Yi Jing Book of Changes


Yi Jing Book of Changes 

White Lotus Feng Yi Jing Consultations:

  • Insightful wisdom will be given in the search for answers
  • A visionary instrument of current situations or dilemmas
  • Suggestions on how to best move forward

What is Yi Jing?

A Chinese Oracle and Divination System

The Yi Jing Book of Changes is commonly know as the I Ching. Yi Jing is one of the world’s most profound sources of universal wisdom. It is a highly accurate divination system based on the idea that there are no coincidences and all things are interconnected.

There is an ever changing process that exists in all things. The Yi Jing Book of Changes finds its origin in the dynamic polarity and balance of  Yin and Yang and the evolutionary process in the 5 Energy Phases of the 5 elements – water, wood, fire, earth, metal.

The Yi Jing, Book of Changes teaches us to be in tune with the messages the universe is sending. The messages can be used as a guide in our decision-making. As an oracle, the Yi Jing offers interpretations of tremendous insight. It is a guide at each moment-in-time and stage of life when looking for answers to challenging situations.

The Yi Jing  or I Ching is China’s oldest classical text and greatest source. It’s origins date back to 6,000 years ago to the great sage Fu Hsi, with roots in Taoist philosophy. Chinese emperors and generals used the Yi Jing to aid in making important decisions that affected the entire country.

Qi is the life-force or intangible energy that permeates the universe.

Qi - Life Force Energy

Qi – Life Force Energy



Da You – Great Harvest
“After seeing harmony with people, things are sure to respond to you. Thus, after Seeking Harmony, Great Harvest follows.”


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