Duchess of Cambridge | #QiMenDunJia Destiny

#DuchessOfCambridge | Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Analysis

Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
DOB May 2, 2015 @ 8:34am

I guess its easy to sit back and give your opinion of a life not yet lived.  Hope I do justice to the Duchess.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, was born on May 2, 2015, an especially auspicious day in the Chinese Almanac with Pure Gua Hexagrams, indicating a good life.

Duchess of Cambridge

Her Royal Highness, Duchess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge










My Observations

#FanYin Chart (All Stars and Doors are in a reversed pattern) |  Shows life’s events that unfold with lots of ups and downs and the flipping of one thing to another with unexpected outcomes and controversy.  Every aspect of her life will live though this screen.  Princess Charlotte will have to pass through hurdles and turmoil to reach the finish line.  However, everything in the end falls into place with positive outcomes.  Success will prevail but not without undo stress.

Regardless of chart, we know royalty benefits from position in society with lots of nobleman help.  At the same time, living in a fishbowl within the constriction of royal rules where all of life’s “mistakes” are publicly judged, makes life complex and painful at moments when one is learning to fly with wings.  This too she shall inherit.  With Yin Earth and Yang Metal, which are inauspicious stems in the South palace, any harsh judgements or besmirching of her reputation, will be magnified in her mind and therefore overly devastating to her as shown by Death/Emptiness in the South.

Princess Charlotte’s reputation will be expanded beyond reality.   Imagine trying to live up to a reputation partially constructed by media and public eye.  When she is unable to live up to the inflated persona and then critiqued based on public expectations, he reaction can be equally magnified and deal her a “crushing” blow, if you will.  This we saw from her grandmother, Princess Diana.  It will drive her to over compensate in achieving success, working harder than the average person.

Duchess of Cambridge welcomed by Prince Williams & Prince George

Duchess of Cambridge born May 2, 2015 @ 8:34am

Duchess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge introduced to the world

DESTINY #QMDJ |  She will be a person following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Princess Diana, establishing her reputation in charitable work and the caring of others as seen with Earth deity.  Princess Charlotte will exhibit great compassion toward others as seen in the SW palace.  As her chart is in a reversed pattern and Earth deity is at Level 0 ranking; her accomplishments may not shine in the way they did for Princess Diana, a very hard act to follow.  While she will travel a circuitous route, she will arrive at her destination.  It is this aspect of her personality that will generate her own “wealth.”

Her parents will be of a great resource to her as they reside in the fire South palace, which produces her earth SW destiny palace.  She will be a person of honor, leadership by following conventional wisdom with the Ambassador Star in her SW #DestinyPalace.  As the star is in fan yin, it will come after the falls.

Duchess of Cambridge introduced to the world

GREEN DRAGON RETURNING  formation in her Knowledge Palace with Chief & Assistant Star, is an unusually high commanding caliber of intelligence as seen in the NW palace w/ Chief and the Assistant Star, a sign of victory. It will be one she will earn in addition to being born with advantage.

However, accompanied by the MOON, God of Wisdom at the highest, Level 7 ranking in her NE palace, she will possess wisdom, the ability to discern and draw valuable lessons from life that will serve her well.  Moon in the NE palace, which is the same element of earth as her #DestinyPalace, is one with her. #QMDJ

FLYING BIRD FALL INTO THE CAVE  formation is one of the best in QMDJ. It brings an never ending flow of wealth, opportunities and doors opening throughout life, easily falling into her lap in her (SE Career & Opportunities palace) like a bird flying home to his mother’s nest…..many rooted in the history of her ancestry (Hook Deity).  However, this very positive aspect will bring her great stress.  The SE palace displays the ability for self inflicted wounds, but recoverable without much damage.  Being the Duchess, we can be assured she will have access to royal training and assistance that will prepare her well.  #QMDJ

Duchess of Cambridge1

Duchess of Cambridge QiMenDunJia Destiny Chart

Duchess Charlotte of Cambridge #QiMenDunJia Destiny Chart

OBSTACLES in the area of Reputation and Family will be her challenge.  Taking risks will not be her strong suit with Destructor star and Harm Door in Fan Yin.  Destructor is the bold, daring risk taker.  The Risk Palace is one that gauges how bold and far one can depart from the conventional or safe path and succeed at an alternative route.

Risk taking will not be her strong suit.  She will do better to follow the safer route.  However, with star and door in fan yin, she may divert from this path, and take the risks at a sacrifice.  As her parents play a large role in her life, it would be prudent to provide her the means to build a foundation for taking calculated risk early on.

HEALTH  She will have health issues that are hidden from the obvious with Moon and Grain Star (Health Palace) in the NE which will surface at 60-75.  Likely, stomach, heart, blood and bone related.  These will be internal and not visible to the eye as the NE is in the internal plate shielded by darkness of the Moon.  However, health issues will be surmountable with positive stems (Yin Fire and Yang Earth).

Princess Charlotte  is one who will use and benefit from both conventional medicine (Heart in the SE) and non-conventional medicine (Yi in the East) of the highest caliber…….but of course!   Both are positioned strongly in her chart, in countering palaces to her health palace (East Wood conquers NE Earth).  Countering is interpreted as the ability to conquer and cure whatever ails her.  Both Heart and Yi have positive structures in the palaces (red notations in the center) indicating highly skilled and educated medical personnel.  Not surprise the chart confirms her position in society.

LOVE  Princess Charlotte will enjoy the institution of marriage (Yi with Harmony in E) and be a good resource and supportive of her husband who is in the South palace (wood in the E palace producing the fire in S palace).  She will be drawn to independent, strong men who are leaders in a nonconventional sense, men who chart their own path.  In the vein of the Steve Jobs vs the Warren Buffets of the world.

By the same virtue, this area of life will carry anxiety as shown by the fear door.  Family life will not be smooth with plenty arguing (Phoenix) and pitfalls as seen in the family palace of South.  Water Hexagram here indicates hidden danger.

PURE HEXAGRAMS   All in all, Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Cambridge will fare well, protected by the Flying Bird and the Green Dragon Returns and the numerous positive formations in this chart.  These 2 formations are the most coveted of the 100 possible.  Princess Diana also had these two formations, which served as a guide to.   Both charts benefit from numerous positive structures in the chart, not always so readily available.  The Duchess derives value from the pure hexagrams in the chart, bringing an overall good life.  Lots of advantages from the chart to add to her built in benefits as a member of the Royal Family.  However, she will establish her own force in society.


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Eating God Star in Chinese Astrology Signs and Elements

The Eating God Star in Chinese Astrology Signs and Elements

The Great Strategist and Hedonism of the Eating God Star in BaZi Birth Charts or 4 Pillars of Destiny

Mosaic Memorial to John Lennon, in Strawberry Fields at Central Park West, 72nd St, New York City

John Lennon’s song, IMAGINE, displays the general characteristics of the Eating God Star in Chinese Astrology signs and elements.

Think Great Strategist, Gourmand, Eccentric, Philosopher, Day Dreamer, Deep Thinker and Hedonist. In Chinese Astrology or BaZi birth charts, the Eating God Star is the Output Star. It is what you give birth to, create, produce and what  earns you income.

That’s me visiting John Lennon’s memorial in Central Park. For Photos of a walk in Strawberry Fields, click HERE

The best quality Eating God Star of the inventor, architect, artist or entertainer, is when their innovative creations win them legendary, iconic stardom status. Be it artistry, acting, singing, entertainment, a tool or a building, the good quality Eating God creations will last into perpetuity. We will remember the person long after their life has passed.

Imagine the world without, Thomas Edison and the light bulb, Orville Wright and the airplane, Henry Ford and the Model T. Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, Ludwig van Beethoven and 9th Symphony, Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. And, IMAGINE John Lennon’s ability to touch millions of people across nations, with a song.

If you put the qualities of inventor, strategist, deep thinker and the meticulous tinkerer, you can see the great inventions and creations of our time. Their biographies will often show various aspects of the Eating God attributes.

The Eating God Star is about longevity as depicted in Michelangelo’s masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel 

The Eating God Star is the consummate day-dreamer and eccentric. In best cases, they bring their dreams to life. You can see they are highly analytical and objective in the mind. As well as extremely meticulous and uniquely imaginative. They can generate wealth because they have original ideas and can innovate beyond the norm. In business they are interested in opportunities that will last, not just the quick fix and immediate gratification. It is their capacity to express their thought and ideas in the concrete form that makes them stand out.

Steve Jobs and Apple, a modern day Eating God Innovator with Strong Resource Star

After all, what makes a person able to create a masterpiece that resonates with the soul? Or, mastermind an invention that changes society and people’s lives forever? This is why a strong Eating God Star is extreme in some way and a tad eccentric. What they have to offer the world is beyond dreams and the ordinary.

It requires someone who can go inward, someone who can connect to the hearts of masses of people’s soul and spirit and then translate that into an object of creation.

The Eating God displays a gentle personality, reserved, introverted and inward-looking. They are generally non-confrontational, good listeners who are patient and understanding in nature.

This star gives a superior appreciation of aesthetics, a love for beautiful things and beautiful people. They are classy, cultured, pleasure-centric, and value the finer things in life.

There will be a flair for the romantic and poetic emotionalism that is in tune with their inner selves. It is their capability to express those thoughts and feelings in the written word, the artistic creation or the scientific breakthrough that makes them stand out. Hence, you have the Einstein, the Beethoven, the Michelangelo.

The quality or strength of the Eating God Star is greatly determine by the balance of elements in the entire BaZi birth chart and the person’s Day Master. Each Day Master will express a different quality of Eating God Star (a topic for a future blog).

The Eating God Star is the one star that is important for income generation. When we see this Star, we want to see a good quality Resource Star. Resource is the star of knowledge and thinking. The Resource Star is what feeds you, makes you comfortable in your skin, able to study, retain knowledge and use your intelligence. It gives substance to the Eating God Star. Steve Jobs’ BaZi chart is an example with good quality Eating God Star supported by strong Resource.

This is a chart of an Eating God Personality

Without knowledge the Output Star is not good quality. After all, what can you create if you are not making use of your intelligence and wisdom? If the Resource is there, the Ouput Star will show its positive traits.

The Eating God Star that reaches the status of the figures listed above will often show extremes in their personalities. I call this a side effect.  When a good quality Eating God star is in the natal chart or shows up in a year or 10 year luck cycle, people will want to express themselves and give birth to something, like a new project or a new job. For women it may be giving birth. The Eating God star inspires one to create.

Too strong or weak and without control, the Eating God will drain the person and exhibit its negative qualities. When the Eating God star is imbalanced, you will find an aimless daydreamer, divorced from reality. The eccentricity is extreme, as is over-thinking, ultra-orthodox behavior. They will over-complicate problems, be dogmatic and can’t face reality or grow up, preferring to live in a fantasy world. Hence, the classic Peter Pan syndrome. Imbalanced, they are impractical perfectionists, mean-spirited, pedantic and hair splitters.

A good Destiny Analyst will look for solutions to imbalances as the birth chart represents only 1/3 of a person’s life. Feng Shui and personal decision-making play a large role in the other 2/3s of a person’s life. A solution lies somewhere in this trinity of one’s luck factors. Often, the first step is to recognize how to use what is strong in the chart and how to moderate the challenges.

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