Skills & Expertise

Advanced Classical and Xuan Kong Feng Shui, BaZi Chinese Astrology (or 4 Pillars of Destiny), Auspicious Date Selection (ZeRi, Xuan Kong Da Gua), Yi Jing (I Ching).

Strategic Leadership and Planning, Team Building, Organizational and Leadership Development, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Public Speaking, Seminar, Conference and Workshop Speaker, Event Planning, Team Problem Solving.


White Lotus Feng Shui

2002 – 2012  California, Maryland

Feng Shui and BaZi Consultant for Commercial, Real Estate and Residential properties.


General Manager 
California Faculty Association

2010 – 2011, California

Worked in consultation with Officers and Board of Directors. Worked with leadership team to develop strategies and plan implementation for 22,000 faculty members on 23 California State University Campuses. Supervised 40 staff to implement program directives as adopted by the Board of Directors throughout the state.

Northern California Organizing Director
California Faculty Association

2001 – 2004  California

Developed and Supervised Program Implementation on 11 Northern California State University Campuses with leadership team. Worked with a leadership team of officers and staff. Supervised staff and campaigns in the region.

Western Regional Deputy Director
American Federation of Labor, Congress of Industrial Organizations 

1996 – 2001  Western Region

Developed and Supervised Program Implementation. Worked with a national leadership team to develop strategies as defined by the AFL-CIO Executive Committee. Supervised regional staff and campaigns in 13 Western states. Worked with state and local leaders on common issues.

Field Representative, Training Coordinator
Service Employees International Union, Local 790

1989 – 1996   San Francisco

Represented City and County employees in San Francisco. Developed and supervised program Implementation in city and county facilities. Designed and delivered training program for upgrading skills of leaders.


White Lotus Feng Shui
Patricia Lee, Feng Shui Consultant
San Francisco Bay Area, California, Washington DC Metro Area, Maryland, Virginia
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