Feng Shui at the Front Door

Feng Shui at the Front Door

The Feng Shui at the front door is a major factor in a consultation and cannot be emphasized enough. The front door is the, ‘Mouth of Qi,’ for a property. It is one of the first things evaluated.

Vital life-force energy enters the property through the Mouth of Qi. The Feng Shui at the front door influences the quality of Qi that enters, and will greatly impact the occupants.

The compass location of the front door is primary. The facing direction of the door is secondary. We evaluate what is physically inside and outside the front door. The location and direction are assessed in relationship to a person’s life Gua and BaZi 4 Pillars of Destiny birth chart. Recommendations will be given. A Chinese compass is used to read the energy patterns to analyze the feng shui at the front door.

The energy patterns around a property changes yearly. The year’s energy at the front door will trigger a chain of events. An annual assessment tells us what events are likely to occur for the residents in a home.

The door is to the property, what the mouth is to face. Keep the front door fresh and uncluttered. Remove trash cans, recycling bins, old newspapers, shoes, etc. Overgrowth and dead plants create blockages and converts positive Qi to stagnation.

A door that won’t open smoothly, or is worn with peeling paint, is like having sores on your mouth and cracked dried lips. This is usually an indication of other issues within the home. A new door or a fresh coat of paint, lifts the energy of the property.

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 Bright Hall or Ming Tang

What’s important to know about the Feng Shui at the front door:

  • Create a, “Ming Tang,” or Bright Hall. This is a clear, wide, unencumbered space in front of the door. Qi must collect for you to receive it. It is ideal to have a Bright Hall both inside and outside the door.
  • A meandering path to the door is a plus. A straight “arrow,” created by a road causes a “crashing” effect.
  • The entryway should be bright and free of obstructions. If it is damp, gloomy and musty, it is overly Yin. Yin Qi is too strong and usually means there is some illness in the home.
  •  A staircase should be at least 5 feet from the front door in a small home and, 8 feet in a larger home.

This tree when it grows to adult size will become an affliction at the front door. Avoid and object that splits the door.

Negative Features at the Main Door to Avoid:

  • A front door which is aligned with a back door is a negative feature. Qi flows in and flows out. We often see money doing the same thing in such a property. The wealth cannot be contained.
  • A tree or pole that cuts down the middle of the door, or a pole directly opposite the door on the inside, causes “Piercing Heart Sha.” This will lead to arguments and divisions in the household.
  • Y or T-junction aligned with the front door of a property is detrimental to health and wealth. Especially in years, negative energy is at the door.
  • An outside curve that aligns with a door, becomes a blade’s edge cutting into the property.
  • A home at the end of a cul-de-sac, where the street runs into the front door, creates negative Qi.
  • A sharp corner (45 degree) of another building’s edge acts like a knife cutting into the home.
  • Trees or structures that block the front entrance of a dwelling will create Yin Qi, which is hazardous to mental health.
  • A tower, a pitched roof top, or pointed object aimed at the front door will bring negative mishaps
  • A dwelling next to a busy highway, or any place of business that deals with death, illness, violence, loud noises, and pollution
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