Heaven Earth Man Luck

Heaven Earth Man Luck Form the Trinity of Luck

In Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics, luck is defined as the prosperity of the meaningful things in life. These include: good health, longevity, descendants, honor in reputation, happiness, education, intelligence, property and wealth.

Why do some people seem to glide through life with all the luck, where others work hard for what they get and sometimes there is not much in return? Why does Feng Shui work wonders for some and less for others? The answer is simple. Luck as we know it is composed of 3 quotients: Heaven Luck – ‘Tien Chai,’ Earth Luck – ‘Di Chai,’ and Human (Man) Luck – ‘Ren Chai.’

Roughly, Heaven Luck has about 40% influence on life, Earth Luck has about 30-35%, and Human (Man) Luck has about 25-30%. Each person has their own mixture of these components.


Heaven Luck or Tien Chai is preordained and cannot be changed. Heaven luck determines the family of origin and where and when a life begins. Parents, family, the city and country of birth all contribute to the quality of life.

Inborn strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and personality, as well as destiny is revealed in the Bazi, 4 Pillars of Destiny birth chart. A person’s 10 year luck cycles follows a predictable, logical pattern and is not random. The state of luck will affect one’s endeavors and success at a particular point-in-time and not be the same throughout life.

While life to some extent is determined by the day, time and place we were born; free will to make choices greatly influences how events will unfold. We can derive from the BaZi birth chart how to take advantage of the positives and maneuver the low points, by exercising choice.


A property's environmental Feng Shui has about 1/3 impact on your luck quotient

A property’s environmental Feng Shui has about 1/3 impact on your luck quotient

Earth Luck or Di Chai is the Feng Shui of the environment. It relates to topography and land-forms; where mountains, water and pathways are located in relationship to a property. It is the geography, location, direction and time factors that influence destiny. In a broader context, the social, political and economic condition of the country will shape the diversity of opportunities available.

A prosperous, stable country with a cleaner or better environment will offer a broader range of options. Likewise, an economically disadvantaged, politically unstable, war-torn country, or an unclean environment can limit options available.  The physical environment determines the quality Qi of our surroundings.

The practice of Feng Shui lets us affect change within the home, office and personal space and to make choices during a home purchase. When the exterior of the home is problematic, we are still able to create positive Qi thru the correction of the interior Feng Shui to improve our overall luck. Having said this, a person’s Feng Shui is subject to the capacity of their Bazi 4 Pillars of Destiny chart.


Human (Man) Luck or Ren Chai is free will, created by behavior, attitude towards events and the choices made along life’s journey. It is the values and code of ethics one chooses to live by. There are karmic implications to how we express our free will.

There is no doubt, personal effort greatly defines one’s life path. There are many stories of people who have achieved prosperity despite having started from difficult beginnings. There are also many stories of frustrated geniuses and those born with a silver spoon who did not get far despite having all the advantages.

The conclusion is, whatever the birth chart and environment holds; it is about what you do with it that makes all the difference.

Success and prosperity is not limited to wealth and accumulation of assets. Prosperity is the totality of one’s quality of life.  It encompasses happiness and good health. The mental attitude we have and choices we make greatly shape the outcome of life’s events.

Whatever the birth chart and environment holds; it is about what you do with it that makes all the difference. We use Feng Shui and BaZi to reinforce personal goals, actions and attitudes to create advantages in life. It gives you a hand in your destiny. The Power of Intention plays a role in free will.

The concept of Heaven Earth Man Luck is a core principle in Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics. In addition to the above, it embodies the range of issues from destiny, God and karma.

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