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Receiving the Water Dragon’s Cosmic Breath in Santorini 

Patricia Lee has a 4.73 out of 5 Rating with Home Advisors Professionals

Receiving the Dragon’s Cosmic Breath (Qi) is the phenomenon where the homes and buildings in a location or city are placed in the environment in a way it receives positive sentimental Qi (Chi) from water and mountains. The residents and businesses of that area will prosper. Happiness and success is considerably easier to achieve. You can understand this by thinking of every major cities. Those that have sentimental water and mountains, are generally more prosperous. Sentimental water is warm, clear, meandering.

Student Reviews of Patricia Lee Teaching Qi Men Dun Jia 2014

Teaching & Mentoring

Patricia Lee is one of the most devoted and kindest teachers I have ever met.  When teaching concepts of Advanced Systems of Chinese Metaphysics, her explanations are clear and concise.  She is well liked and respected in the Feng Shui Community.

One of the strongest points in her personality is she always makes time for you, and generously shares her knowledge and notes with her colleagues, and students.  Her style of teaching the concepts of Chinese Metaphysics is such that one can use the practical information she gives right away.

She has lead the Bay Area Study Group for Mastery Academy for several years.  When a student has a problem with a concept, she is right there answering their questions, and spending time with them.  Patricia also has participated and monitored a Student Network on Facebook, and answers many of the questions the students have.

Subjects such as Xuan Kong Da Gua, and Qi Men Dun Jia, are discussed in our monthly study group, and she is able to lead and teach at the same time.  I have become a better practitioner because of what she has taught me in Chinese Metaphysics.  Because she was great at teaching the concepts of Chinese Metaphysics, we were able to improve our personal lives.

I am happy that she is teaching Qi Men Dun Jia, another Divine Chinese Metaphysical System to her students in May.  I wish her the Best of Qi in all her endeavors in life.

Janet L Louie, CFSC, CL
Golden Phoenix Feng Shui
Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis
Patricia provides incredible insights that can help anyone who is ready for her help.  She is a thoughtful and compassionate coach who uses her wisdom and training to provide you with the tools to live with more intention.  When you work with Pat, you learn as much about yourself as you do about the traditions that inform her wisdom, and how they influence your relationships, your energy and that of those around you, and your surroundings.
I initially consulted Pat for input on changes to my home and I found her insights terrific.  Over time we worked together to anticipate changes at work, including managing scenarios that helped retain important contracts and consolidate key client relationships.  Most recently Pat’s insights and support have helped manage me life changes and achieve new goals with more relaxed anticipation than I could imagine.  I feel incredible gratitude for the help she provides and look forward to continuing to learn more about living with intention for a better life with her guidance.
Maria H, Washington DC
Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis
There is something very special and unique about having a consultation with Pat. Indeed, there is something very special about Pat herself.  She exudes an aura and energy that translates into her sessions with incredible results. 
Destiny Analysis
When I first had a Bazi Destiny Analysis with Pat, the results were quite astounding. Rather than communicating with generic and vague statements, she blew me away with accurate, insightful and deep observations about my life, my personality and my jouney uptil now.  Deep seated fears, insecurities, and neurotic behaviours – all were laid bare in her analysis of my life path.
And then Pat did what she does best.  She provided wisdom, advice and concrete steps to face my personal challenges and turn each obstacle into an opportunity.  Explaining how our physical reality and nature has an impact on important events and how to work with these influences rather than battle them, she showed me how to go with the flow.
I am proud to call her my friend.  I am proud to call her a mentor.  I have much to learn from her, and I hope to be able to draw upon her wisdom and positive energy for a long time to come. Thank you Pat. You are awesome!
Rahul T, Rockville Maryland
BaZi Destiny Analysis 
I just wanted to say, “Thank you so much” for the incredibly accurate, eye opening, reading you did for me and my boyfriend at Ruben’s 50th birthday party.   My boyfriend has had several readings and he said that you were by far the best.  We both thought that your presentation of difficult material was handled sensitively and thoughtfully.  To this day we are still talking about it and thinking about many of the things you said. We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon. 
Cynthia, Oakland California
Feng Shui, Marriage Date Selection 
Patricia!  I must begin this note with a sincere and heartfelt thank you.  Crossing paths with you, whether simply a cosmic coincidence or act of fate, I feel fortunate for your presence in my life.
Patricia is simply amazing!  Her knowledge,experience and skill with Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology is unparalleled.  First, she did a consultation with me on my living space and advised me to make some subtle but powerful changes.  These have resulted in some remarkable energetic changes in my life.  Also, there is now a sense of expansiveness and calm in my cramped yet cozy room.
Second and more profound, she did a Chinese Astrological reading for me and my husband to be, and advised us on the best date and time to have our wedding ceremony.  What resulted was true magic.  Unbeknownst to us, we ultimately schedule the ceremony a day before a powerful hurricane hit South Florida, she also timed the ceremony to perfection.  Clear skies as we said our vows, only to by followed by torrential rain as soon as everything was wrapped up.  Even the pastor kept saying to himself, “Its a Miracle!”
So if you want to have a very special experience in your life, one that will open your eyes to wonders of this world and the more subtle energies that dictates much of our existence, I highly recommend spending some time with Patricia!  She will bring back the magic back into your life!   Nina C, Rockville Maryland

Feng Shui  When Patricia works with you, you immediately know you have the real deal.  Professional, pleasant, focused, sensitive, respectful and highly experienced. Her experience with Feng Shui stems way back into her childhood.  We were thrilled with her contribution towards helping us have a more balanced environment.  We will definitely be bringing her back to regroup so she can further assess our situation.  She also includes a great deal of astrological information.  Nisa R, Petaluma, California

Feng Shui  The art of Feng Shui not only combines the beauty of your surroundings and the power of energy, but it maximizes one’s life potential. Pat made a few simple suggestions in my home regarding placement of water and light that has enhanced not only my home; but my pocketbook as well.  I was amazed!  Maria A, Glen Ellen, California

BaZi Destiny Analysis Reading  Thank you so much for the reading. This process has been eye-opening, informative and transformative.  I’ve never before agreed to have my chart read formally.  What made me trust you as my guide in this process is our shared commitment.  I feel there is much to learn from your experiences and life and I sincerely hope we don’t lose touch and that this is the beginning of a lifelong process for me, through you.  You’re amazing, Pat!  Thank you, really, again.  Love and peace.  Jen L, San Diego, California

Feng Shui Pat did Feng Shui on my house in the summer of 2004. She made numerous recommendations and helped move my office into the Southern part of my home. Within a very short time my business increased significantly.  I made increased profits in last year.  In 2005, it looks like I will exceed that record.  Helen P, Winchester, Massachusetts

Feng Shui, Marriage Date Selection, BaZi Birth Chart Reading  Pat is a genuine, generous person, and more than a Feng Shui consultant, I consider her a life coach.  She taught me to write down my intentions – I’ve since made it a habit, and experienced many of my aspirations come true.  Since I’ve met Pat and used her consulting services, I’ve bought a place, gotten married, and gotten my dream assignment in a city I love.  I feel fortunate to consider her a life-long friend.  Angela L, Washington DC

Feng Shui, BaZi Birth Chart ReadingBefore we worked with Pat, my house was chaotic and the environment felt oppressive.  Pat helped me make a plan to improve the feng shui, and most importantly she helped me implement.  After I finished my last project I felt a cosmic shift in the energy in my house and in my life.  I felt lighter, more energized, got a wonderful promotion and felt ready to take the next step in my life.  The environment really does matter!  I am now a believer.  Meg C, Washington, DC

Feng Shui, BaZi Destiny Analysis Reading Ms. Lee was fantastic and very knowledgeable about Feng Shui. She took her time and really wanted to make sure I understood what, why and how Feng Shui works.  I would recommend her to anyone!  Feng Shui is a bit complex and very specific and with that said, it’s extremely important to connect with someone who has a full understanding and extensive background in it!  Sally S, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Feng Shui, Home Sale BaZi Destiny Analysis Reading  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help.  The last time you did a Feng Shui session with me in my other house in Sterling (in Nov. 2005).  I followed all the instructions given by you and the treatments, it is really so amazing that I could see a lot of changes in my life, and I decided to sell my house in early 2006, Patricia you won’t believe my house was on the market only for a day, the first person who came to see it  wrote a contract and I sold the house.  

With the extra money that I made from the house, thank God today I am debt free and I am more financially healthy.  I think it was some super natural power that lead me to contact you and change my life for the better, I believe that God works in many different ways and shows us a path through others and for me it was you.  I had faith in you and in Feng Shui.  I guess everything worked out well as it was meant to be.  Thank you very much and keep up the good work of helping people and making a difference in their lives.  God bless you. Munny M, Fairfax, Virginia

Feng Shui  An interesting thing happened the same evening you were here.  As per your suggestion, I turned ship around that I had located on top of the hutch of my computer desk.  The bow was originally pointing outward towards the front entrance and as of that day is now pointing inward.  That evening the guy I work for delivered my pay check.  

What is interesting about that is that he has “never” delivered my check to my home before.  Secondly, it was one of the largest if not the largest pay check I’ve received.  I wouldn’t describe it as windfall in size or nature because it is money I earned but I had not been expecting a check nearly as large as it was.  Thirdly the check was unsolicited.  That may seem like an odd comment but if you knew my work situation you would understand.

Obviously, I cannot say without question that turning the ship around resulted in this event but it did seem coincidental to me. Having said that I do not believe in coincidence.  Although, I enjoyed my living space before I like the feel of it even more now.  I want to thank both you for helping me out with this.  It is very much appreciated.  Norm M, Alexandria Virginia

Feng Shui  Highly Recommended! Patricia went above and beyond my expectations!  When I first scheduled my Feng Shui appointment, I was just expecting some general guidelines in improving my office space, but it turned out to be a much more intricate process.  She gave me fantastic insight to my personality.  Patricia individualized the consultation and helped create an environment that would facilitate my health, wealth, and happiness.  I truly appreciated her thorough knowledge and kind manner.  I look forward to working with Patricia again.  I strongly encourage having a Feng Shui consultation with Patricia so you, too, can see what amazing and positive changes you can make to achieve a harmonious environment.  Linda W, Alexandria, Virginia

Feng Shui   Thanks so very much!  That was a very powerful.  A lot of wisdom there unavailable at any price.  I’ve printed out this message so that I can reflect upon it often. You are very wise and growing wiser as you work with other people to their find their own balance in life.  I look forward to reviewing and implementing these recommendations.  I enjoyed our visit and time together enormously and appreciate your hard work and insight.  Look forward to continuing the relationship.  Kate B, Reston Virginia 

Feng Shui  Patricia Lee was wonderful.  She gave us really great suggestions and we plan to use her services again.  Christina B, Fairfax Virginia

Feng Shui  We had the hole in the backyard repaired and our finances are starting to stable now.  No drains this week and we’ve had a lot in the last few months.  We have made all of the recommended changes in the children’s rooms and everyone loves their new looks.  Vincent says that now that his bed does not face the “scary” tree in the front yard, he won’t have nightmares anymore.  They are all looking forward to the upcoming full moon so we can clean the dreamcatchers.  Thank you for all of the wonderful information and the consultation.  Everyone loves the new family room arrangement.  Felicia D, Maryland

Feng Shui  Patricia with White Lotus Feng Shui was pleasant and thorough. Her consultation was informative and I will use her again in the future.  Susan G, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Patricia brings real insight into her feng shui consultation.  She works collaboratively with her client to achieve the best possible result.  Caroline S, Rockville, Maryland

Feng Shui, BaZi Birth Chart Reading  Very wonderful person to talk to and was exactly right with her readings. 

…..You passed my test which is why I value your opinion, you have earned my trust which is hard to do. I thank you for everything and just listening.  I would love for you to work on my chart because I believe that energies in life have a big part in how our lives move and evolve.  

For one, thank you so very much for coming out to my home and now I know why it feels so draining to live there.   At least now I know why and that it’s just in my chart which helps me out quite a bit.  I would enjoy talking to you because I feel you are a very genuine person.  Anyhow, I am willing to take any steps necessary (drastic or not) to help the situation. Thank you so very very much.  George K, Essex Maryland 

Feng Shui  I just started making some changes and already my relationships have improved and my home feels more spacious. Thanks Patricia Lee! Client, Rockville, Maryland

When I started down this journey, feng shui was something I tackled because I thought, it will keep me focused on moving my life forward and the house will look nicer too. I believed in the energy stuff, but in a distant, mental way. I really didn’t expect to see the results I have experienced. A thousand thank yous. You are very gifted at this and, I think it is a real gift to the world. Margaret, Silver Spring, Maryland

Feng Shui  I feel very lucky to have met Patricia. I trust her implicitly as a practitioner. Her Feng Shui advice has become another tool in my kit for health, happiness and well-being. On our first meeting, my fiancé and I both felt that Patricia listened to us and understood us as individuals as well as a couple. She was very generous with her attention. We are implementing her recommendations in stages and finding the positive effects are obvious, very quickly. It’s amazing to feel so much better just by sitting down to breakfast facing one direction instead of another.  Valerie T, Silver Spring, Maryland

Feng Shui  The house looks great and my son and I are enjoying it. He was so excited when he was it, and even volunteered, ‘Mommy – my teacher says when you are done playing with a toy you should put it away before taking out another one. Now I can do that here!!’ He loves that he knows where everything is and is very motivated to clean up.  Denver St Client, Silver Spring, Maryland

Feng Shui  The day after we did the cleaning I was elected to the board of my son’s school, I got a number of checks in the mail and my car insurance went down. Our friends have all been blown away by how peaceful it feels in the house. I have received so many compliments – but mostly find it a truly restful and happy place. Thanks for giving me the head start.  MC, Silver Spring Maryland

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