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Patricia Lee, Feng Shui Consultant
San Francisco Bay Area, California, Washington DC Metro Area, Maryland, Virginia, Greater United States
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2 Responses to Feng Shui Homes

  1. Chan says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Which location is best for placing Kwan kung in a house? Does he bring positive Chi? You have written about Kwan Yin, any thought on Kwan kung.

    • Patricia says:

      Actually Chan, these “gods” are more a part of our culture vs a part of feng shui. The have no feng shui impact according to the classics. I do believe they have a great psychological impact which can have a rippling effect on one’s thinking, hence one’s actions and therefore the outcome of those actions. A positive mindset can reap great rewards. I am a firm believer what you think, you attract to you. So if you believe in the power of the “gods” help will arrive.

      If I were to connect this power of belief to what I know about feng shui, I would put Kwan Kung “God of War” in a sector that proliferates power……this would be in the northwest with the Qian Gua, which greatly affects power, authority and wealth…and facing the door.

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