White Lotus Feng Shui Consultation Services

Three Layers of Feng Shui Consultations
Level 1, 2 and 3  
Level 1 – Essential Level
Creates an energy blue print of the property,  with annual and long term assessments
We use two primary methods of Feng Shui to identify long term positives and how to use them effectively.  It covers the basics of an external & internal analysis.
It identifies the annual positives to seize and challenges areas to improve your decision making.  We apply the best personal positioning for sleeping and working.
Commercial Site:
Level 1 identifies the strategic business points and offices for key principals to use.  It includes how to best leverage business plans, decisions and objectives and improve human resources issues.  Commercial Feng Shui includes principals in residential properties, applied to the business environment.
Residential assessments cover major areas of a property that affect the occupants most directly.  This includes the front door, master bedroom, kitchen/stove and home office.  The energy patterns are filtered through your birth chart.  This tells us the main events that will present themselves, positive and negative.  There is an integrative process of comparing the birth and property charts.  We use the year’s energy map of both charts as it has the greatest and immediate impact on one’s life.  This tells us how to use your space to meet your objectives.
Includes how to master the positives to help meet personal and professional goals.  It equips you to make well-informed decisions to reach the outcomes you want.  There is a predictive aspect to the analysis.
We use a specialized method to place you in your personal best directions for bed, desk and reception areas.  This method fine tunes the common basic good and bad directions in the Feng Shui market place.
You will receive key timing points in the year for targeted activity.
We will identify the areas of challenge and what will happen if they are used and how to navigate around them.  Each year there are sectors that are the most sensitive that if used incorrectly, can cause minor to very serious problems.  You will have this information to manage appropriately.
Level 2 – Master Level 
Uses two advanced methods of Feng Shui  
It includes the external environmental analysis 
Level 2 includes Level 1.  Level 2 uses the San He System for a full assessment of the external environment as this has the greatest impact on one’s long-term Feng Shui.  Landforms tell us if the property mainly governs wealth, authority, health or relationships of the occupants.  You will get recommendations for landscape and space usage.  It is analyzed in relationship to the current 10 year period of your birth chart.
We use another method called Xuan Kong Da Gua.  This is seen as the acupuncture of the property as it looks at meridian lines and key points of activation that trigger energies to help resolve problems and meet objectives.  XKDG addresses immediate issues and problems.
It captivates the timing of events that will unfold in the year and decade and how to take advantage of them.  This enables you to plan ahead by using opportunities presented annually.  You can see how and what you do in the current year will build for the next and beyond.  You will receive recommendations that adds an edge to your planning processes.
Level 3 – Emperor Level
Uses the most versatile method
Includes Level 1 & 2 and the below:
White Lotus Feng Shui adds what is called the Qi Men Dun Jia level of Feng Shui.  It is derived from the classic texts of Sun Tzu’s Art of War which is currently used in the business and political arenas.  QMDJ has been adapted to a state of the art system for our competitive modern world.  QMDJ is the mother of all Feng Shui systems.
Emperor level constructs a specialized chart of a property which identifies hidden problems that are not visible.  It adds huge pluses to decision making and plans to amplify the outcomes of objectives.  The personal Qi Men chart gives outstanding practical advice in 8 strategic areas of one’s life.  The annual Qi Men chart shows the best opportunities and most difficult obstacles that will be presented to you, what kinds of people will come into your life, plus and minus and how to work with them.  Qi Men includes the spiritual influences that affect your life on a cosmic level.
The most advantageous aspect of Qi Men Dun Jia is the forecasting component.  It lets you know the likely outcome of any endeavor and whether the strategy your are pursuing will yield the results you want.  It can discern which properties are good investments, whether a career move is advantageous. It improves timing of your endeavors.
For more info on What is Qi Men Dun Jia, see
The above levels include good dates to implement recommendations.
The above levels are a reflection of the cosmic trinity of heaven earth and man.  Each represents about 1/3 of your luck quotient.  The environmental feng shui is the earth level.  The birth chart is the heaven level. The final third is one’s free will or choices made in life based on the first two. See link for more info.


White Lotus Feng Shui Consultation Services

  • Feng Shui Consultations – Residential, Commercial, Corporate and Real Estate properties.  To magnify successful outcomes of client actions.
  • BaZi, Destiny Coaching  – Empower clients in decision-making with current, yearly and future projections of life events.  For strategic and tactical advice.
  • ZeRi, Auspicious Date Selection – Use best timing of auspicious dates to amplify actions for stronger results.
  • Qi Men Dun Jia Consultations – 1. Strategic and Tactical planning for business, career and personal objectives.  2. Forecasting for Business and Life Questions.  3. Feng Shui Solutions.  4. Destiny Analysis.  5. Tapping into spiritual influences that naturally align with you.
  • Yi Qing Consultations – Answers important questions, identify different options to increase confidence in decision-making.
  • Seminars, Events – Powerful speaking engagements with practical advice for memorable events.
  • Gift Certificates – Wow them with this unexpected fun gift!

What To Expect


Evaluate Impact of Property on Clients and Recommendations:

Commercial consultations forecast outcomes of business plans and decisions.  Consultations address the viability of business and financial decisions, corporate campaigns, partnerships, human resource concerns, real estate purchases, marketing campaigns and sales.  Clients learn the strengths and weaknesses of organizational and corporate structures and business and financial decisions.  Informs clients how to leverage advantages and maneuver the challenges.

Residential consultations help client’s make clear decisions about career, relationships, marriage, children and health.

Consultations include the following factors:

  • Identify high potential plus areas and best use of space to support each person’s life goals.
  • Extract the year’s positives for each person.
  • Optimize using key entry points into a property.
  • Make best use of interior structural layout; floor plans.
  • Optimal use of rooms/directions for working, major activity, sleeping.
  • Best traffic flow and placement of furniture items.
  • Collaboration with architects/builders on construction & remodeling projects
  • Auspicious action dates to advance positive outcomes.
  • Quality use of the external structures & water features

What will be asked of the Client:

  • To outline objectives
  • Provide a floor plan of the property
  • An exterior/interior sketch of structural forms of the property
  • Birthdate information
  • Have FUN!  We will laugh and enjoy a cup of tea!

Additional Factors for Commercial Consultations

Commercial consultations help magnify the organization’s opportunities in a competitive global economy.  For strategic business and financial decisions, marketing, expansion, partnerships, human resource concerns, corporate identity, trending and property purchases.


  • Help devise and make strategic plans based on analysis of business potentials.
  • Forecast the outcome of business plans and decisions.
  • Forecast the viability of strategic plans and tactical decisions.
  • Identify problem area and options for change.
  • Project future business potential and in what areas.
  • Determine the optimal times to expand or launch projects.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business and options to improve.
  • Identify human resources issues
  • Options to optimize staff productivity and working relationships.
  • Best office choices and desk placement for principals.
  • Optimal job placement of key staff.
  • Best use of space for key staff and product line.
  • Evaluate BaZi, birth charts of principals, key staff.


Selling/Purchasing – Includes relevant factors listed above, and:

  • Determine the long term value of property investments.
  • Identifies the positives and negatives of a property so client may make adjustments.
  • Uses Date Selection to increase property sale.
  • Helps move property stuck on the market.
  • Select property with good Feng Shui that matches the client BaZi birth chart.
  • Help in selecting units from multiple properties.
  • Identify best property for buyer or line of business.


  • Devise Feng Shui plans for construction and renovation projects
  • Planning for large community projects or subdivisions.
  • Use Date Selection for ground breaking, commencing construction or renovations.
  • Oriente a building and front door to the client’s favorable direction to energize prosperity, opportunities


NOTE: To get Feng Shui Property Guidelines Ebook for home purchases, click here.

Workshops, Seminars, Events

Patricia Lee is an engaging and dynamic speaker who is popular with any audience. She is known for leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

  • Organize an engaging event tailored to your audience
  • Workshops and seminars to address a variety of topics on life transformation
  • Keynote speaker

Gift Certificates

  • Business Gift Certificates for your employees.
  • Gift Certificates for any group or individuals.
  • Friends, family and colleagues will be extremely grateful for this delightful and unexpected gift!


White Lotus Feng Shui’s home base is San Francisco. We service the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Virginia, Maryland, the Washington DC area, throughout the United States and Globally.

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