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Trains with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

Patricia Lee | Classical Feng Shui Consultant & Destiny Analyst | Trains with Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

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Patricia is a rare Classical Feng Shui Consultant in the United States who is trained in the advanced system of the Qi Men Dun Jia and Xuan Kong Da Gua methods.  QMDJ is the parent of all Feng Shui systems. 

Patricia’s speciality is working with clients over a long period of time to advance their life objectives.  Patricia has achieved a unique depth and range of knowledge and skills.  Her strength is in the ability to analyze and interpret complex material and apply it simply to a complex world.

Patricia Lee has traveled to China, Malaysia, London and India in pursuit of her knowledge.  She is trained in the methodologies of Dato Joey Yap, founder and CEO of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.

What You Can Expect

White Lotus Feng Shui uses a variety of master techniques, blending Classical Feng Shui with Auspicious Date Selection and traditional Chinese Astrology or BaZi .  Date selection matches right action to right timing, adding an edge and advantage to your actions for better results.  The combined systems offer a deeper dimension of advice that empowers goal creation.

Destiny analysis informs you of life events and opportunities that present themselves within a targeted timeframe.  Qi Men Dun Jia gives unexpected and insightful information to devise coherent and effective strategies.  Strategies that strengthen your position in any environment.  Qi Men Dun Jia utilizes optimal timing to reinforce plan execution.  It positions you to amplify outcomes of your decisions.

Joey Yap Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics Malaysia

Patricia Lee with her friend & Master Teacher, Dato Joey Yap of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia

White Lotus Feng Shui’s Mission

The mission of White Lotus Feng Shui is to use Chinese Metaphysics to transform lives by helping people play an active role in designing their own destiny.

White Lotus Feng Shui uses Feng Shui as a tipping point by tapping into the natural vibrational frequencies that lead to change.  The shift can be mental as well as physical.  Feng Shui gives you reliable information that lets you to be proactive, leading to outcomes you want.  New alternatives and options suddenly becomes obvious.

Feng Shui instructs you how to capitalize on the opportunities that are in perpetual existence.  It lets you maneuver the challenges that inevitably come.  It helps you navigate the waters to sail smoothly to shore.  Armed with insightful information, you will be motivated to play an active role in your destiny.

Mastering the most complex academic course, San Yuan Qi Men – Xuan Kong Da Gua. Blending the most advanced systems of Feng Shui with Date Selection and BaZi Chinese Astrology. April 2014, From Joey Yap’s Facebook Page


White Lotus Feng Shui

Based in San Francisco, Washington Metro area, Patricia Lee consults internationally.  Her roots stretch back to the oldest functioning Taoist Temple in the US, where she worked along side her father who administered the facility.  Having grown up in a culture of Feng Shui, she began her academic studies in 2002.

Patricia is an educator of Chinese Metaphysics in London, New York and San Francisco.  She has a dynamic coaching and mentoring style that builds a strong connection with clients and students.  She is a consultant, educator, mentor and a professional speaker.  Patricia inspires audiences with proactive confidence in pursuit of their goals.  Her expertise in Chinese Metaphysics, makes every event a memorable one!

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Personal Journey to Feng Shui

The path to Feng Shui became a natural alternative after Patricia Lee spent years in a world of high stakes and high profile stress.  Having worked as a Deputy Regional Director for the 13 western states of the United States, a General Manager in the State of California and a Director for Northern California, it became clear that success relies on a number of factors, one of which was rooted in her history.

This journey began as a child, living Feng Shui in the Chinese community of Marysville, California.  Marysville was called, ‘Sahm Fow’ or Third City.  It was once the largest Chinese communities outside of China.  
Marysville is the home of the Bok Kai Templethe longest operating Taoist temple in the United States.  Patricia experienced the traditions of Chinese worship and Feng Shui while working alongside her father, who administered the temple during the mid 1980s.

The Bok Kai Mui translates to, ‘Temple by the North Side of the Stream’.  It was erected in honor of the water god, Bok Eye or Xuan Wu 玄武.  Chinese people believe that the proper manipulation of water Qi (Chi) can bring great good fortune.  Therefore, the deity was placed at the confluence of the Feather and Yuba Rivers.  This was the position of the North, the direction associated with water, travel, communications and wealth.  The intent was to ensure wealth by controlling irrigation waters for good harvests and to protect the city’s inhabitants from the perils of flooding.

Despite Marysville being surrounded by a basin of water, it has never flooded since erecting the Bok Kai Mui in March 1880.  In contrast, all surrounding cities, at one time or other, have met with this fate.  Such success is considered mastery at capturing the Water Dragon’s ‘cosmic breath’.  It is no wonder that many residents of the region, most of whom are not Chinese, believe in the power of Bok Eye.  The temple gained international acclaim throughout Asia.  As a result, Marysville became sister city to Taipei.  Chinese people have travelled from all over the world to worship in the temple and observe the legend of the Bok Eye.

On the annual holiday, Bomb Day, you would see thousands of visitors.  The experience gave Patricia a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and life.  Ms. Lee later discovered cultural customs and Feng Shui are often improperly co-mingled.  It is important to understand the distinction.  Feng Shui is not a cultural, religious or spiritual practice.  Feng Shui makes use of the science of energy patterns created by shifting planetary bodies as they influence the earth’s environment and human life.  It uses that phenomenon to one’s advantage and to advert the negatives.  Having said that, both are intertwined and imbedded into the Chinese way of life.

Bok Kai Temple | New York Times March 2015.  Check out the photos of the 2015 celebration

Patricia’s value system and work ethic is deeply rooted in this heritage.

May your life be blessed with abundance, longevity and happiness!

White Lotus Feng Shui is based in San Francisco and consults throughout the United States and globally.


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