic programing.  Intention and strong imaging are powerful tools.

What you image, you get.  Athletes are known to use it to win a competition.  Good luck symbols are for your enjoyment and the positive Qi they bring to you mentally.  Feng Shui, on the other hand, is the science of understanding the Qi of the environment. Click here to see more on Feng Shui is in cultural forms.


  • White Lotus, the Luck of All Things
  • Wu Lou for Longevity and Health
  • Fire Qi for Passion and Recognition
  • Bamboo for Resiliency and Flexibility
  • Victory of 8 Galloping Horses
  • “Money” Plants for Growth and Expansion
  • Vibrancy of Faceted Crystals
  • Power of the Dragon Headed Tortoise

White Lotus Feng Shui does not use objects in its work as symbols are more cultural and symbolic rather then have the powers professed.  But, as we all know, symbols and good luck objects are found in all cultures.  This article is provided for your enjoyment.


The Chinese culture embraces the Lotus as a sacred flower.  The White Lotus symbolizes the Luck of All Things and the transition of the mind into Enlightenment.  It epitomizes the purity of the mind and transcendence.  Despite the Lotus growing in muddy water, its flowers are exquisite, causing it’s association with immaculate beauty and virginal innocence.

‘In Buddhism, the Lotus flower means purity of speech, mind and body rising above the waters of desire and attachment.  The lotus is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols.  Different colors of lotus are symbolically used to represent aspects of perfection.  There are four colors, which are pink, blue, red and white.  Red represents the heart–its purity, original nature, compassion, passion, love and other qualities.  White symbolizes spiritual perfection and complete mental purity.  Pink represents the Buddha and is the supreme lotus.  Blue means wisdom, knowledge and victory over the senses.’  posted by my friend Keeratiwan Kaenthonglang on Facebook.

A lotus pond is viewed as extremely auspicious, but not from the material perspective.  Lotus ponds indicate a heightened sense of calm, peace and spiritual enlightenment.  In Feng Shui, it as about the pond being a water feature in the correct spot on the exterior of the home. To determine the correct spot a Chinese compass or Loupan is used to measure.

Two lotus plants characterize pairing, achieving the harmony of one heart.  If it bears fruit, it is a good omen the home will receive an abundance of prosperity.

Click here to see pictorial gallery of, All Things Lotus


  • As a water feature in the garden
  • As a Chinese painting or stylized ornament


  • Best in the East, Southeast, North or Southwest.  Elsewhere can be problematic.  A consultation will identify the correct location.


The Wu Luo is believed to contain the Elixir of Immortality.  It is a potent symbol of good health & longevity.

The Wu Lou is long associated with Taoist deities.  The God of Longevity (Sau) and members of the Eight Immortals are often seen carrying the Wu Luo. Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, is depicted holding the Wu Luo as a container of Amrita, the precious nectar that symbolizes her blessings.


  • To strengthen the mind for good health and longevity for all in the family.


  • East of the home symbolizes growth like a tree, therefore good health and longevity
  • Northwest for strength as it represents leadership and control
  • By the bedside if recovering from illness


Bursting Energy is Vibrant

Fire injects enthusiasm, motivation and spurts of energy.  It warms and cheers.  Fame and recognition are energized by the fire element.  Recognition leads to success at the workplace and in politics.

Fire chi radiates from the South, where the sun burns the brightest.  South is associated with passion, heat and summer.  Think about a fireplace, exercise and bright lights – they magnify fire energy and stimulate the Yang Essence that is vital for success to manifest.  Fire gives you the zeal to excel in achievements that require high energy and seize opportunities as they arise.


  • Improving the feng shui of the South sector of the home or office, is seen to trigger recognition, as well as opportunities. In the bedroom, the fire element invites passion and romance. The South part of the home should not be missing.


  • South to stimulate Fire energy to be recognized for a job well done
  • Southwest to symbolize solidity and foundation like a mountain
  • A stove in the Northwest of a home is a negative feature.


Flexibility Means no Hostility

Bamboo is a popular symbol of longevity and good health.  It signifies birth, growth, resiliency, initiation, and sturdiness. Click here for description of wood energy or element.  Yang Wood. Yin Wood

“According to Taoist adepts, the most important attitude for success is characterized by the third friend of winter–the bamboo, which is soft and supple, yet strong and hardy.  Bamboo is a friend because it is flexible, able to bow with the prevailing winds and capable of adapting to circumstances and never hurt by adverse conditions.

Far from being broken, the bamboo has the resilience to recover from adverse conditions and bounce back from hard times. This attitude leads to a flexible disposition, which introduces good will into every potential situation of conflict and hostility.”  Try to resemble bamboo.  Be flexible and relaxed, exerting energy only when needed.


  • To induce the mindset of resiliency, flexibility and strength in circumstances of adversity and the ability to overcome stormy weather
  • To the support new beginnings of things and projects


  • East, Southeast to stimulate the energy of growth and resiliency like that of a tree or plant.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight


8 Galloping Horse

Chinese culture likes to believe that in the face of a big challenge, you can boost the Luck of Victory by using the image of 8 galloping horses.  The Horse represents courage, speed, and endurance.  This image is displayed in many Chinese homes and businesses. The horse captures the vital essence of the fire element that coincides with the South.

The pronunciation of the number eight, baht has a similar sound as luck.  Eight also represents the eight aspirations of life, Career, Children, Recognition, Health, Personal Development, Marriage, Education, and Happiness.


  • Given a challenge of winning against big odds, use an image of eight horses to build a collective sense of courage, perseverance and determination to “gallop” into victory.  Use to strengthen your resolve in getting a promotion, a big contract, or overcoming the competition.


  • South of your living room or office to energize Yang Essence of Fire energy like the power of the Sun
  • Southwest for building confidence to succeed
  • Northeast for stimulating the ability to study and take exams


The Money Tree’s botanical name is pachira aquatica. “The legend started in Taiwan where an old farmer worked hard his whole life and never prospered.  He lived in a small valley and was very superstitious.  One day, he went to the field as usual, and saw a small, unusual plant.  He thought to himself, “I have never seen this kind plant before . . . ah, maybe God heard my prayer and has given me a chance to be rich!”  Then, he carefully took the plant home and began to research and study this unusual, yet beautiful plant.

The farmer discovered this plant was very resilient and did not need much care. It was hardy and tolerant to low light and dryness.  He finally grew these plants from the seeds and sold them at the market.  He sold them as quickly as the wind blew. Demand for more grew.  So he called the plant Good Luck Money Tree or Good Fortune Tree.”

The beautiful light green leaves spread out on the stem and grows up to five leaves.  It is said to be incredibly lucky to find one with 6 or 7 leaves.  Click here for description of wood energy or element. Yang Wood. Yin Wood

The Jade Tree is also called the “Money Plant” because its succulent dark green leaves resemble pieces of jade or coins, therefore represents earth or metal energy, which adds nourishment and/or stability. Earth qi helps relationships.


  • The energy of plants is about growth, expansion, new ideas, new life


  • East, Southeast for stimulating family harmony, health, initiation of projects, scholarly pursuits
  • In your living room, dining room or office, not the bedroom or bathroom


Faceted crystals have concentrated energy.  They disperse and channel light.  In a sunny window, they refract luminous rainbows and lift the mood of any room.  They can dazzle morning breakfast with wonderment.  The reflective surface of the facets make them ideal for influencing the flow of qi.

Choose high quality flawless crystals. Use 30% PbO German or Swarovski crystals at 24% for brilliance and light refraction.  Each is perfectly faceted to give the greatest amount of prismatic effect for showering the surrounding surfaces with spectrums of color.


  • To absorb electro-magnetic energy
  • To encourage positive mood; or energize a ‘flat,’ empty, or dull-feeling area


  • In direct sunlight
  • Near a light in narrow hallways
  • Close to the computer to absorb electro-magnetic fields


The Dragon Head Tortoise is a mythical creature that combines two of the four spiritually endowed animals in Chinese symbolism.  It combines the power of the Dragon with the steadiness of the Tortoise.  The Dragon Tortoise sits on a bed of gold ingots to signify tremendous wealth and prosperity.

The tortoise symbolizes longevity, a creature that is reputed to be able to live to 3000 years without food or air.  The dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination.  As the tortoise has transformed into a dragon, it indicates impending good fortune in any endeavor.  The baby tortoise on its back brings the hope of many descendants.


  • To stimulate the thinking of a powerful mind
  • To give the air of confidence


  • In the office, behind you to symbolize support for a long and successful career
  • As a paperweight on top of important projects or files
  • East of the office to support actions


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